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  • Athena Hawkins

    Hello all! So basically last night people were talking about Fantendo consoles and I mentioned an idea I had that was basically a handheld console with less buttons. Then user said something like there was great potential in the system and that it'd be great for indie developers. I began construction on the page like forty-five minutes before I went to bed -- some of it was kind of rushed, but it still looks pretty good to me in the end. So what would separate this console from others on this hellsite?

    The TimeStrike Neo, the console's name, is a handheld that bears various resemblances to a Wii U Gamepad, although is much smaller and is intended to be comfortable to hold. It has about as many buttons as a Gameboy Advance, with just on…

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  • .arcticbreath

    I am turning 4

    March 29, 2017 by .arcticbreath

    4 days ago was my wikiversary, and it was my 4 year anniversary!

    Glad I made it thus far. This past year has been filled with Icing Ironic, my first fully completed game, new friends, Minecraft servers, drama, renames, and leaving and rejoining. It was quite the eventful year for me, and was bit of a rough one, but I'm just glad I made it thus far. Next year's gonna be a lot bigger though because it'll be my 5th year, but until then, I'm only 4 :(. So close..

    Anyways, thank you all for some great years and memories.

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  • AngryLittleYoshi

    Guess who's back.

    Back again.

    Shady Yoshi's back.

    Tell a friend.

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  • Thediamondtree

    Fine. It is time you all have learned about the Untitled Project Teasers.

    The thing is: They were not supposed to be what you call spam blogs (although you all said nothing about that), these were pages full of minor hints I was giving you all guys so you could speculate on my so-called Project.

    If you saw my messages on the Chat yesterday, well, I was saying that I was gonna do a project related with Pokemon (And dreams). I wanted you all to be surprised when it came, but most of you were impatient saying I should the page right now, instead of doing these teaser blogs. (btw, how do I use the sandbox?)

    In the comment sections of the Teaser blogs, what I said were not just regular stupid comments, they were hidden messages for you to find out…

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  • ITVdude2000

    I just randomly thought about me and my relationship with my parents.

    Do you get along with them? Do you find them annoying?

    Me? I get along with my mum good, but I let her baby me a lot.

    As for my dad, I only see him 4 out of 14 days, but I get on good with him, and he lets me do whatever I want.

    EDIT: Crap, I'm so sorry guys. Never realised how much of you have complicated relationships.

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  • Thediamondtree

    Dream Entry #2: It's been two days since the construction of the Dream Projector. It's still a work in progress, but we managed to finish half of the programming for it to work.

    Dream Entry #3: It was a week since the last Entry, the Dream Projector is still in work, but progression on it is going fast! At this rate, we'll be done in 2 months!

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  • Andrewtheking

    For a pal

    March 28, 2017 by Andrewtheking

    Hey. Just dropping by to say that my good friend Foxy won't have much time here due to his ipad crashing and or some weird wika glitch, it's on all the wikas he goes on. It's acting up and he's unable to come on here. He's on skype if you need him. He just wants you all to know he's alright and he doesn't know when he'll be able to fix it, or if it's his ipad or wika tbh, and thus come back. He asked me to do this via Skype so ya'll don't worry. 

    Just letting ya'll know. I'm at college so this is a pretty basic blog, sorry. But the point is he loves ya'll and hopes to see you soon

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  • Thediamondtree

    Dream Entry #1: My first day at the Dream Realm Research Center, everything is nice, calm, and clean, it's a fine building in Canaric. We have already started building a complicated machine known as the "Dream Projector", a machine that is stated to "display the user's dream that can be used as a gateway to an undiscovered dimension known as the Dream Realm. I don't know who had the idea that there was another universe that can accessed as a dream, but the Boss always says that he knows that this hidden world is real, because he simply saw it in a dream.

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  • LordCranium

    Hi guys today is my first day and i am looking forward to the fun of gamemaking and being in componies

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  • Kirby X-NEO


    March 27, 2017 by Kirby X-NEO

    for my wikiversary

    Happy wikiversary me! I've been on this site for over two years now, and I want to thank you guys for being cool and fun. I hope to have more fun in my third year here!

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