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    Here is the official sign-up blog for Fighters of Destiny, the new fantendo fighting game made by Doh and I! I estimate a roster of about 40-50 characters, haven't really talked to Doh about that yet. So, rules!

    • Your character must have an image.
    • You can sign up up to 4 characters per person, 3 characters per franchise.
    • Characters with little depth/recolors will be added as DLC if signed up. (Recolors like White and maybe Bombell would be accepted, though.)
    • You don't need to provide a moveset, as we will be instead describing how the character would play in a few short sentences. (Like in Exotoro's games.) 

    So, good luck!

    • Unten
    • Netnu
    • Zerita
    • Mika Sho
    • Data
    • Alice Harumi
    • Bombell
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    Trophy Smash-Up 2 RESULTS

    October 20, 2014 by TKThunder

    Here are the results of the randomizer:

    • Me:Navi and Midna
    • Plazzap: Fi and Dream Whale
    • Claus teh Mighty: Agitha and Ganon
    • Sr. Wario: Grass and Triforce
    • BigBisharp: Vaati and Broken Vase
    • Poisonshot: Groose and Princess Ruto
    • TimeSoul: Four Swords Link and Skull Kid
    • KirbyMarioMega: Roc's Feather and Happy Mask Salesman
    • Hamclub13: Fierce Deity Link and Lana
    • DohIMissed: Old Man and Ravio
    • DerpyPanda24: Majora's Wrath and Zant

    My Entries:

    Navi: Hey! Look! Listen! Possible one of the most well known (and most annoying) fairy companion Link had is Navi. Navi assisted Link in his adventures in OoT, and often gave him advice...and at times annoyed him, too.

    Midna: This somewhat of a trickster. She was cursed into an imp form by Zant, and accompanies Link in Twilight Princes…

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    Ok guys...

    October 20, 2014 by Ferrox apparently having an expensive home theater setup with a huge collection of movies is okay, but owning a huge collection of video games isn't.

    Well, a few days ago, I started dating this guy and earlier today he invited me over to his place to watch a movie. He had a really cool home theater setup with a projector, high end sound system, and a huge selection of blurays to choose from, like hundreds of them. He even had a bunch of movie posters and other promotional stuff, a pop corn machine, and even a soda fountain machine (this thing). All this stuff is pretty expensive, I could definitely tell that he was into the movie theater experience. Afterwards, we go to my place and I ask him if he wants to play video games. He's not into vi…

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    yes, you got it right



    Super Smash Bros. KOOPALLINGS ONLY Cosmic

    A new unique smash game by me and fandro...

    Now im not going to get into to many details, but im here to give you a few details on our brand new game Super Smash Bros. Cosmic

    I have some veteran updates. Yoshi, is no more (sorry lumos) and now its a duo of Yoshi and Baby Mario

    based off of Yoshis Island. Another veteran that has been revamped is Bowser Jr. 

    You remember Bowser Jrs Alts? Now they arent alts, they're custom moves!!! For example a new final smash for morton would be him his hammer and the spikeys




    I dont know much about him but, fandro does so yeah. He has an alt …

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    Claus the Mighty

    there are 50 slots on the roster, 25 are default, 25 are unlockable

    also the final name isn't confirmed yet, i might add a subtitle if the name "fantendo fighters" is already taken

    so sign up your characters, up to 3 characters per user

    also tell whether they are default or unlockable

    also this game isn't a "ssb clone"

    • Unten
    • Fyre
    • Blade
    • Bowie
    • Ashe
    • Sketch
    • Jake
    • Kid Kiba
    • Bombell
    • Alice Harumi
    • Reptflux
    • Lucario
    • Hawla
    • Pesh
    • Frolo
    • White
    • Alyssa Wenn
    • Plumber
    • Speedy
    • Mika Sho
    • Data
    • Dark Climbers
    • January
    • Naluigi
    • YonenBooe

    • Zerita
    • Matthew
    • Kasu
    • Fyre (original)
    • Endal
    • Kan Seuomto
    • Yuki Silverfield
    • Leah Needlenam
    • Capsuo
    • Inferno
    • Riolu
    • Crimson el Roserade
    • Frozerade
    • Koloro
    • Cosmar
    • Arshallo
    • Rosa Yorkwich
    • Danni
    • Ace
    • The Author
    • Eterwho
    • Kuribo
    • Magic Shy Guy
    • Netnu
    • Heather

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    Hello I'm back

    October 19, 2014 by Arend

    If you wondered why I was inactive, I posted a blog about this a while ago. And if you didn't notice my absence, good for you.

    So, aside from a few new Megas I literally heard yesterday about, what has happened during my absence?

    also there was apparently an American Book Center and I spent almost €70 on Pokémon mangas

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    hashtag ham draws

    October 19, 2014 by Hamclub13

    yeah i'm bored so request stuff for me to draw

    they will be gathered here

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    Yo! NioA here.

    So, it's been quite a while since I've done one of these. Last time I made only one blog entry for this and it was for the Scout's primaries. That was back when I was a complete pubber and had no knowledge within the competitive TF2 area. But, for a full two whole years, I've gotten a dose of what competitive TF2 truly is, and have gained some great facts, tidbits, and information from it. 

    I am the Spy main for the UGC HL Iron team, Electric Mutton Chops (silly name but hey there are some far worse than this). I've clocked in at 1,300+ hours at TF2 total, with 300 devoted to the Spy. My second most played class with about 70 hours is the Scout, formerly my favourite class in the game. 

    For all of the tier lists, I will no long…

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    Here are the results for the people who are doing the movesets for Fantendo Swap Smash Bros Melee Fun Time: Friendship is Magic Fortress 2: Modern Warfare for Wii U and 3DS. (Nah the game will probably be called Fantendo Smash Bros. Melee (SSD) or something) 

    Anyway, here is the roster!

    1. Unten (Returning)
    2. Mika Sho (Returning)
    3. Arshallo (Returning)
    4. Alice Harumi (Returning)
    5. Sketch (Returning)
    6. Squav (Returning)
    7. Cookie Crumble (Returning)
    8. Bowie (Returning)
    9. Volt (Returning)
    10. Rosa Yorkwich (Returning)
    11. Fyre (Moveset done by White the Popopo)
    12. Frolo (Moveset done by MonsterManchego)
    13. Colby (Moveset done by Locky)
    14. Bombell (Moveset done by Vonn Karma)
    15. Zerita (Moveset done by Me)

    1. Ashlyn (Returning)
    2. Takeo Yumi (Returning)
    3. Zario (Moveset done by Dylan)
    4. Data (Moveset done by Lu…

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    Crimson el Roserade

    What do you guys generally consider my best franchise?  My best character?  My best...anything?

    • My franchises: BowieQuest, General's Journey, Fandro RPG, The Realm of Dreams, Crimson el Roserade, Ordinary Mailman
    • Characters: (but not limited to): Bowie, Ashe, Endal General Scotch, Fandro, Bob, KrunchKake, Asher, Ethan, Crimson, Frozerade, Frink
    • Companies: Koopompany, Fandraxonian Enterprises, King's Legion

    Or anything else really.

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