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  • Enigima

    Hello everyone, Enigima here! Sorry I have been VERY inactive this summer. I was busy doing YouTube videos, so I didn't have time to see Fantendo, but I'm here to discuss something I really want to talk about: Mario Kart. Now you know how I love Mario Kart, because I always create fictional fangames of the series. However, I have not played Mario Kart: Super Circuit, or Mario Kart 64, so those games are all from my experience of the gameplay of others. Anyways let's start!

    God I'm going to receive tons of dislike. But my least favorite Mario Kart game is in fact, Mario Kart 8. Now their are ton's of issues I have with this game, first off: the characters. The character ideas are up left lazy. The only new characters we got were, Baby Rosali…

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  • Hamclub13

    I don't know how the old ones were structured but i found a cool structure that i think could work. Not mine, just making that clear. Basically, on each weekly (??) blog, I'll post prompts. You guys can draw stuff for that prompt, then the next week is voting (along with some more prompts i guess). After voting has concluded, the winner will be revealed and possibly evolutions would be done in that week. I feel like i butchered that explanation.

    Admittedly most of the prompts will be art based, but I'll definitely try to include some prompts geared toward people who can't or would prefer not to upload their art here. I'll also try to have human characters as well as pokemon included.

    And remember that if you have any miscellaneous suggestion…

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  • WereWaffle

    50 Fun Questions

    September 25, 2016 by WereWaffle

    Because everyone LOVES fun questions

    Except Math questions. Fuck those .___.

    Anyhoo here we go.

    1. Out of all your avies you used on this site, which one did you like the most?

    2. Least favorite school subject?

    3. Best character you designed?

    4. Your best Smash main(s)?

    5. Most annoying song you ever listened to?

    6. Best film you watched this year?

    7. Best game you seen/played this year?

    8. Are you planning to go to college?/ 8.5: For those of you in college, what are your life plans when you finish it?

    9. Least favorite videogame franchise?

    10. Best mobile game you ever played?

    11. Job you would like to have?

    12. Best birthday gift you recieved?

    13. Favorite Disney Villain?

    14. Favorite Disney Princess Movie?

    15. Favorite type of bread?

    16. Worst meme?

    17. …

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  • FlamingoPhoenixFeathers

    It's the reveal of the Conscript fighter Eres, Frozen Pea!

    This is probably the only time I'll be using gradients for shading, and her title is "Frozen Pea" because she was peas in a pod with her sister, Sara.

    So Frozen is 3 years old now, what do you think of the movie?

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  • .vectorDestiny

    PSA: CC-BY-SA license

    September 24, 2016 by .vectorDestiny

    Fantendo, the Nintendo Fanon Wiki is currently under the CC-BY-SA license, which means, according to the Wikia page dedicated to Licensing, the following:

    To grow the commons of free knowledge and free culture, all users editing or otherwise contributing to wikias that use the CC BY-SA license agree to grant broad permissions to the general public to re-distribute and re-use their contributions freely for any purpose, including commercial use, in accordance with the CC BY-SA license. Such use is allowed where attribution is given and the same freedom to re-use and re-distribute applies to any derivative works of the contributions.

    A CC-BY-SA license means that anyone can utilize anything posted here on this wiki without need to pay the origi…

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  • Vonn Karma


    September 24, 2016 by Vonn Karma

    hola everybody again, wowza its been 7 months since i was here how did that happen.

    so after my world tour i kinda lost a lot of motivation for this stuff and plus life got super busy and it still is, so i have a feeling ill be quite in and out once my holidays finish. i also hated what i was creating, i put little to no planning into what i was making and editing felt more like a chore than it was fun.

    but anyway while your here to exciting things, dunno if these still live on but go to Ordinary Crit so i can check out whats been happening in content and the goods (they will probs all be done in the next 24 hours cause after this i have work for 6hrs .-.)

    now to the reason i came back, for what im gonna make and what i have made. Child of St…

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  • Ferrox


    September 24, 2016 by Ferrox
    A Game Boy emulator for the Nintendo 64 that I made. It was coded entirely in mips assembly.
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  • ϞPlazzapϟ

    Spriting Mugshot Blog

    September 24, 2016 by ϞPlazzapϟ

    Ok i want to do another spriting blog but i want to do larger mugshots as opposed to full body sprites

    Hope this goes well, beacuse depending on my motivation this could either go really well or really dead

    • One request per person
    • Fanmade characters only for now
    • It at least has to have an image, but a color scheme and name are optional.
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  • FlameKing6789

    I've been playing a lot of Super Mario Maker recently, and have realized a lot of things that could be added in through DLC. Unfortunately, I couldn't put everything I wanted on here. It was actually going to be a Top 6, but then I realized that I couldn't choose just six, and was actually a miracle I could pick ten! Just remember, all of these things you have to either shake or put an item into it to work, as I am a man of pattern, and that's the only DLC they've put in (besides other amiibo costumes, which I will cover later and the Bookmarks). However, there is one thing that will break the rules, so I'll put it at the bottom. But other than that, let's do this!

    To be honest, I actually like snow levels more, but I've already found a way…

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  • LegendaryHero1023

    -NYAN- Comic 2

    September 24, 2016 by LegendaryHero1023

    That's right! The NYAN comic isn't dead! Just updating very, very slowly.
    Here is the second part of the comic:

    This may be the start of a second arc, or I may move on to Stat's story.
    This is, however, the last blog update of the comic. From now on, I will update the comic on it's own page: NYAN-The Webcomic
    As always, advice and criticism is welcome, especially with the new format.

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