Blocks: A Tale of Colours
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Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
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Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U, NX, PS4, PSVita, Xbox One, PC, Visus Sphere
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OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Adventure, 2D Platformer
 Blocks: A Tale of Colours is an upcoming 2D platformer for all systems. It is about the story of a world void of colour being given colour by 8 blocks, each representing an element and colour. In the game the player will play as one or more of these blocks and their main goal is to activate specific objects on the level with certain blocks, for example a Tree is activated by the Green Block and the area around that tree becomes Green.


In an ancient time, before life or colour existed, there were barren black and white planets known as Canvas Planets, whose sole intent was to await the arrival of the Blockours, powerful spirits capable of bestowing colour and life to a Canvas Planet. Their job was to give every planet in the universe this gift, however a lonely planet on the edge of the Universe known as CP-000 was never gifted, anyone or thing that travelled to it died or would bring back a deadly disease that would kill them within days.

At this time the universe prayed to the Blockours for them to return and gift CP-000 with colour and life. The prayers of the masses reached the Blockours who descended from another dimension to gift CP-000, however as they approached the planet, they were ambushed by Canvas Pirates, beings hungry to control colour. Their ship crashed onto CP-000 and the Blockours were seperated.

On a silent beach on CP-000, Gordon, the block of Shade & Metal awoke, and set out to gift CP-000 with colour and find his friends.


Similar to most modern 2D platformers, the player is able to control one of the Blockours and must navigate around a level attempting to reach the exit while at the same time gifting the various components of the level with colour. Each Blockour has different Jumping capabilities, weight, speed & special abilities and the player must work with these abilities to complete the level.



Gordon is the first Blockour the player has access to, being the smallest Gordon is able to run under many obstacles which is beneficial as he doesn't have a very high jumping capability. As the Blockour of Shades, he is seen as the somewhat outcast of the group as his gift to planets really only affects metals & the tone of the planet.

Gordon's special ability is his Sizanization, an ability which allows Bob to make certain objects Microscopic allowing the blockours to surpass them, the alternate ability of the Sizanization is for Gordon to supersize something making it significantly larger than before, this can be beneficial as sometimes the activation points will be too small for other Blockours to activate.

Gordon's main Activation Points are Ore Deposits. Gordon is the Blockour of Shades & Metal.


Yana is the second Blockour the player has access to, she is found by Gordon, unconcious in the nest of a Canvas Falcon. Yana is a longer and overall larger Blockour than Gordon and the second shortest (tied with Robin & Penelope). Yana is a better jumper, vertically than Gordon but worse horizontally. She believes herself to be very timid however the others view her as kind-hearted and generous and generally a good team player. As she gifts worlds with the colour yellow, she is often known to gift Dry planets.

Yana's special ability is Sand Boulder, which allows Yana to summon a giant Boulder of Sand, this boulder will immediately shatter upon impact allowing for the sand to seep into multiple areas and activate multiple objects. It can also be used as a weight or filler.

Yana's main Activation Points are Desert Flags. Yana is the Blockour of Yellow & Sand.


Oliver is the third Blockour the player has access to, he is found by Gordon & Yana in the treasure room of a Canvas Serpent. Oliver is a relatively tall Blockour and is shorter than Yana, he is the second tallest Blockour (along with Bob & Gerald). Oliver is a very good jumper being able to jump very high, vertically. He is a bit self-centered although helps his group out when they need it, otherwise he sometimes goofs off. He is also rarely gets serious, always looking at the bright side of every situation. As he gifts worlds with the colour Orange, he is often known to gift Beautiful planets.

Oliver's special ability is Quake Breaker, which allows Oliver to smash open weak points in the ground, when doing this however, Oliver needs to be very high up otherwise he won't break through.

Oliver's main Activation Points are Clay Statues. Oliver is the Blockour of Orange and Earth.


Penelope is the fourth Blockour the player has access to, she is found by the others being held captive by a Canvas Spider. Penelope is the same height as Robin & Yana and is longer than Yana. Penelope is pretty bad at jumping however makes an excellent platform in some situations. Penelope is sometimes called the Group Cheerleader by the others as she encourages everyone to give it their all when gifting a planet. She is very joyful and rarely shows any other emotion aside from happiness. As she gifts worlds with the colour Pink, she is often known to gift Petite Planets.

Penelope's special ability is Elastic Bound, which allows Penelope to stretch her body to nearly twice her length allowing others to cross over her as a platform, however in this state she cannot move and is therefore vulnerable to damage.

Penelope's main Activation Points are Clear Monoliths. Penelope is the Blockour of Pink and Elastic.


Bob is the fifth Blockour the player has access to, he is rescued by the others after he was knocked out by a Canvas Hare. Bob is the largest of the entire group being quadruple Robin's size and sixteen times Gordon's. He is a poor jumper however often requiring another Block to be used as a platform, to help him up. Bob is often described as a kind giant, being a bit oblivious to the consequences of his actions yet has good intentions. He is also surprisingly calm even in dire situations and is a determined fighter. As he gifts worlds with the colour Blue, he is often known to gift Aquatic Planets.

Bob's special ability is Sub-Zero Chill, which allows Bob to shoot a special beam that freezes any object in its place, this is also necessary in combination with Oliver's ability as Ice is one of the various things Oliver can break. Bob, however has a slight recoil to this so the player must make sure Bob doesn't fall off of any platform he is on when he performs this ability.

