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  • Stelios7

    Actually made a new article for the first time in plenty years with Elite Beat Agents 2. Do enjoy and suggest, all I've really gotta do now is add all the characters to the table and somehow make a boxart. I made it basically to chronicle assests and list ideas for a video on my channel where I'll talk about a hypothetical EBA sequel on my YouTube channel. Something I uploaded to today infact. 

    Oh also I feature in this video on my collab channel on the Top 5 Kirby Copy Abilities it would be fab if you could check it out. Basically what I'm doing on the internet at the moment. Peace. 

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  • KinglerMaster

    Desktop Blog

    May 28, 2016 by KinglerMaster

    Post your computer desktops!

    Credit to blargen69 for the art used in the background!
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  • Collaterale1

    Sonic X Mega Man X is the newest fighting game that i'm going to work on it as a side project and the sequel to Sonic vs. Street Fighter. As the title says, is a crossover between Sonic and Mega Man X meeting for the first time (Not counting Worlds Unite). Similar to Unten Fighters, it follows the same rules as before (No joke characters, well except two of them that i'm going to add myself later), pick someone from the Sonic, or the Mega Man X series and, if he/she has potential enough on the character, i will like to add him/her to the roster. By the way, the roster will be larger than the prequel.

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  • Hamclub13

    do u honestly expect me to come up w a clever title

    anyway get ready for an art request blog based on...

    Fusion Fray!

    the basic premise of fusion fray is that it's a third person action game starring chibi characters that can fuse into a larger person. and that's exactly what will happen here!

    submit a character (preferably one i haven't drawn in this style) and i'll draw them in the chibi style of the game! then i'll randomise (or pick pairs in some cases) and draw the fusion of two characters! alternatively, you and somebody else can agree to have your characters fused and specify that instead

    the characters signed up will be drawn in the chibi style - probably digital too. fusions will be sketches in my normal style. ill probably, like, n…

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  • Shadow Inferno

    RCT Leafy Lake

    May 28, 2016 by Shadow Inferno

    Ok so I don't know how many of you (if any) played the original Roler Coaster Tycoon when it came out since it's now 17 Years old but as a Management-Tycoon-Strategy Game I think it's one of the best out there and possibly one of the oldest. So recently I've been getting back into the original game because I picked it up on Steam on Thursday and in RCT (just to give you guys a brief understanding) there are various scenarios that you can take on and try and complete while also designing unique concepts for Roller Coasters, Go-Karts, Water Slides, etc. So I was playing on the third scenario in the game, Leafy Lake. It's probably the easiest scenario in the game excluding Forest Frontiers (the first one) and it really lets a person make a th…

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  • OhNoItsAiva

    Today is my 14th birthday :'D

    I honestly don't know what to say right now...

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  • KinglerMaster

    Well, I thought this would be a decent community idea, at least for the Pokemon fans. I did this a while back with B2W2, but I never really got to finishing that.

    No Pokemon only available after the 6th Gym will be shown, nor will trade-evolution Pokemon or unnecessarily difficult to obtain Pokemon such as Gyarados. Also note that Kanto-exclusives such as Houndoom and Mismagius will not be listed, although Magcargo can be obtained due to the Primo Code. Polls will close in exactly one day (or around that amount, you know I won't be specific enough to stop at this exact time). The sixth slot will be for potential HM Slaves, which will also not be included in other polls. Some examples include Farfetch'd and Furret.

    EDIT: Not gonna do this rig…

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  • Shadow Inferno

    Ok so there are certain trends Game Freak put in there, in every Pokemon Game (of the main series excluding Yellow) we get a choice of three starters; Grass, Fire & Water and Gen 7  isn't changing that, and of course we've got our now traditional pair of Mascot Legendaries. But what about the other traditions, like how every generation introduces a 1-Stage (that means evolves once) Rodent Pokemon (Rattata, Sentret, Zigzagoon, Bidoof, Patrat & Bunnelby) or how every generation introduces an Early Bird (not the ability) Line (Pidgey, Hoothoot, Taillow, Starly, Pidove & Fletchling). There are certain things we can predict from Game Freak with regards to the new Pokemon, so what do you think these classic trends in Pokemon Games will end up be…

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  • Jaipom

    The name says it all a game i think should be remade are the gamecube pokemon games (i.e colosseum and xd) they are a lot of fun but most of the graphics (especially on the people) look kinda wierd and I'd love to see them on the 3ds or wii u  

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  • .snickedge

    Welcome back to COMMUNITY DRAW!  I received permission from to continue the series, and we are gonna use a super cool character from !

    Feel free to use this as the basis for your design, make your own version, or the like!

    Unlike the other community draws, there is no contest to it. I feel like contests put people don't fear about "losing" and what not, 'cause you can't!

    EDIT: Krystal's community draw had relatively few submissions because I did a terrible job advertising it. If you want, you could do something. Think of it as extra art practice I guess for those who haven't already done something for it.

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