Each character has a number of topics available for them to study at the Scirevicis Academy that increase their stats and unlock new spells for them to use.


Character Classes
Coronos Williams Basic Magic, Fitness, Hemomancy, Hydromancy

Study Topics

Basic Magic

Study Topic Tier Objectives
Concentration I 1 Take Concentration damage
Cast spells which consume Concentration
Have Concentration-restoring spells used on you
Concentration II 2
Concentration III 3
Concentration IV 4
Critical Chance I 1 ???
Critical Chance II 2
Critical Chance III 3
Critical Chance IV 4


Study Topic Tier Objectives
Health I 1 Take Health damage
Have Health-restoring spells used on you
Health II 2
Health III 3
Health IV 4
Speed I 1 ???
Speed II 2
Speed III 3
Speed IV 4



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