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    Xenoverse (concept)

    November 28, 2014 by NeoAX

    Hey, everyone. It's me, NioA (or NeoAX for all you bastards out there).

    I've had this idea floating around in my head for quite a long time now. Some might ask why I'm not putting this onto an entire page, but blogs do tend (in my observations of the wiki) to get more publicity than a page, so it would make the entire process of reviews; criticisms; and expansions to the idea much faster. I'm also lazy to do a page on it, and blogs accumulate more comments, like I said above. 

    So, onto the formation of the Xenoverse concept (note that Xenoverse may or may not be the permanent title. Just calling it so as it was inspired by the upcoming Dragon Ball: Xenoverse). I first came up with the idea after watching the English dub for Dragon Ball Z: Battle o…

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    Zelda Wii U Leaks!

    November 28, 2014 by Flameguy9981

    I found a leak online that confirms more about Zelda Wii U! One leak says that the story will have Link and Zelda as Brother and Sister, and some Sheikah watches over them, and they're dined rights to the throne. Anyways, something goes wrong with ancient machinery, and Link needs to stop. Another leak says there will be a new villain, having a name that starts with an L. Another says 2P can join the adventure as Zelda. One says that the development team are going based on Zelda II, and another says more will be reveled on the next Nintendo Direct.

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    Like Banjo-Kazooie?

    November 28, 2014 by Eniz

    There will probably never be a real sequel to the original two Bajo-ooie games (that fans accept, anyway). I found a fan-made game that is extremely similar (it's basically as close to a Banjo-Kazzoie game as legally possible). Behold: Kiwi 64.

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    Homeworld + Runeworld

    November 28, 2014 by Exotoro

    Coming soon: two novel length stories by me.

    I wrote Homeworld a year ago but I've done some editing to it since then. This year I wrote the sequel Runeworld. Both will become publicly available to read soon. These are all rough, rough drafts, but the story should be coherent enough to follow. Both were written during Nanowrimo, which if you haven't heard of, is a month long event that encourages you to write a novel length story of about 50,000 words.

    However despite being both at 50k, only Homeworld is really finished. I'm currently wrapping up Runeworld right now. So here's the first novel:

    • Homeworld
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    So I was thinking about what Mewtwo would be like in SSB4. Now, keep in mind that I haven't played Melee (sorry), so all the info I have is from the Internet. Let's begin!

    Let’s start with his attributes. If I’m not mistaken, Mewtwo’s Melee attributes included him being very light but also somewhat strong and slow. However, Mewtwo’s Pokedex entry states that he’s 269 pounds. Now, we all know that Pokedex entries are crap, but this could mean something. Case in point: Yoshi. While Yoshi was middleweight in Mario Kart and even lightweight in Mario Kart 7, and pretty light in every other game. Yet, in the Smash Bros. series, he was pretty darn heavy. SSB4 changed him from being a monstrous heavy brute to being the fluffy dinosaur he normally i…

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    Relevant discussion topic

    November 27, 2014 by Lumoshi

    What are you thankful for?

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    i don't care if you don't celebrate it, just tell me what you're doing

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    Lumoshi's favorite songs

    November 27, 2014 by Lumoshi
    • 11: Beethoven, Quartet 14, 5th movement
    • 10: Vivaldi, Winter, 3rd movement
    • 9: Kodaly, Quartet 1, 3rd movement
    • 8: Beethoven, Symphony 7, 4th movement
    • 7: Shostakovich, Symphony 5, 4th movement
    • 6: Holst, Jupiter
    • 5: Beethoven, Symphony 5, 4th movement
    • 4: Beethoven, Symphony 3, 1st movement
    • 3: Dvorak, Symphony 9, 4th movement
    • 2: Beethoven, Symphony 9, 4th movement
    • 1: Dvorak, Symphony 9, 1st movement
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    Crimson the Fandraxonian

    Hurray another umbrella game. It's featuring characters that I either strongly like (like Drake) or show interest in using inside the game (Numbuh 3). This isn't the full roster, I'm using 20 characters total, I just have 14 of them in the pic.

    Is this a fighting game? Hell no. Is it a racing game? Also hell no. Is it a puzzle game? ...hell yeah.

    Also hidden character clues:

    • You pay this cheap ass gems to get into realms.  Man, dragons should be careful around this guy >_> (Moneybags)
    • A giant, red swirling mass of doom and nightmare fuel. (Giygas)
    • "You can run but you can't hide, right Pinchy?"
    • More character clues later!
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    vote for ochibrochi!!

    November 27, 2014 by Ochibrochi

    Please vote for me!! It would mean so much if you did!

    Simply SIGN UP for, and vote 5/5 for my submission here !!


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