Bloated and Feasty
Full Name Bloated and Feasty
Current Age 13 and 4
Gender Male and Male
Species Pooni and Foodsteir
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Rolling, rage mode
Vulnerable To Hunger
First Appearance Pinti Land X
Latest Appearance Pinti Land U (rumored)
Bloated and Feast are a pair of heroes that debuted in the Pinti Land series game, Pinti Land X, where they are some of the playable characters. Bloated is a large, round character that has trouble walking but can easily roll to locations, while Featy is a small acorn-shaped character that helps Bloated by giving him items. However, if Feasty is not fed by Bloated, his hunger will quickly take over him and he will attack everything, even his friends. After helping out Pinti in X, they reappeared in Pinti Land: Krazy's Revenge and is rumored to appear in Pinti Land U.