"Well, he did TRY to throw me, but he completely tripped! And what happens?! I end up landing in lava! LAVA, man! You think that feels good? Now you can stick a fork into me!
in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Blooey is a Blooper and Luigi's first partner in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Blooey obliviously shows hatred and annoyance towards Luigi, considering Luigi accidentally tripped and sent Blooey crashing into lava when he was meaning to chuck him at a monster. Blooey, now with a golden tan, seemed none too pleased with the adventure, however. He apparently got dunked in lava and blames Luigi.

Luigi's Journey


Crisis at Rumblebump

See: Paper Luigi: The Thousand-Year Compass

When Luigi starts his journey in the Waffle Kingdom, he meets Luigi as he travels to Rumblebump Volcano. He decides to join Luigi on his quest, but when fighting a mini-boss, Luigi tries to throw Bloeey, but trips, tossing him into lava. This causes his skin to be burned to a crisp orange, rather than a pale white. He follows Luigi, to make sure that he will make Luigi rue the day he dropped him.


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