• Exotoro

    Spooky Skin Change 2018

    October 15, 2018 by Exotoro

    After badgering for a spooky skin theme, we have finally allowed the Halloween spirit to infect the site's theme! This is not a visual glitch or anything like that, just our Halloween skin. That's all I really have to report. It's the one from last year as well.

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  • Simpson55 clone

    In the last 20 years, Nintendo has spawned 17 Mario Party games, that's exactly 0.85 game per year! Which one is the very best of the bunch though?
    I haven't played all of them. As I child used to enjoy playing Mario Party DS for hours, as well as Mario Party 4 for the GameCube and Mario Party 8 for the Wii. I also used to play the other GameCube games (5 through 7) although I don't remember those as much as the aforementioned ones. As for the Nintendo 64, I've only played the first one, which, albeit being the one that started it all, is slow pace and a bit boring. I don't own the second and third games, they're surprisingly expensive, even on ebay. I bought Mario Party 9 and 10 when they out, same goes for Island Tour. 10 and Island Tour …

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  • Samtendo09

    Gear Games is back for another season of Sketch Request. This time I will also take an unusual direction of this;

    While Halloween or other October festival theme are optional for requests, this time for the first request you can suggest a Secretverse Counterpart request which involve, as it says, making a Secretverse Counterpart to your character. Secretverse Counterparts tend to have different clothing, abilities, or even morality, and clothing in general tend to lean more to medieval-fantasy clothing but occasionally also toward Sci-fi or other genres.

    • Each user can give me two requests each. You cannot use the same characters for both request, but you do not need to do both parts at once either.
      • 1st request is your character dressing as one …
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  • DarkSpark83

    Pickup Lines

    October 14, 2018 by DarkSpark83

    Particularly really bad ones

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  • Fun Blob

    fantendo y u do dis i was just editing my user page and you give me this shEt

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  • CrakaboLazy4090

    Random Question

    October 14, 2018 by CrakaboLazy4090

    Well it's been a long time since I've done a blog. But anyway here's a question.

    What's your favorite kaiju from the Godzilla series? I've back into Godzilla again, and I want to ask you guys which kaiju from the Godzilla series you like the most?

    If your asking me, my favorite is Gigan. His design is very unique, with scythe hands and a buzzsaw on his abdomen. He was the first monster to ever make Godzilla bleed. And in Final Wars, he gains chainsaw and a grappling hook, which makes him even cooler. He's just an awesome monster overall.

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  • Up Up the Cat


    October 13, 2018 by Up Up the Cat

    Hi. This is a more personal blog, so you don't have to read it. Because apparently you had to read my other stuff. So this is just saying a few things that have happened/happening.

    So it turns out I have Asperger's, since I was a lot younger! Yay, I'm autistic! I just need it officially diagnosed, but other than that... I'm mildly autistic. Explains a lot. AND REMEMBER NOVEMBER IS AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH GET YOUR BLUE RIBBONS OUT 

    I've opened a Deviantart account that only one other person, who I won't mention so I don't put them on the spot, knows about so far. I plan to announce it one day, but please do not look for me before then, if I have the chance to talk to you in a chat pm I may tell you, but if you look for me before that, and you're …

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  • HollowPharaoh


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  • Fun Blob

    The Massive Anime Roaster Thing Hyper (AKA M.A.R.T.H.) is a nuke designed in reference to a Massive Ornary Air Blimp, it is know as the Sharpest Nuke in history (cuz it shoots darts lol). The creator of this explosive deadly inflatable massive missile is Keggy, a Dart Specialist from the kirby species.

    This is not any common air blimp you can just pop with a tack, the thick and strong leather made as material for the structure makes it resistant to sharp objects able to pop a balloon.

    It is well know for it medium-fast traveling, fast falling impact and the unique ability to spread a storm of darts with the machine gun equiped below it.

    The reason of building this bad boy is, Jiggly's fetish on Fire Emblem, he still hates it, hes just a good …

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  • Bionichute

    i tried to make one, how it look to yall

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