ATTENTION! DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE! BlitzerGaming is a video game company created by Star Wolfe Productions of YouTube. Their first game was Super Mario HD/3D


BlitzerGaming was originally an unnamed company that was creating Super Mario HD/3D. The developer thought it would be good for the company to have a name. They named it BlitzerGaming.

Later on, they & StarMan Productions decided to work together & become allies in videogame making. Any game that says "Co-op" by it means that StarMan Productions is helping make.

Then, StarMan Productions changed their name to Furious Productions, which doesn't really have much to do with BlitzerGaming.


BlitzerGaming Games

  1. Super Mario HD/3D (Not yet released)
  2. Super Mario Ultimate (Not yet released)
  3. Mario & Sonic GoKarts (Not yet released)
  4. Super Mario HD/3D: Rise of the Dark Koopas  (Not yet released)
  5. Mario Kart Super Deluxe (Not yet released)
  6. Mario Sports Mix Ultimate (Not yet released)
  7. Super Smash Bros Super Deluxe (Not yet released)
  8. Wii Music Remix (not yet released)
  9. Mario Kart World (not yet released)
  10. Super Mario Sunshine: Wart's Return (not yet released)
  11. Mario & Sonic GoKarts X (not yet released)
  12. Tomodachi Universe (not yet released)

Furious Productions Games with Co-Creator BlitzerGaming

  1. Super Mario Sunshine: Remade HD

  2. Mario Party: All Stars
  3. Best of Mario and Luigi
  4. Super Smash Bros Melee Remade HD/3D
  5. New Super Mario Bros. World Tour

BlitzerGaming Games with Co-Creator Furious Productions

  1. Donkey Kong 64 remade HD
  2. WarioWare DIY HD
  3. Yoshi Epic Yarn
  4. Super Mario Sunshine: Return to Isle Delfino
  5. Mario & Sonic Brawling


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