Balloon Yoshi

Mario on Blimp Yoshi

Blimp Yoshi

Another picture of Blimp Yoshi

Blimp Yoshi
is another Power-Up for Yoshi. It is accessible via Blimp Fruit.

There is a notable Blimp Yoshi named Bossy, who is a member of the Yoshi Bandits alongside Yossy and Rossy.


Yoshi turns cyan and gets pumped with helium, which causes him to become a balloon and receive the ability to fly, as Yoshi blows the helium out. Meaning that when Yoshi has no more air, he'll turn back green, and is no longer plump. To stay aloft, Yoshi has to collect more Blimp Fruits.


  • It is interesting to note that when Yoshi eats a Blimp Fruit and turns into Blimp Yoshi, Mario does not ride on the saddle. Instead, he simply hangs on to Yoshi, as seen in the image to the right.
  • Blimp Yoshi is similar to Balloon Mario, albeit the Items and characters that are needed.

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