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  • Guygombaa

    Since everybody seems to like these OH NO THE WORLD IS ENDING type posts, the Castlevania Netflix Series comes out on July 7, the day before my birthday. They dropped a trailer.

    Jokes aside, it looks interesting. And anime as fuck. I'll probably watch it. Never had the chance to play a Castlevania game, but I've always been interested. Maybe when the Mini SNES comes out it'll have Castlevania. Or I could hunt down a copy for the actual SNES.

    In way more exciting new, Game of Thrones season 7 airs just 8 days after my birthday. I am so fucking pumped. Without spoiling anything, the final episode of Season 6 was some of the most epic shit ever. Whether you care for GoT or not, that episode was bloody lit. Basically every season finale is depre…

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  • DarKingdomHearts

    no more teen

    May 24, 2017 by DarKingdomHearts

    Officially no more teen today, meaning it's my birthday and I am 20 now. Getting too old here haha. I guess this is a thing people do when it's their b-day, so... welp, here it is.

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  • AgentMuffin

    Design an icon

    May 24, 2017 by AgentMuffin

    You know what's cool? Icons. They're, like, small images that represent places, services, belief systems, functions, properties, directions, metaphors, or pretty much whatever you want (though mainly just things you'd find in an office cubicle). I think the concept of symbolizing ideas and the abstract is really interesting, and perhaps a tool that is wasted or misused today. So let's waste or misuse it some more, since given the recent drawing blogs, something tells me this might get some amount of popularity.

    Comment something you want to see made into an icon. (If you want to challenge a "universal" icon that has lost its meaning or relatability, such as saving being represented by a 3.5 floppy, that's fine too.) People can reply with th…

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  • Enigima

    A few hours ago, Nintendo and Ubisoft announced that The Mario And Rabbids Crossover is true. Let me just say that this is one of the strangest crossovers I have ever heard in my life. I know that Rabbids are Rayman characters, but most kids these generations don't know who Rayman is. Most people know who the Rabbids are from that load of shit Nickelodeon T.V show. I hate the Rabbids with a burning passion, and their trying to crossover with one of my favorite series in the world. I know this game will suck and do terribly. First of all, let me sink this idea into your head: Mario meeting the Rabbids. Doesn't that sound strange to you? That's like saying Zelda and Dora The Explorer can have a crossover now. I think of Rabbids as T.V show c…

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  • Jaipom

    Yeah it's my birthday now I'm 15. Wooooooooo

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  • Enigima

    Hello everyone, Enigima here! Along time ago, I've created this page titled, "Project X". It was technically about where I come up with ideas for a Project M version of Smash 4. However, I just found out recently that their is a Smash 4 hack titled, "Project Sapphire", which is Project M version of Smash 4. No one believed me that this would happen, not even myself, but it did. Its also being created by the exact dev team who worked on Project M for Brawl. Things I got right were Ice Climbers and Wolf's appearance, and Snake is being worked on. Their even including Lyn from Fire Emblem! I can't wait for this hack to grow in the future! Here evidence that this exists! This is a live stream from Aaronitmar, who mostly does Smash 4 and Mario …

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  • AlterAttorney

    So, I'm working on a dungeon based RPG game called Alter Ideals. It's a game revolving around recruiting characters, and bringing five into battle, alongside characters bonding to have FE style Support Conversations.

    The game's main plot is thousands of people being kidnapped by a group called O.C.T.O. and having experiments done on them to give them powers. But the game is about a group of characters attempting to break out, alongside trying to recruit other subjects and stuff. It's still heavy in development though.

    The sign up is based off of a few categories, which can be made for a subpage or such, and the character added to the O.C.T.O. Resistance category for a playable character.

    • Character Name
    • Subject Number
    • Powers Given
    • Description
    • Pers…

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  • .lennongrad

    New FANDOM News

    May 22, 2017 by .lennongrad


    theyre bringing the new header design to every FANDOM wikia (including Fantendo) on june 12th

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  • Chillbrah

    So yall remember the awsome austin show, right? Well, it was bad, yes, so that's why i'm (Drumroll Please!) REMAKING IT! 

    Yep, restarting it all from scratch, I want to make a new leaf for TAAS, because I think that if it could be reimagined by a another person, it could be much, much better; So I tried to fix all the problems with it.

    First up, the art, now, the art is extremeley, bad in the original TAAS, Austin a basiclley a stick figure, so now I reimagined him! Yeah, he may still look like a stick figure, but hey, at least he has hands! 

    And now the characters, in the original TAAS, Legendaryice was a character, but now, in the new TAAR, he is completely removed! I figured that Ice did not want to be a character in the first place,so I t…

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  • KirbiMiroir

    Sometimes the less significant parts of a game are some of the most enjoyable. Inspired by MaverickHunterZero75, I am going to list my Top 7 Favourite Video Game Levels. I'll be judging them based on visual aesthetics, music, fun factor, etc. So again, difficulty SHALL NOT COME INTO PLAY.

    Number 7: Driftwood Shores
    Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (PS3/XBox 360/PS4/XBox One)

    • Introduction: Of all the moves I made in the past few years, one of the strangest was when I got into a shooter, of all games. But leave it to my brother's PS3 to leave me with good old Garden Warfare. Not only is the character variety great, but the game has a strong variety of settings for its various maps, and they're all very well-designed. Now, your favourite map i…

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