"Because I'm attractive, or because I'm stronger than you?"
Blitz Taunting Vaati

Blitz the Fire Mage
Current Age 16
Date of Birth July 24
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Female
Species Minish Hylian Hybrid
Location Hyrule Castle Town
Current Status Alive
Class Mage
Ganon's Castle
Family and Relations

Unamed Minish Father


Vaati(Husband, post timeskip)

Main Weapon(s) Bow And Arrows
Ability/ies Flame Control

Advanced Gymnastics

Advanced Archery

Ruanna(Real name)


Flame Syrien



Half Breed

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese:Megumi Hayashibara

English: Leah Clark

First Appearance Ocarina Of TIme
Latest Appearance Phantom Hourglass

Ruanna or Blitz is a fire mage and female counterpart of Vaati from the Minish Cap. She is best know in the minish realm for being a hylian/minish hybrid and being despised upon others.

Chibi base by fisukenka d338l3s by askfiremageblitz-d5y0uou

Blitz's Cat Form

Physical Appreance: Blitz has dark blue hair and pink eyes with long eyelashes, and pointed canines.
Blitz wants a unicorn remastered by terradawolf-d5u1f19.png

Blitz's Childlike Personality

She wears an orange short sleeved top with a deep v neck with a green and red gem broach/button. She has pink diamond shaped earrings and a magenta choker with a white and pink gem attracted. She has white ribbons on her arms. She wear a pink skirt with ruffles on the hem and a white belt. She also wears pink stocking with straps hooking onto her underpants, and knee high heeled fushia boots. One soul accessory she never goes without is a red ribbon the 

Blitz's Bow And Quiver

usually ties her hair up, but sometimes is tied on arm or neck when bathing or sleeping.

She has a large bust and curvy figure and is considered extremely attractive by most men. She strongly resembles her mother, Ganty.

Personality: Blitz is very playful, troublesome and bubbly, as she often put those she loves in dangerous situations only to have them backfire on her. She also has a bad temper when it comes to being made fun of, often resulting in furious outbursts. She often argues with and insults Vaati and Ezlo, but only because she cares for them deeply and doesn't want to admit it. At times she can be heartless and cruel, as seen when she threatened to burn kokiri forest down in order to persuade Link into giving her the Ocarina of time. Blitz, despite acting childlike most of the time, is actually very mature for her age, acting as a motherly figure for the children in Hyrule castle town.

Abilities: As her title "The Fire Mage" suggestes, Blitz can create and manipulate fire, and even control fire based enemies, such as flare dancers. She is an excellent archer and uses a bow and flame arrows as weapons. Blitz also has amazing speed and agility, as well as thieving skills, which she gets from her mother, Ganty. She has the ability to turn into a small dark blue cat with a long fluffy tail, she still wears her ribbon on her head.She can also shrink down to the size of a minish, due to her being half minish. With all her fighting skills and magical abilities, she is almost as strong as Link.