Blocko Koopa
Blocko Koopa
Blocko Koopa's appearance.
Full Name Blocko Koopa
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Location World 0
Current Status Alive
Class Villian, Block, Deviling
Main Weapon(s) Blocks
Latest Appearance  ???

Blocko Koopa is one of the only Devilings created out of bricks. He was born by accident, when his dad accidentally vacuumed up a bunch of ? blocks. He holds a wooden wand, and cannot speak. He attacks by using block showers and block projectiles.


New Super Mario Bros: The Underground

He is the boss of World 0, an special world that has no reason to exist except for challenge.

Fantendo Epic Dodgeball

In this game, Blocko makes his debut as a sports character for the first time. His Special move is unknown, However, His epic move consists of showering blocks, If the block hits somebody, they are out.

Player Name Description Epic Move Special Move
Blocko Koopa Blocko Koopa
The blockiest Deviling around, that plays dodgeball. Block Party
He sends a storm of blocks over to the opposing team. If a block hits somebody, they're out.