• Epsilon Zeph

    Hello, yet again. So you may be asking about my other project, "Miitopia 2." Fear not but it's not on hiatus, merely planning things out. These things will be added as soon as movesets are done, but let's get in.

    Fusion Attacks are attacks that can be preformed with two people combining the strength they have. Though they are little, they can preform a attack that an take down almost anything. Here are some:

    SUPER BLASTER (Engineer and Mecha)

    A Dead Man's Wish (Reaper and Lost)

    Hammer of Light (Paladin and Brute)

    Seaside Patrol (Cop and Pirate)

    But that's only the beginning of it, let's jump into the new baddies

    I discussed some of this in the last direct, but a new force has invaded Miitopia. Well, Miitopia is no more but eh. Verdai can't do eve…

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  • Guygombaa

    Yeah look I finally did day one of my F3 Presentation. You can expect Day 2 some time in May 2008, so look forward to it or whatever.

    It's been a strange month.

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  • DarkSpark83

    This was brought up by SpookSounds on this blogpost. People always want to join roster evos and moveset games, but no one wants to host them. I’m proposing that we start switching off who does these things, so there’s not very lengthy gaps of time where no one does them and everyone wants to join them. This is just a suggestion, so let me know your thoughts in the comments. :3

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  • Exotoro

    Helena's Birthday!

    August 19, 2018 by Exotoro

    Heyo! It's August 19th here, so you know what that means... it's my birthday!

    Turning 21 this year. Getting pretty old at this point, haha.

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  • EricCartman12345

    Which one of these is your best Paper Mario game? Paper Mario Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Super Paper Mario Paper Mario: Sticker Star Paper Mario: Color Splash

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  • Darth Phazon

    So with this little reveal, it looks like we are gonna be able to use Mega Evolutions outside of competetive and they may even have some bearing on the Story; as this goes along, it's looking more and more like Let's Go is the prototype Pokemon game for the Switch (meaning that it's gonna set the groundwork for everything to come).

    I'm excited to see what else is coming in this new adventure for the Switch.

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  • Mudkip57430Cool

    everyone is all happy and cheerful while peach walks down the aisle.

    yoshi: everyone... we are gathered here today for the wedding of princess peach and bowser. this may be shocking, but love is love.

    peach: i never knew that this day would come and i never knew that i'd love bowser.

    bowser: i've been waiting for this day my whole life!!!

    toad is seen holding the rings as he approaches peach and bowser. then peach and bowser put the rings on each other's fingers.

    yoshi: (looks at peach) do you take bowser to be your lovely wedded husband?

    peach: i do!!

    yoshi: (looks at bowser) and do you take peach to be your lovely wedded wife?

    bowser: i sure as heck do!!

    yoshi: and now... i pronounce you husband and wife…

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  • Thepuddlecat

    So a few days ago I was editing the Waluigi article, since I wanted to add info on one of my projects, but since the article had a rewrite tag and was in a state of disrepair, I fixed it up by sorting game appearances into separate sections. (eg. Main series, Mario Kart series, Crossover appearances, etc). I wondered if this is something I should do on more articles, seeing as most major characters, particularly Mario characters, are just long, unsorted lists of game appearances. It's something small that I think would just make articles feel a lot cleaner, but I was wondering what you guys thought?

    (please feel free to tell me your thoughts about it below \/ \/ \/)

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  • IncarnateParanoia

    This shouldn't be an issue.

    The rules explicitly state that this isn't tolerated. And it shouldn't need to be repeated - it's common sense. And yet it keeps coming up as an issue, particularly in new users' pages. So, here I am, talking about something that I don't think I should need to talk about.

    When you make a page, it shouldn't just be a few introductory sentences. Put some more effort into it ffs. Actually describe things. You can't just say you'll work on it later and expect it to not get tagged with a Rewrite Request. That isn't how this community works.

    That's all.

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  • UnidentifiedFroggy

    So, I've been posting teasers and even a quarter of the dex about my upcoming Pokemon Game. Howabaout some actual info

    This game is inspired by the first games in the series I played and my favourite, Gen 5's Black and White. You can only get Aurarian Pokemon and new Aurarian Forms in the main story. Don't worry though, you won't have a lack of Pokemon to catch and train, with 200 new pokemon and 25 Aurarian forms. You will be able to pick two sets of starters: one at the start of the game, a choice between:

    This Electric/Dark type mouse Pokemon will hopefully provide a more interesting approach to the Pikachu clone archetype. Now, I'm not gonna reveal anything more for the moment, but expect much more to come, including:

    • Fusion Pokemon, incl…

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