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  • WereWaffle

    Self explanatory title. 

    Anyways, what were the worst films you have ever watched whether they were animated or live-action.

    Cringe Away


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  • .snickedge

    Before we begin, I'd just like to say that the previous draw has only five submissions. You can still submit things for Melissa, it'd be appreciated, but you don't have to. Congrats to Sr.Wario, TheFoxyRiolu, Monstermanchego, GamingDylan, and Drackula for submitting!

    Welcome back to COMMUNITY DRAW!  I received permission from to continue the series, and we're gonna draw an awesome character from !

    unlucky lucky

    Feel free to use this as the basis for your design, make your own version, or the like!  However, please do not post drawings you have already done before for the character -- I won't be including them alongside the fresh-made ones.

    Unlike the other community draws, there is no contest to it. I feel like contests put people don'…

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  • Poisonshot

    Hello! Welcome to Create a Pokémon: Edition 4. What is this? Basically, think of this like the community draw, where everyone draws a character, except you're creating the character. I plan to make an edition each week, and each edition will have a different "theme". Like the community draw, there isn't a contest here, so no pressure. (Yes, this intro was also copy-pasted from the first edition, and this message was copied from the third one)

    As for details, you can just post a picture, a name, and a type, but it would be appreciated if you at least added some flavor like Pokédex entries. I'm not forcing you to create something in-depth either. You're not forced to draw a picture but it would be appreciated. Now, for the theme...

    "After beati…

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  • SuperSmashBlender17

    I just feel like doing this poll for some reason please and thank you

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  • FlamingoPhoenixFeathers

    Hello, I'm new here, and a few of you probably saw me in chat, awkwardly trying to contribute to the conversation but not saying anything. Sorry, I had New-User-In-Chat-Syndrome, symptoms include: barely talking, leaving early, and acting weird.

    Anyways, I've read the rules, went around the wiki, looked at some threads and blogs, scoped the area, etc. and I think I'm ready for my grandiose entrance, this thing:

    You see, it's a thing that I plan to stick in a game page that I'm going to make. Not the final design, because it's a little bit crudely-drawn. And no, this character has no relation to the gym leader Viola.

    They are TOTALLY separate characters. You see, Viola of Pokémon has blonde hair with weirdly-shaped hair bits, and likes shootin…

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  • DoodleFox

    In round one, we lost Meganium, Charizard, and Greninja.

    In round two, we lost Chesnaught, Emboar, and Feraligatr.

    In round 3, we lost Venusaur, Typhlosion, and Swampert.

    In round 4, we lost Serperior, Infernape, and Empoleon.

    In round 5, we lost Sceptile, Delphox, and Blastoise.

    And now....

    in round 6, we lost...

    Torterra and Blaziken.

    Fantendo's favorite Pokemon starter is none other than the Gen 5 Water starter, and my personal 2nd favorite Water starter, Samurott!


    That wraps up the Pokemon Starter Elimination! If you want me to do another one when Sun & Moon roll around based around Pokemon types, then comment below which type you want!

    Until then, see ya!

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  • IMadeYouReadThisLol


    July 28, 2016 by IMadeYouReadThisLol

    I have one question, are all the articles here supposed to be Nintendo-related? Or do we have the freedom to make whatever we want? Idk honestly :P

    Also, it seems that your chat moderators assume quickly, and banned me right away

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  • WereWaffle

    Its my birthday :P

    July 28, 2016 by WereWaffle

    I am turning 15 this year woot :)


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  • .lucasmang

    im new

    July 28, 2016 by .lucasmang

    wtf do i do help me

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  • DoodleFox

    It all ends here.

    In the last round, we found out that Fantendo's second favorite set of starters are Sceptile Delphox,, and Blastoise. This time, we're shaking the rules up a bit.

    Vote for 2 Pokemon you DON'T want in the ballot You have to choose two out of the three types: Grass, Fire, and Water.

    Grass Starter

    Torterra, the Continent Pokemon from Gen 4/Sinnoh.

    Fire Starter

    Blaziken, the Blaze Pokemon from Gen 3/Hoenn.

    Water Starter

    Samurott, the Formidable Pokemon from Gen 5/Unova.

    Let the battle begin.

    • Torterra: 11
    • Blaziken: 10
    • Samurott: 7


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