Bob's main Activation Points are Water Mill Wheels. Bob is the Blockour of Blue and Water.


Percy is the sixth Blockour the player has access to, while initially he meets up with the group before a Canvas Beast attacks, he is quickly attacked and caught by a Canvas Sentinel, the group then promptly go and rescue him. Percy is an ok jumper, but his tall height makes it difficult for him to move around. Percy is the tallest member of the group being three times Robin's height & six times Gordon's. Percy is described as a quiet, calculating Blockour who is often asessing the risks involved with any course of action he or the group might make. The others describe him as over protective. As he gits worlds with the colour Purple, he is often known to gift Mysterious Planets.

Percy's special ability is Chrono-Manipulation, an ability which Percy can use to speed up the movement of an object in its primary function and slow down an object as its secondary function. However Percy can only be using each function on one object each.

Percy's main Activation Points are Clock Towers. Percy is the Blockour of Purple and Time.


Robin is the seventh Blockour the player has access to, she was captured by a Canvas Elephant which was keeping her pinned down. Robin is sometimes referred to as the half-way point between Gordon & Bob. She is the same height as Yana & Penelope and is as wide as Oliver or Percy. Robin is argueably the best at jumping as she is able to fit into relatively small spaces and also jumps higher and further than most other Blockours. Robin is described as being the group leader as well as a bit of a hot-head, she gets frustrated when the others don't value her opinions however is very assertive and often comes up with the plans of how to gift a planet, she is often referred to as the Blazing Captain. As she gifts worlds with the colour Red, she is often known to gift Hot Planets.

Robin's special Ability is Hyper Temp, which allows Robin to actively change the temperature of a level making it colder or hotter. Making it colder can freeze some objects although block certain areas, while making it hotter melts some objects.

Robin's main Activation Points are Campfires. Robin is the Blockour of Red and Fire.


Gerald is the last Blockour the player has access to, he is rescued from a Canvas Bear which had trapped him in a tall tower. Gerald is oddly shaped in comparison to the others, he is as tall as Bob & Oliver and as wide as Bob & Yana but unlike Bob, Gerald is only three times Robin's size. Gerald is a good jumper being able to jump quite far and is reasonable at jumping vertically, although always lungest forwards or backwards when jumping. Gerald is only Gerald is a bit of a goof, acting out of the ordinary for the Blockours and sometimes comes up with insane or stupid ideas which are often shot down by Robin and the others. As he gifts worlds with the colour Green, he is often known to gift Fertile Planets.

Gerald's special ability is Mass Growth, an ability which will cause any activated organic object on the level to grow into its fully grown form, this creates new platforms and spike hazards in some cases.

Gerald's main Activation Points are Trees. Gerald is the Blockour of Green and Plants.


Map Blocks
CP-000 is a desolate planet that was forgotten by the Blockours due to its disconnection with the rest of the Universe. However upon its discovery the Blockours were called upon it to gift it with colour.

The game features 101 levels from CP-000, of which 8 are boss levels. CP-000's only lifeforms are alternate dimension creatures called Canvas Beasts, that hunger on colour and will devour the Blockours if given the chance.

Like every Canvas Planet before it, CP-000 has many activation points on it which allow for it to be gifted with colour and life. Many different ecosystems exist on CP-000 including Beaches, Forests, Fields, Caverns, Volcanoes, Deserts, Oceans, Lakes, Swamps, Mountains, Tundra & Rocky Terrain.


  • The first letter of each Blockour's name corresponds with its representative colour
    • Robin - Red
    • Oliver - Orange
    • Yana - Yellow
    • Gerald - Green
    • Bob - Blue
    • Percy - Purple
    • Penelope - Pink
    • Gordon - Grey
  • Each of the Canvas Beasts that are fought as bosses correspond to a different, real life fear.
    • Falcon - Aerophobia, Fear of Flying
    • Serpent - Ophidiophobia, Fear of Snakes
    • Spider - Arachnaphobia, Fear of Spiders
    • Hare - Hypochondria, Fear of Disease/Illness
    • Sentinel - Automatonophobia, Fear of Automatons, Puppets & Wax Statues
    • Elephant - Megalaphobia, Fear of Big Things
    • Bear - Aichmophobia, Fear of Sharp Objects
    • Dark Monstrosity - Phobophobia, Fear of fear itself
  • As the game has large amounts of replayability as new areas can be unlocked by replaying older levels with more Blockours, there are revealed to be 3 alternate endings.
    • The first is if the player completes only the levels necessary to complete the game, this ending has the Blockours knock out the Dark Monstrosity however it is not defeated and begins to engulf PC-000, which the Blockours escape from and watch as the planet turns into a black hole.
    • The second is if the player completes all the levels but die at any point in the game, this ending has the Blockours conquer and kill the Dark Monstrosity, leaving the planet and watching as the first forms of multi-cellular life begin to form.
    • The third and most difficult ending is awarded to those who complete every level without dying once, the ending has the Blockours lock down the Dark Monstrosity and then proceed to give it colour and life, revealing it to in reality by a humanoid creature who flies into the atmosphere of the planet, releasing spores onto the planet which create many hundreds of creatures, it then slowly begins to accelerate picking up asteroids and forming into the planet's moon.


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