• OwtheEdgehog
    okay, mainly i dont do these kinds of blogs or whatever, but what ive heard from a discord server i feel like i have to warn you guys about this BEFORE you decide to get it after hearing about it.
    so you guys heard of sonic gather battle or sonic gather or...sonic battle gather as i call it, yeah theres many names for it. well if you do and you have the lastest version, dec 4th, be warned; from what i can gather if you download that version, it installs an identifying information software somewhere in your files, and if you try to do something like install a cheat system or rip the sprites from that game, the whole game gets bricked remotely by the developers or whatever, causing the game to go absolute haywire and add a fucking trojan virus to …
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  • Chemiql2

    Mario RPG Doc

    December 12, 2017 by Chemiql2

    This is going to be more of a script blog since the doc wont work.


    “Hello there. Today I am going to tell you about the time Mario and his pals saved this world.”

    “It all started at the Mushroom Kingdom.”

    “Mario and Co. were taking a stroll down Toad Town, since there was nothing else to do.”

    “Mario did not need to save Princess Peach, Luigi did not need to suck ghosts, and Wario did not need to exercise (which he never intended to do anyway.)”

    “Until...a evil occurred.”

    “It...was Bowser! And he was with a brand new set of baddies.”

    “The Chronalings, evil aliens from distant space who were working with Bowser to take over the planet!”

    “Before Mario could even think about it, Bowser swooped in and took the Princess, and then went back on t…

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  • Pyrostar

    Hi, everyone!

    Long ago, a user named  developed a community-collab Paper Mario project where every chapter was developed by a different user. Recently and I have been considering to do a similar game, where again, the content is developed by you, the users who sign up for the project.

    There are differences on how this version of the game is handled, however. Instead of users merely suggesting concepts down in this blog's comments, they will actively be writing the chapter that they sign up for, and users will build off of the previous chapter with twists and turns taken from the information that's already there. Muffin and I will personally work together on the game's opening, and will handle the mid-chapter interludes in order to tie thing…

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  • Randomfrog

    Hey guys! It's round two for the video moveset tournament. Last time, we got eleven votes. Reese III, X-Ram, Voltdozz, Spielberg, Dora, Wacky Carrot and Mother Goose all were kicked out. I wonder who will go next?

    Vote on all of the matchups below!

    Actual Rachten vs. Crow

    Goosy vs. Stora

    Leah Needleham vs. Childish Gambino vs. Fetish Fuel

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  • .arcticbreath

    Hello everybody, Ice here. Ignore that there's a blog with a similar title. Anyways, I'm making a blog to highlight the best and worst stuff of 2017, in MANY different CATEGORIES... ! Copy my format and fill it out below. Also you can skip some if you didn't have anything in that category. Feel free to add onto my format, because I'm sure I'm missing stuff.

    Best of Music:

    • Best songs:
    • Worst songs:
    • Best albums/EPs:
    • Worst albums/EPs:
    • Best music videos:
    • Worst music videos:
    • Best VG music:
    • Worst VG music:

    Best of Movies:

    • Best movies:
    • Worst/most dissapointing movies:
    • Best trailers:

    Best of TV:

    • Best TV shows (it can be a new season of something as well):
    • Worst TV shows or worst moments in TV shows:
    • Best cartoon:
    • Worst cartoon:
    • Best episode:
    • Worst episode:

    Best of Game…

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  • Tigertot

    Best of 2017

    December 9, 2017 by Tigertot

    So I'm gonna be seeing which of my articles you guys liked the best this year. I'm gonna put down all of my best games from this year in a Strawpoll, sort of like what Poker did. The candidates are:

    • Super Mario Excursion
    • The Legend of Zelda: War of the Triforce
    • Metroid: Aversion
    • Champions of Ascerth/Champions of Ascerth: The Chronicles (Chronicles is the story adaptation)
    • Zalvar Online
    • Mario Kart 9
    • Mario Party 11: Switching it Up
    • Super Mario: The New World
    • Super Mario World 3: Back to Dinosaur Land
    • Super Smash Bros. Resistance

    Here's the link to the poll: [1]

    And try to limit yourself to three votes. The deadline is the 20th. Once I've reached the deadline, I'll make a blogpost detailing my thoughts on 2017, as well as personal thoughts on the…

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  • .captaincat13

    As another year comes closer and closer to ending, it's time for more game announcements, because I have nothing better to do and I have stuff to show off. Let's rock and roll.

    Super Mario Astral is a new main series Mario game, despite what the name and logo may tell you, it is not a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy, this game is set in the normal Mario world, with Mario traveling around the globe to defeat an alien menace, the Kurro, who tracked down powerful Astral Critters to the Mushroom Kingdom and its neighboring countries, Mario being capable of going around the world with the Astral Critters' ship, the Astra.

    The game is an open-world collect-a-thon, similar to Super Mario Odyssey, and what makes Astral unique are the Astral Critters, al…

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  • Randomfrog

    Hello everybody! I just recently released the newest Scrap character, Wacky Carrot. Go check that out.

    I'm here to start a tournament comprised of Scrap's roster. But what will the winner get? The very first Video Moveset! What's a video moveset? A video moveset will properly demonstrate a character's moveset while simulating fake gameplay. They show off B moves, KO sounds, win and loss poses. You've probably these under the name "lawls" on youtube. I am excited to make the first one, but I'm not sure who to do, and that's why I am doing this vote.

    Choose your picks from the matchups below! You have to vote on all matchups for your vote to be counted. If a character doesn't already have a moveset they'll be granted one when the video moveset…

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  • Shadow Inferno

    Hello everyone, yes back again for another year, despite the unfortunate outcome of last year's Award Show I've dwelled on the matter for some time now (a year coincidentally) and am back once more with the Fantendo Annual Award Show. This year we'll be having the Award Show a little earlier to make way for events occuring around the New Year Period. Now for those unfamiliar with the Award Show and those who'd like to know how I've decided to go about fixing the concerns of last year's to make it more user friendly and easier continue reading.

    The Fantendo Award Show is an event that's held yearly to commemorate and award those whom have created outstanding articles over the past year. The award show seeks to encourage people to participate…

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  • Mirai Moon

    I'm sure a lot of people here like games (like, it's a safe bet, right?) and since The Game Awards are happening and stuff's being announced, I thought it smart to compile all these announcements into one blog.

    Nintendo-related stuff:

    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champion's Ballad (DLC 2) releases tonight.
    • Bayonetta 3
    • Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are getting ported to the Switch.
      • A special edition (Non-Stop Climax Edition) has been announced for Japan, and I'd say it's a safe bet that it'll also come to the west.

    The stuff fewer people here will care for:

    • In the Valley of Gods by Campo Santo (Firewatch devs)
    • Something from FromSoftware (BloodBorne and Dark Souls devs)
    • World War Z
    • Accounting+
    • Vacation Simulator
    • Fade to Silence from THQ Nor…
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