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  • LostSynth

    Announcing Pokémon Metal & Wood's "Create a Pokemon" Lottery. This is an event that will be running from now until February 29th, Monday. I will be posting 25 numbers and the first people to call those numbers are entered into a lottery pool of sorts.

    On February 29th, I will select three of those numbers at random. The first number drawn will have a chance to help design a three family evolutionary chain (Machop/Machoke/Machamp) of their choice. The second number drawn will be given the chance to help design a two family evolutionary chain (Riolu/Lucario) and the last number drawn will be given the chance to help design a single family evolutionary chain (Tauros). If that person fails/declines, I will redraw a new number.


    For those numbers drawn,…

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  • Claus the Mighty

    read the title, it'll tell you everything i have 2 say

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  • Lumoshi

    Ranking all 16 Splatoon maps

    February 13, 2016 by Lumoshi

    Yo. So, I like basically all of the stages, so it's just a ranking of which is better, not that I hate the low ranked ones.

    After playing the other stages, it feels too basic to me.

    This one is interesting, but not as much as the other ones.

    I like how there are different corridors and such, which can allow for some interesting plays/traps/tricks.

    This is a fun stage, though I hate accidentally turning into squid form and falling through the grates.

    This stage has a lot of high points such as the top of the spinning things.

    What I like is that it's both vertically and horizontally focused, with a lot of area to cover but high walls too.

    It feels a lot like Port Mackerel, though more fun to play on due to a more action-packed central area.

    The stag…

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  • Sr.Wario

    so this happened

    basically sign-up any amount of characters. i'll pick and choose which i like and which i don't. please note that this takes place in an AU so i will be revamping and reimagining characters to fit them in the context of the universe.

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  • DoodleFox

    Make Your Own Tier List!

    February 13, 2016 by DoodleFox

    I found this so we can make Smash tier lists!

    Here's mine:

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  • Jordansims2025


    February 13, 2016 by Jordansims2025

    So I'm on the verge of completly froping the presentations. Not because of critisicm (I see critiscm as a way to get better) but because of the fact that when I joined I was excited and I knew what I had in store but I just didn't know exactly how it worked. So I will come out and say I might have messed up a little. Sorry for the inconvinence. Games that probably won't be shown if I leave:

    • The revival of an old project*
    • Mario & Sonic*
    • Those other ones*

    I expected critiscm people and I'm not mad or sad or anything. (To tell you the truth nobody actaully said that Tays Adventure was undoubtly the worst thing on Fantendo since 2009) I feel like I could do better so I'll be doing something but I'll still write the pages for the announcments and m…

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  • DestROY13103

    fine, again

    February 13, 2016 by DestROY13103

    the roster was further modified. peashooter was removed and cloud and wii fit are now back as dlcs.

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  • Monstermanchego

    So, I've had a stupid idea for Nowhere in Particular. I was thinking about how the main character isn't an edgelord with a sword and serious problems, but instead a relatively calm dude with a bow surrounded by edgelords with serious problems. Bit of a convention-breaker as far as JRPGs go, I know. But it got me thinking - "What other character conventions could I brutally murder? How could I go about breaking new ground in a genre that has relatively overused archetypes? What sort of horrifying chimeras could I build exclusively out of these dead horses?"

    Exhibit A: The Cleric and Warrior tropes. In most RPGs, there's usually a soft-spoken medicine woman and a loudmouthed fighter with anger management issues. In FF7, for example, it's the …

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  • DestROY13103


    February 13, 2016 by DestROY13103

    so many of you lamented about diddy kong sonic and yoshi not being in the game and peashooter ancient minister and sans being in the game.

    -diddy kong. i hate diddy kong. i don't hate the dk franchise, it's just diddy.  oh wait... i got an idea. why not nerf diddy enough to make him G tier.

    -sonic. i hate sonic too. i'll make him DLC and cut ancient minister.


    -peashooter not gonna cut peashooter. i'll work on PvZ games for the console.

    -same goes for sans.

    gonna get to work now.

    (villager and wii fit won't return.)

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  • TheFoxyRiolu


    February 13, 2016 by TheFoxyRiolu

    Going there for a few days, expected to be back by Wednesday.

    I doubt I'll be able to come on so in the case of that I'll likely be gone until I return

    So uh see you guys

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