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    25 more facts about me

    October 25, 2014 by Lumoshi
    1. I got sick to miss basketball tryouts by licking a keyboard.
    2. The lowest note I can sing is F# second octave.
    3. My username used to be MarioLuigi1234.
    4. I discovered Microsoft Word on July 25, 2007.
    5. I am Lumoshi.
    6. My favorite month happens to be June.
    7. My favorite season is summer.
    8. We almost lost my grandma at an aquarium on July 31, 2006.
    9. I got a haircut on August 3, 2007.
    10. I used to be scared of Mr. Noodle.
    11. I kept other kids awake during naptime in preschool.
    12. I went to a private school in kindergarten.
    13. I'm in 8th grade now.
    14. I have stayed up all night on November 28, 2009, July 6, 2013, June 5, 2014, and August 4, 2014.
    15. I love pizza.
    16. I have a dog and a cat.
    17. I got a hamster exactly five years before I joined Fantendo.
    18. I started violin seven years ago but quit a ye…
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    pic of the day

    October 25, 2014 by Porkgroup31

    he is happy he is also gonna kill you FUN.i have a gun with PURPLE hu.wat he made my chiken oh no.TRUBLE TRUBLE TRUBLE.Guess what hes all about that base bout thatbase no treble.

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    So, I wanted to do a Fandemonium-esque thingy, so here we go! Basically 20 fantendo characters are trapped in a mansion where they must face many strange challenges, and a mystery begins to unfold. Not to mention a familiar face returns as manager of the mansion....but what is he doing here? 

    You can sign up up to 2 characters.

    1. Lectro (Manager)
    2. Data
    3. Mika Sho 
    4. Squav
    5. Sketch
    6. Fyre
    7. Flip
    8. Kurt
    9. Ella Metals
    10. Jake
    11. Takeo Yumi
    12. Lily
    13. Speedy
    14. Alice Harumi
    15. Bombell
    16. Rosa Yorkwich
    17. Volt
    18. Koloro
    19. Purple
    20. Lumoshi
    21. Alyssa
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    Claus the Mighty

    disclaimer: this is entirely a joke

    so according to the post i made on jake's blog todays the last day of my life cuz i'll die by choking on a piece of chicken

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    And Then I Sung

    October 25, 2014 by SuperSonicDarkness

    So if you don't know, I sometimes record myself on Vocaroo of me singing something and then post it on wikia chat. Well I had the idea to do, IDK, a Fantendo singing thing where we record us singing something? IDK. Here are some recordings of me singing. (I'm sorry I failed so bad.) 


    Might record some more later, IDK. 

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    Hi,Guys I'm Bowserman1915 Today I want to create a tv anything.

    • 04:00-04:30 AM:FAN of the mario sonic and disney
    • 04:30-06:00 AM:Morning Weekend Hot News
    • 06:00-07:45 AM:Frozen
    • 07:45-08:00 AM:Doraemon the Movie
    • 08:00-09:00 AM:American Got Talent
    • 09:00-10:00 AM:Live FA Cup Man U VS QPR (Rerun)
    • 10:00-10:30 AM:FURY (2014)

    And more to coming soon

    • 04:00-04:30 AM:Fear Factor
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    With the direct yesterday, we got a bunch of new stages (Mario Circuit FTW)! But there are probably more stages that haven't been revealed, so what stages do you hope or think are coming.

    New Pork City: 8-Player Smash

    Bowser's Castle
    Nintendo Land
    A new Game & Watch stage
    Mute city(3DS)
    Also, Mewtwo!!!

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    Welcome back to my new series, where I predict what Amiibo Figurines will do in Wii U Games. Before I start, I need to show last time's poll results.

    Last time, I asked if you guys think Amiibo Figures will be allowed in MK8's Online Mode. Here are the results: 3 People said Yes.  2 People said No (One was probably me. It might be unfair). 1 Person said Yes, but it would be against everyone, on No One's Side. 1 Vote went towards Other. They put in the comments that they would, but only on teams. Excellent idea, TimeSoul! Saddly, not that many people did the Poll. Hopefully, more people will vote next time!

    Anyways, today I'm going to talk about Treasure Tracker! Now, I believe they are going to act like partners for you, but will race you to…

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    Dehydration's Grasp

    Fandemonium 3/3

    Fandemonium 3/4

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    October 25, 2014 by Exotoro

    something i drew during driver's ed

    i dunno lol

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