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    Guess What? BeekBeeko 3!

    October 1, 2014 by Wga05

    BeekBeeko 3 is on Fantendo!!! YAY!

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    So, with DLC Characters already being confirmed, I want to show off all the DLC stuff I wish to see!

    • Groose
    • Skull Kid
    • Farore's Silent Realm
    • Lorule
    • Rabbit Girl from Link Between Worlds

    What do YOU want to see as DLC for this game? Post in the comments.

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    So, I'm going to hold a fun little contest. Basically, I'm going take a panel from Brawl in the Family, an online Nintendo comic, and I'm gonna ask you, in the comments, to make a phrase to be said in the situation below. Here's the original panel:

    So, let's see if you can make a better phrase! Thanks!

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    The trailer begins with 23 Smash Fighters sitting on bleachers in an auditorium, as they are preparing to welcome the next newcomers of Smash. Master Hand goes up to a podium to begin his speech, when he is suddenly hit by a paint bomb and falls to the ground. The Smashers look around before they are suddenly sprayed with paint and a girl jumps down from the ceiling. She turns around, cocks her paintgun, and grins. "INKLING PAINTS INTO BATTLE!". Inkling begins spraying the room with paint before aiming her gun at Zelda, who tries to shield herself, but is helped up by a smartly dressed gentleman, causing Inkling to create a large splotch of paint on the floor. Inkling then turns into her squid form and chases after them.

    Zelda looks at the …

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    ssb4 dlc leak

    September 30, 2014 by .vectorDestiny

    my uncles dad works at nintendo and gave me this screenshot

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    The Fantendo Playlist for September is officially complete. I removed songs that were from popular games or just generally didn't fit the theme imo. Anyway, here it is! Boop. Things are just in a random order because idk.

    The October playlist will start sometime this week. Be ready. The theme will be spooky songs or Halloween-themed songs.

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    Darth Phazon

    Honestly I've been wanting to do a fangame of Adventure Time here for some time now.

    But all my previous ones... ugh.

    I'm obviously going to have a fan character of mine in it (either one of the two versions of Hunter; IDK which one), so don't ask about that.

    Any ideas, guys?

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    Darth Phazon

    A Question

    September 30, 2014 by Darth Phazon

    What's your favorite OTP? It doesn't matter if you're shipped with users, objects, Pokemon, what have you.

    Mine: TrueHeartShipping (me X Marina; heheh, still funny).

    NOTE: I originally meant for this to be a QotW, but since it isn't entirely game-related, I decided to make it separate.

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    Dear Sakurai-san. I'm very disappointed in Bandai-Namco. I wanted spiritual successors to Metal Gear universe elements, like Pac-Man's Yoshimitsu assist trophy who would be Gray Fox's spiritual successor, instead of ******* ghosts that are hazards at Pac-Maze. I want Pac-Man's neutral special move as dot throw, like in Pac-Man World, instead of Namco pixellated *******! His up special move should be like his announced side special move: Power Pellet. Pac-Man's side special should be Pac-Roll and down Special move should be Butt-Bounce. I want Duck Hunt Dog urinate ****** hydrant. I like only his Final Smash. Thanks Namco for saving one of my nerve cell! And Pac-Man's costume swaps should be his family, like Ms. Pac Man, Pac-Man Jr., Sir. Pa…

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    Cia DLC For Hyrule Warriors!

    September 30, 2014 by DoodleFox


    That's pretty cool.

    (I bet you all Volga and Wizro will be playable.)

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