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  • Shy guy yellow

    The Brazilian company qubyte received authorization from Nintendo America to take the game High Tech Racing for the 3DS portable. The news was greeted with joy by those responsible and praise is tearing the community.

    High Tech Racing is a slot car simulator and can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices, and according to the producers, not just a porting for Nintendo's handheld."It is much more than a porting as we implement several new features with reference to the sequence in development: HTR +." Second company, the first version of the simulator has been downloaded by almost 8 million people, and the second version, titled HTR +, presents a better balance, new tracks and cars for the competitors."You will instantly return to his chi…

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  • Shy guy yellow

    Diogo Ribeiro Zacharias (Brazilian guy Diogo  )  sent an email to the studio Shin'en praising their work on the Wii U and asking when we can see pictures, videos and details of upcoming projects that they prepare for the Wii U. The answer:"Hello, Diogo.  We will post information about our new games for Wii U in the fall. "Via :Wii Cluvbe

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  • Shy guy yellow

    New Pokémon?

    July 19, 2013 by Shy guy yellow

    The developer of Pokémon, Game Freak, launched a teaser site quite intriguing! An image of some kind of creature, hidden lights and a text back, has aroused the curiosity of gamers. According to the reported by Siliconera, when you add the words available, there is something like "This popular game is played all over the world, and be reborn in a surprising collaboration." While the image forces us to think of Pokémon, the company may also be referring to something very different, possibly in a partnership or collaboration with another company.

    Via :Siliconera

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  • Shy guy yellow

    Strider back

    July 19, 2013 by Shy guy yellow

    For PS4,PS3,PC,Xbox 360 and Xbox One

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  • Gag Buster 70


    Personally, I don't think Tingle is even THAT annoying. I mean sure, he's a grown man that believes in fairies, but he makes maps, helps you, and even has his own game.

    Here's the story: Tingle was first seen in Majora's Mask, as some guy that believed in Fairies. It could be Fairies like...HER... or Kokiri, like Link was in OoT.

    He later appeared in Four Swords (I think) Wind Waker, SSBM as a stage item, SSBB as an Assist Trophy, and much, much more. He may appeared in the HD remake of The Wind Waker, because, you know, Tingle.

    If only I could say " Koo-Loo Limpah!" to the others on the list.

    Here's a question: What do you get when you cross a Piranha Plant, a giant bear, and pure evil in a blender? You get The Impris…

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  • LockyX2

    does anyone have the new version of SSBC?

    i want to play online with somebody

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  • LockyX2

    is that really necessary at all?

    i mean, which is the difference of that category and Upcoming Games?

    why that category even exists on the first place?

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  • Yoshifraga97

    Hey guys! I wanna do a new Fantendo character. His name is Mewshi the Dinocat. He is a mixture of Yoshi and a cat (duh!). He is a lonely and a cute cat, but also couragous, fast, agille and strong. He likes to be along sometimes and he likes searching food. He lives in Yoshi Island in an unknown place where nobody has been there. He doesn't like rude and arrogant people. His enemies are Bowser and his minions and his friends are Mario, Yoshi, etc.

    His attacks are similar to Super Mario 3D World with the Cat Bell and similar to Yoshi moves like Flutter Jumps, Ground Pounds, throwing eggs, etc.

    I hope you all like this! :)


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  • Heartphilia

    Weekly Poll

    July 18, 2013 by Heartphilia

    Just stating some news here; the weekly poll until Pokémon X and Y are released (and probably a while after they're released, too) is going to have something to do with Pokémon. For the next few weeks, it'll be "who is your favourite Pokémon" from each generation. So, yeah. That's all I had to say. :P

    Oh, and also, I'll probably need some suggestions for the polls, too.

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  • Arend

    One-Week Vacation Hiatus

    July 18, 2013 by Arend

    So, starting tomorrow, I'll be gone for a week. Unlike last vacations, it's just one week. Also unlike last vacations, I stay in the Netherlands. Going to Haarlem and Amsterdam.

    Well, I might have internet connection there (plus I've a smartphone that has better connectivity than a 3DS), so perhaps you may see me again. But mobile Wikia sucks, so maybe not.

    I might miss Fantendo Iterum, though, so maybe I'll be there.

    Ah scrap that, I'll have to see.

    Anyway, I think you all got the message now.

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