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Blinky is a character that who first appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. He is a Blue Ant Beetle with some "upgrades" on his armor ball. He is a member of the WASP Team.


Blinky is afraid of every single thing and hides in his armro ball. Despite this, Stingo wants Blinky to be his sidekick as they go saving the world. He enjoys hanging out with Imp, Tubby and the GIRL Team because they are more gentle. It is also shown that he has a huge fear of danger.


Blinky can roll in his ball armor and run over enemies. He can also do a butt-bounce and squash foes. His armor protects him from enemy attacks, fire, and turrets.


  • There is a running gag that Blinky gets severly hurt when he goes on missions with Stingo, such as getting shocked, being used as a snowboard, and once he banged his groin on a pole.
  • There is also a gag when Stingo is never aware that Blinky is getting tormented.

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