The Blizzard X is a gaming console developed by Blizzard Studios.

It is the console counterpart to the Blizzard Y, and is by name as well, hence the "XY" theme.



Like its predecessor, the Wii U, this console continues the tablet function and uses Blizzard Remotes. There can be up to 6 players connected at a time. There is also a function that allows the player to use Wii U games; this function utilizes the Wii Remotes, and, if necessary, the GamePad. The Wii Remotes and GamePad need to specified to connect with the Blizzard X, however. This can simply be done on the GamePad by downloading special software, but special Wii Remotes are necessary.


Launch Titles



  • This is the first Nintendo console to not have a Mario or Mario-related game as a Launch Title. This may be due to it not being a 100% Nintendo owned console.

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