Blaze is a Popopo who came to Zolara from Earth as a human and is from Hollywood, California.


Blaze has extremely long brunette hair, a brown body, black feet and cheeks and has got hazel eyes.


Blaze can have strong psychic visions from time to time.


Blaze has never been able to fit in properly, due to her psychic visions causing some disasters to occur around her. And by some, what is actually meant is A LOT. Rather than her visions helping people, they can tend to cause a lot of havoc more than anything. But, more recently, they've helped her uncover some of her past and they've become a lot less destructive. Either way, she always wishes to spend her days with Quentin.


Blaze is a cheerful being who is always trying to find the bright side of even a bad situation, regardless of how big or small the problems are.

Relationships with Other Characters

Quentin - Blaze and Quentin are in a relationship with each other.

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