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    White the Popopo

    A Thing

    August 1, 2014 by White the Popopo

    "I can't be on for 99.9% of the time during the weekend because of a garage sale, just a notification. Can you spread the message that I'm gone? I would blog but I already landed here and Indigo's computer is horrible at speed so making a blog is torture. Just sayin'. (Don't reply back because I won't be able to see on time)"

    I got this as mail on my talk page from Fandro. So in short, he's gonna be gone all weekend, and told me to tell everyone. So yeah.

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    I have finished the redesign of Gasparo (for now), and showing it off to see what you guys think. So here it is!

    Gasparo has the hat from T0M's Redesign, and I've added a Backpack and Ascot! I changed the mustache a little bit, but you guys probably wont be able to tell without zooming in. He still looks a lot like Mario, but I've tried to make him a little different. I'm still working on his backstory. Here are the games this new design of Gasparo will appear in.

    • Gasparo: Adventure in the Mines
    • Super Mario Adventure
    • New Super Mario Bros. Adventure 3: Across the Dimensions
    • Mario Kart 53
    • Mario Party Twelve
    • Super Mario Smackerball
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    im so hyped!

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    Krook's March Remix

    July 30, 2014 by Dk64rules

    (wow my last blog was a music advertisement thing I hope this isn't against the rules now or anything)

    Hey guys, long time! I just wanted to share my new remix because I got a new sample library today, and this is what I decided to test it out on, to get a feel for it. If you don't know what a sample library is, it's basically a collection of sounds that you can write music with in program, lol. :)

    So here we go, Krook's March from Donkey Kong Country 2:

    File in case video doesn't work:

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    Gasparo Redesigns!

    July 30, 2014 by Flameguy9981

    To let you all down, I am not showing Gasparo's redesign yet. This blog is for you guys to make your own Gasparo redesigns. And maybe if it's good enough, I'll use it (or ideas from it) for the real Gasparo! To qualify your Gasparo Redesign, you have to follow these rules:

    1. It has to be a boy. If not, then it will take a miracle to get it to qualify.
    2. It has to have some relation to Mario or Luigi. I'm not saying he has to look related to qualify, but it would be nice to see a little resemblance.
    3. Gasparo is a treasure hunter. If he is dressed like a unicorn or a wizard, it's not going to qualify.
    4. Gasparo's favorite color is orange. Let that show in his outfit/uniform

    Well, let's see what you guys can come up with! (FYI, the real one might be done …

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    Game Boy Homebrew

    July 30, 2014 by Ferrox
    My third homebrew project, this time for the Game Boy and featuring a character that some of you might remember.
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    I might need help with coming up for party members in my games. The games listed below are the ones that that need party members. Enter your entries in your comment. Here are the games that need party members:

    Prolouge : Cookie the Human Chef

    Chapter 1 : 

    Chapter 2 : 

    Chapter 3 : 

    Chapter 4 : 

    Chapter 5 : 

    Chapter 6 : 

    Chapter 7 : 

    Chapter 8 : 

    Chapter 9 : 

    Prolouge : Rosilana the MIstress

    Chapter 1 :

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    I have a contest about who can make the best map for my game Paper Mario: Emblem of Elements. I can't draw at the moment because I have to make the articles that I didn't write on yet. Here are some rules about this contest. I require you to follow It. Ok Here they are:

    • You must not copy!
    • You must use color!
    • Don't rename Locations!
    • Don't Cheat!
    • Don't have any stains on the map!
    • It must be on Blank paper!
    • You must Be creative!
    • Don't write words on the map!
    • Must have a compass!
    • Put your entry in you comment.

    Here are the Locations and their descciptions:

    • Seaisa Port : It is related to Rougeport.
    • RoseHeart Garden : It has a little town. It is mostly fields. It has a ruinous temple.
    • Shock Soiree : A Beach with a town in the top left of the beach. It has a r…
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    Hello people, Thunder there,with some epic news; it's contest time! I'm holding a contest for the Top 15 Mario Games. You guys get to vote for a spot on the list! One game per vote, and only two votes can be cast. In case you were wondering, here's my personal list;

    • 15. Mario Tennis Open (yes, I like it)
    • 14. Super Mario Bros
    • 13. New Super Mario Bros Wii
    • 12. Super Mario 64 DS
    • 11. Mario and Luigi Dream Team
    • 10. Mario Super Sluggers
    • 9. Super Paper Mario
    • 8. Mario Party 8
    • 7. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    • 6. Super Mario Sunshine
    • 5. Super Mario World
    • 4. New Super Mario Bros U
    • 3. Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
    • 2. Super Mario 3D World
    • 1. Super Mario Galaxy

    Now, vote vote vote! Cast your vote for the best Mario games in the comments below! See you at the results!

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