Blecki Hearts Productions
Blecki Hearts
Type of Company Video Game Industry
Founder(s) RedNocturneofFlame (tbc)
Founded at/in July 4, 2012
Owner(s) RedNocturneofFlame (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) N/A
Parent Company Nintendo
Blecki Hearts Productions (or just Blecki Hearts) is a video game company that is owned by RedNocturneofFlame (tbc).



Name Genre Description
Costume Hero 3D Platformer TBA
Demise Action-Adventure TBA
Ace World Heroes Beat em' Up TBA
Phantasy Photo Action-Adventure
Third-Person Shooter
A Tanuki's Tale Adventure-Puzzle Game TBA
Adventure Time 2: The Chronicles of the Farmworld (by Locky'12 (tbc)) Role-Playing Action-Game TBA
Mythical Eyes Turn-based RPG TBA
The Secret Continent Tatical RPG TBA
The unCANNY Third-Person Action-Game TBA
Infinite Vigor 3D Fighting Game TBA
Senpai City Life Simulation



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