Bloo, the main protagonist of the Super Bloo series
Current Age 13
Date of Birth July 12, 1998
Gender Male
Location Boo Mansion
Family and Relations
Broo, Booboo, Business Boo, Boolina, and Lady Bow.
First Appearance Super Bloo Bros.
Latest Appearance Super Bloo Bros.

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Bloo is a boo that lives in Boo Mansion. He has a crush on Lady Bow. He is the main protagonist of the Super Bloo series.


Bloo has a light blue hat with a B on it. He also has a Blue friendship bracelet that his friend Booboo gave him. His friend Booboo has the red one.


Super Bloo Series

Bloo makes an appearance as the main character of the Super Bloo series.


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