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    BeekBeeko 2 is, i'm happy to say now on fantendo!:D

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    July 22, 2014 by Ferrox

    Freya thinks I should leave Fantendo

    [09:15] [Geekyferret] theres something relating to fantendo that i want to ask you about
    [09:15] [Freyarattie] wait fantendo you still go there?
    [09:15] [Geekyferret] yeah
    [09:15] [Geekyferret] unfortunately :p
    [09:16] [Geekyferret] okay what I was going to ask was is it about time for me to leave fantendo already?
    [09:16] [Freyarattie] that depends
    [09:16] [Freyarattie] if youre still enjoying the site i dont see why you should leave
    [09:16] [Geekyferret] I still like going there to share my artwork homebrew things
    [09:17] [Geekyferret] but most of the admins don't like me and they aren't afraid to show it
    [09:17] [Freyarattie] what do you mean they dont like you?
    [09:17] [Freyarattie] also i kinda thought you w…

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    3 More Days

    July 22, 2014 by Stargazer45145

    Lost Memories...
    Taken by His Creator...
    Left to Die...'
    His only question...'
    Who am I?
    As of July 21, only three days until I publish the remake of The Legend of Kyu. Leave in the comments if you are excited or not, if you think the original is cool or not, if you think the remake is going to be cool or not! I'll accept all comments (except for flaming, trolling, you know the drill).

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    ...being treated like a joke. From the mods.

    All I want is to be able to navigate to my own projects. Then, *boom* Turtle Canyon. wtf? 

    I just made this topic because I'm sick of it. And seeking a more sophisticated fanon community.

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    Darth Phazon

    I am back with another Top 5: the best moments of Patrick Star.

    I know Patrick makes some crazy suggestions, but I think this one is by far the craziest. Not only do people think it's ridiculous, the citizens of Bikini Bottom end up doing it anyway!

    Free Form Jazz is a exceptionally good clip; not only does Patrick make a crazy suggestion (nothing new, though) he even has a facial expression to go along with it. The only time I ever make that look is when I'm dealing with constipation!

    This is probably the only time we see the ever-sloppy Patrick obsess over cleanliness. Not much to say about it really, save for LOLOLOLOL.

    I find this clip exceptional in every way. Not only does the starfish say a complicated sentence, he also follows it up wi…

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    July 21, 2014 by Wga05

    My BeekBeeko game on fantendo got very good reviews, so i'm going to make a sequel! I posted the blog post for the sequel 5 days ago but now, the sequel comes tommorow! There will also be a new character... Bye Now!

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    • edit* ok, enough already. I didn't realize how biased this list was until AFTER I posted it. I have now revised it for the better.

    Hello Fantendians(yes, that's a word I made up), welcome to another blog post! Today I will talk about my final roster predictions for Smash bros for 3DS/Wii U. Here I go!

    So, we have a few characters to confirm as a characters. Here's who I think will be in:

    Falco- He's a Melee veteran, and since we have yet to see another Star Fox character, I say he should return.

    Wario- Ashley is an Assist Trophy. Need I say more?

    Ness- Another case of items (Mother Badge and Mr. Saturn), plus he's one of the twelve original cast members.

    Mr. Game And Watch- He is a fun characters to use, and he appeared at the end of the Pac-man…

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    I'm new here

    July 21, 2014 by EpZYK

    I'm new here. I found this site when I was on Google trying to find a place where I could create fake games. I have a lot of questions, so if there's anyone who could maybe be my mentor?

    A bit about myself: I like RPGs, especially the Final Fantasy games, the Kingdom Hearts games, the Pokemon games, and the Mario & Luigi games. I'm always looking for new games to play so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. My favorite video game character would have to be Snow from Final Fantasy XIII.

    I don't know what else to put so I'll leave it there. I'm new to this kind of stuff so I'd really appreciate it if someone could be my guide.

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    Yeah, so Yveltal made this blog that asks how far you improved in art and I was inspired to make this blog. How much have you improved in fanon game creating?  Here was my first game and here is one of my more recent ones.  To be honest, I think that my newer games, like the Bowie games, are a large improvement over my old, dusty Koopalings ones. have you improved?

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