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  • Hamclub13


    30 April 2016 by Hamclub13

    a friend just committed suicide. classmate, crush, friend. i miss him already. i miss him so much already. id give fucking anything to hear him laugh or see him smile again. i wasn't even great friends with him. the most meaningful conversation i had ever engaged in with him was snapchatting him about panic at the disco. how the fuck do you deal with this what the fuck. school is never going to be the same. he was normally always talking to our maths teacher. science never passed without a funny comment from him. he had great things to say in english. god. its so weird using past tense about him. i knew he was depressed. i could have helped. i could have. i should have. but no. i was too fucking cowardly to do anything. he sat beside me in…

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  • Ryushusupercat

    A new and hopefully better Legend of Zelda fanfic that Ryushu decided to write out of boredom and because she felt like flexing her writing muscles more.

    Long ago, there were two primary races (apart from Gorons, Zoras, etc.) that lived in Hyrule; the People of Light (the Hylians) and the People of Dark (the Tenari). The Tenari were responsible for guarding powerful and dangerous artifacts, keeping them under lock and key and making sure they were not used for evil.

    Unfortunately, one group of Tenari known as the Shadecallers had decidedly sinister intentions as opposed to more noble members of their race. The Shadecallers worshiped a being known as the "Great Herald of Darkness", and sought to find a way to bring him into their world. This Herald …

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  • AgentMuffin

    So in chat, Hoshi just said this:

    Anyway, we've decided we're going to let him concoct yet another terribad forced maymay as a sort of social experiment, just to see how bad it can possibly be. And by the way I'll get an admin to ban anyone who says "norway i cannot beleive thos" or similar in the comments, so don't do it.

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  • .snickedge

    Welcome back to COMMUNITY DRAW!  I received permission from to continue the series, and we are gonna use a super cool character from :

    Feel free to use this as the basis for your design, make your own version, or the like!

    Unlike the other community draws, there is no contest to it. I feel like contests put people don't fear about "losing" and what not, 'cause you can't!

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  • OhNoItsAiva

    Well then...

    29 April 2016 by OhNoItsAiva

    Ever since our choir concert, I've been getting a lot of attention, although I'm still treated as a joke still, its fine for me to get attention for once (I'm usually by myself most of the time, I don't have many friends at school). I'm feeling a bit better now (although, on Wednesday, the day after we raked, my back was aching all day). Lets just hope it lasts for a bit for me to forget suicide.

    BTW, its back to me falling asleep in class. Yay me!

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  • FNAF other

    The random Poll!

    28 April 2016 by FNAF other

    These are compleatly random crud that i made for you to vote on!

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  • TheFoxyRiolu

    28 April 2016 by TheFoxyRiolu

    So I'm having some problems with chat

    Basically it doesn't show anyone else on the chatroom unless they join after I join, but refreshing makes their name disappear again. It's also not letting me put in really any messages and i don't know why it's happening

    Can someone help

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  • LegendaryIce

    Hey. I said a long time ago that I'd release the magazine on April, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, it's not here.

    So what happened?

    Well, I had complications because I was very sick, and I did not feel well enough to even edit the article, and in the weeks following I got other sicknesses and I started working on VARIOUS THINGS. I sort of started to also realise how lackluster the magazine was. All it had was the 2 best articles of the month things, an announcement, and an update. If you ask me? That sounds like a lame magazine, and barely seems like a magazine at all! So I've decided to completely redo it (although the 2 article of the months will stay [Trifecta and Heroforce]). This means I'm adding more categories to it, and adding more content in…

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  • Shadow Inferno

    Hey ho, no need to feel so grim with recent news, let's do a voting bracket tourney for the greatest Videogame Villains of all time. Why Villains? Because there's more of them, think about it in Legend of Zelda your hero is Link but your villains are; Ganondorf, Zant, Ghirahim, Vaati, Majora, Dethl, Veran, Onox, Malladus, Bellum, etc. There have been a huge array of Villains across Video Games so here's what I want to do, let's have a Voting Tourney to see what the community thinks is the greatest villain of all time. Now here's the rules just so we're not overwhelmed with some... less than significant choices.

    1. The Villain must have been the Main Villain of at least 1 Game in the Series
    2. The Villain must have originate from Video Games
    3. Each us…
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  • WereWaffle

    On the side note about the NX coming next year and the new LOZ game being delayed next year, some news came out about animal crossing and fire emblem coming to mobile devices. Honestly I don't know what to say as of now. I am pretty worried about the NX not being revealed yet and that the new zelda game is delayed again.

    But who knows it might turn out fine or not but we just have to wait.

    Anyways, thoughts?


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