Blood Falcon
in Super Smash Bros. Havoc
SSB F-Zero Series
Universe F-Zero
Availability Hidden
Home Stage Mute City
Final Smash Falcon Rush
This is Blood Falcon's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Havoc. For the character in other contexts, see Blood Falcon.

Blood Falcon is an unlockable playable character and in Super Smash Bros. Havoc, a newcomer from the F-Zero series, and a semi-clone of Captain Falcon. Created as a clone of Captain Falcon by Black Shadow, Blood Falcon's abilities are very similar to his. He plays very similarly to Ganondorf from previous games, being a stronger yet slower version of Captain Falcon. However, he also has gained several new moves that neither of the two previously had.

How to Unlock

  • Clear Classic Mode with Captain Falcon.


Special Moves

Neutral Special Side Special Up Special Down Special
Bloody Knuckles: Blood Falcon charges and then releases a punch with dark red flames around it, launching anyone who gets hit; stronger than Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch, but doesn't go as far. Shadow Choke: Blood Falcon slides across the ground and grabs any player he runs into and chokes them, which deals damage, and then tosses them behind him. Wicked Kick: Blood Falcon kicks upward and propels himself into the air. Sinister Slam: Blood Falcon raises his leg and charges, and then slams it into the ground, creating a small, but powerful, shadowy explosion.
Final Smash
Falcon Rush: Blood Falcon dashes forward, and if he makes contact with a player, he repeatedly punches and kicks them, before landing a powerful, fiery punch, which sends them launching across the stage.


Alternate Costumes