Blockz is a upcoming 2D platformer exclusively for Wii U. It takes place in the land of Blockz, where everyone and everything is made out of shapes. It is set for a winter 2015 release.


Owen Johnson settles down into his bed, tired from another day of work and falls asleep. He wakes up trapped in a dungeon of sort in a cage. Owen looks around him, people made out of shapes are trapped in cages like him. A giant TV turns on. Cleo, who appears to be the queen, explains to Owen and the other prisoners why they were brought here. After here speech Owen turns to a open window, bingo! All he needs to do is get out the window and boom, he's out! But first he'll have to escape from the cage...

After escaping he watches the other prisoners get hypnotised into being evil. Owen feels sorry for them but knows he cannot turn back. He looks ahead to see a forest full of square trees or as the tribes call them, the ². Owen realises he'll have to make it past Square Woods in order to escape when one tribesman says that it is haunted by Gaston. Owen needed to get home so he didn't bother listening and set off. After making it it half way through Square Woods, a ghost wearing a red hat and holding a book comes charging at him.

"BOOOOOO!!!" he yells as he starts attacking Owen. Owen successfullty defeats him and learns that he was cursed. Gaston joins Owen on his quest but is cursed to attack at any moment.



The game is a 2D platformer with some 2.5D elements meaning the character can only move left, right, jump and duck. Items are scattered over the levels which can give the player a special ability. The player can also use blocks which are scattered around the levels as ammo or to their advantage, the most common way being to get across lakes and lave pit. Stamps are also hidden in levels which you can use on Miiverse and need to be collected to complete the game fully.



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