• Dani2021


    August 19, 2017 by Dani2021

    My 17 birthday just started this 12:00am and I hope you wish me a happy birthday! :)

    (even tho you guys hate me...)

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  • WobuffetSonans4

    No offense

    August 19, 2017 by WobuffetSonans4

    But why was I blocked?

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  • Pokerninja2

    My first draw blog so expect this to go 100% south.

    Comment below telling me to make Petey and / or King Boo dress up as your character(s). As it is my first, one request per user please. If this goes will by some miraculous chance maybe I'll give you all two requests.

    Examples of ones I drew of Petey and King Boo dressed as Quetz and Fera respectively are below:

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  • KirbyPKMNMaster

    I was thinking a bit about a possible Sonic Character for Super Smash Bros Delta and figured Eggman would be the best bet. But I can't figure out his Final Smash from his wide variety of robots. So, I figured I'd ask the community. What Eggman Robot would make the best final smash?

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  • KirbiMiroir

    You know Super Mario Maker, that really well-made sandbox game on the 3DS and Wii U? Well, if it ever does get a second game (IDK what system it'll be on), I have some ideas for tools that could be added onto the game. Like so...

    • Pigments: I was thinking there could be a table of Pigments, and you could add the required pigment colour to an object to recolour it. You could end up riding a yellow Yoshi, collecting purple Coins, fighting a blue Bowser, the list goes on.
    • Mega Goomba: When you give a Goomba a Mushroom, he becomes larger and splits into two Goombas when defeated. I was imagining another step up from that - an even larger Goomba that splits into two Big Goombas, who each split into two normal Goombas when defeated. Not sure if thi…
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  • Kyledude788

    My First Ever Drawing

    August 16, 2017 by Kyledude788

    Hi, guys. I just want to show you my first drawing. It's not very good but, I did put some effort on it.

    This drawing is the main character, Hanzo Mitsunari, for my upcoming game, Hanzo: The Ultimate Ninja. I hope you'll like it.

    Now here's my drawing:

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  • OwtheEdgehog

    yo everyone

    August 16, 2017 by OwtheEdgehog

    "Holy shit, random guy is making a blog? Who is this guy? Why is he here?"

    Well, this may sound weird, but it's that little shithead who makes loads of games, but never finishes them on a new account. You may be thinking:

    "Are you sockpuppeting or some shit? Because I can smell it."

    Well, not really. Because, as you can see, my old account was hacked (you can tell from the default wikia avatar and my page saying it doesn't exist) for reasons unknown. I tried multiple times to try and get it back to no avail. I had to make this new account to start fresh, and pretty much limit the amount of wikis I can contribute on, just to be safe, I guess. After a few months I decided to comeback to this wiki with a new identity. Though I wasn't gonna touch…

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  • Somebody495

    Brand New Trailer

    August 16, 2017 by Somebody495

    The trailer opens with a shot of Pearl and Marina before the cameras are on. The two have finished checking their DJ equipment. After that, they check out what they’re about to report. Pearl looks at the locations each of the battles will take place, and Marina is checking out what weapon is being showcased. However, when checking out the paper with the information, she notices a letter on top of it with a stamp bearing the Smash Bros. logo. She pops the letter open and reads the contents, before gasping.

    Marina then shows the letter to Pearl, who drops her notes for the news report. In the square, inklings were walking around, going from store to store. Then, the jumbotron turns on, Pearl and Marina displayed on it. The two show off the le…

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  • Lumoshi

    5 years

    August 15, 2017 by Lumoshi

    I joined this wiki on August 15, 2012, exactly 5 years ago. Can't believe it's been half a decade already!

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  • Lumoshi

    Take the test here and screenshot your result.

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