• Tigertot

    What's Next?

    April 25, 2018 by Tigertot

    By now, you've probably heard that Hour of Reckoning: Part 1 is done. Well, this blog will be dedicated to detailing the plans for what's next.

    I think I deserve a break after trying to put out daily updates. So for the rest of April, I'll be working on smaller projects. But once May 1 rolls out, expect Part 2 to come up.

    The two articles I'll be focusing on in this time period are Paper Mario: Double-Sided and Super Smash Bros. GR. Plus, I'll be planning out unrevealed projects too.

    Let's just say I've got a lot planned for Part 2, ranging from callbacks to the past of the Ghostverse to Fantendoverse references. I hope you enjoy it. :>

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  • FlurrTheGamerMixel

    this blog is for a robot master competition for mega man 12. what else should i say?

    • don't get salty if your robot master does not get included
    • only 1 submission each person.
    • include stage idea. weapon and fight mechanics. and quotes in battle. and easter eggs in stage(optional)

    • CCRMN1: Volt Man(Flurr)
    • CCRMN2: Dyna Man(Flurr)
    • CCRMN3: Plasma Man(Flurr)
    • CCRMN4: TBA
    • CCRMN5: TBA
    • CCRMN6: TBA
    • CCRMN7: TBA
    • CCRMN8: TBA
    • CCRMN9: TBA

    • CCRMN stands for Cross Change Robot Master Number(Cross Change is a feature in mega man 12. if you want to know more about it. ask in the comments.)

    and thats about it. send entries in comments.

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  • Kyledude788

    So, this is an opinion that I wanted to talk about.

    Basically, I watched some gameplay of the new God of War (SPOILERS!!) and I was very interested of Kratos having a son.

    And when I was watching some of the scene, I was thinking about Devil May Cry that what if Dante has children just like Kratos has a son.

    So in this topic, do you think that Dante can have children? If so, what will his children be like?

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  • FlameKing6789

    Another thread game invitation (I know) but this one is pretty cool! Under different themes, you must make a stage, and it's pretty cool for coming up with original ideas (I've seen some pretty cool ones on other sites).

    Join here if you are interested.

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  • SkyboundScratchkat

    so! now that this blog was mistakenly published completely empty, i might as well keep writing it.

    didn't assume many people would click on it based on the title, but now my potential audience has to click on an EDITED post! who the heck would do that?

    at least now i know that the people reading this are TRULY interested in my thoughts and opinions regarding a thing that very few people on this website care about.

    so, what's an object show?

    well, what's bfdi? we should start there, i think.

    battle for dream island is a flash series on youtube, it's a passion project started by a couple of twelve year olds that's managed to go on for eight years and amass millions of views. the show, written and animated by cary and michael huang, stars a group …

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  • Shadow Inferno

    ANZAC Day

    April 24, 2018 by Shadow Inferno

    For roughly 10 months during the first world war, allied soldiers of primarily English and French forces fought a naval battle against the Ottoman Empire for control of the Gallipoli Peninsula in a mission to capture Constantinople. Though the campaign overall failed to achieve its goals the result had cost both sides over 800,000 casualties overall and carved a personality in what would become known as the ANZACs (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps). Prior to the first world war, many Australians and New Zealanders had lacked a national identity as both nations, still fairly young as dominions of the British Empire, it was in this figt for Gallipoli and the many battles that followed throughout the first world war and subsequent wars th…

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  • Samtendo09

    Its official, the Net Neutrality is removed (or renewed to be very different). This is bad news for the US and Canada.

    Y'all can panic now (for those on the US and Canada) unless if the lawsuits and eventually anything in higher power minimize the damage. This shows how humanity is... but not evil. But rather immeasurably stupid.

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  • Enigima

    Hello everyone its Enigma here!!! This is a theory that I came up with just yesterday and I thought it would be the perfect time to share this theory. So Smash for Switch has been confirmed for over a month now and people are still hyped up over the trailer and various theories and rumors have been circulating just over this past month. However, I'm surprised no one has been talking about what I'm seeing. Chibi-Robo is not really a well known series and is fairly underrated. However, I think Sakurai might be keeping a secret from us that proves that Chibi-Robo will be a playable character in Smash. So, anyways let's get with the theory as to why I think Chibi Robo WILL be playable.

    Also if your wondering, I will be using this image as a sou…

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  • EnderLegends

    hey... you know those nuts that grow near the top of palm trees, coconuts? "coconut" is an offensive slur for a black/hispanic person.

    they're called "the nuts" now, okay? scroll down to C

    and subscribe to my youtube channel.

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  • SkyboundScratchkat

    gypsy is a slur

    its called the curse now okie?

    (1) (2) (3)

    watch bfdi

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