The Bleakverse

The Bleakverse is one of the major worlds presented in the Zaxinian Lifts, hosting Ziama Prime and being significantly more advanced compared to the other worlds in the Lifts. The Bleakverse is generally quite dark and has twisted, surreal themes that tie into its dark plots. As a result, it has great chemistry with the Hisplit planet. The Bleakverse is not well-monitored by any ZL ruler to date, making it into one of the more dangerous places to live yet giving it more freedom than on other planets. Its role in the Zaxinian Lifts only became major almost immediately after Mallory removed Fandraxono from power, bringing several of its inhabitants into the light of the Mallorian Monarch saga.

The Bleakverse and all relative content is usually created by bleak moonlight (tbc) unless otherwise stated.

History and Lore

Prime Saga

The Prime Saga is the first major phase of the Bleakverse, featuring many characters specifically from the Ziama Prime planet.


Ziama Prime

Ziama Prime

Ziama Prime is one of the biggest planets in the Bleakverse solar system, which homes many of the major characters in the universe due to its regard as a social hub among inhabitants of all the planets in the Bleakverse. Despite this, compared to Earth it is severely uninhabited, but only slightly smaller in size. Ziama Prime also has a high crime rate compared to other planets, as their law enforcement is severely limited, to the extent where even laws aren't as effective, with murder charges for example only resulting in small prison sentences.

The planet is also the only one with a known creator thus far, being Parvati.

Projects on Ziama Prime:


Yaeciran is a vast planet with many uninhabited destinations. Projects on Yaeciran:




  • The Bleakverse, nor any of its related projects, were ever intended to be part of the Zaxinian Lifts. As of October 13th of 2017, however, Athena Hawkins received permission to carefully fit creator Bleak Moonlight (tbc)'s content into it.
    • Coincidentally, the day was a Friday the 13th, which is funny due to the Bleakverse creator's obsession with elements like luck.