Blaze is a Hothead that lives near Soda Lake in Dinosaur Land, he is the only Hothead around as he fell from the sun away from his siblings but he lives peacfully alone except for the group of bully electro-koopas who like to pick on him.

Blaze is out on a normal day and talking a hover near the river when he is grabbed by a group of Electro Koopa who plan on throwing him in the river and dousing out his flame once and for all when Yoyo and his friends come and defeat them saving Blaze.

Blaze is so happy that somebody finally stood up for him so he joins up with Yoyo not knowing what their quest is or where they are going all he knows is that it will be away from the electro-koopas and away from Soda Lake.

To recruit Sparky you have to have Blaze as your active partner, Blaze will be sceptical but will eventually accept his apology. If Sparky is recruited at the end of the game they become best friends, otherwise Blaze is seen making up with the entire Electro-Koopa tribe.

Dousing the Flame

Blaze first appears in the Nintendo Wii RPG Fearsome Red's Fantastic Follies where he is the final mandatory partner. He is found near Soda Lake where he is being bullied by a group of Electro Koopa. Once he is recruited he can use his brightness to light up dark areas.


Attack Yosi Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Burning Dash None Attacks one enemy, ignoring enemy's defense value. Hold the A button to fill the gauge. Initial
Power Burn 2 Burns single enemy. Press A repeatedly Initial
Turbo Charge 3 Temporarily boosts Yoyo's attack power. Press A as the red stars light up. Super Rank
Mega Inferno 5 Burns all enemies. Repeatedly press A and B at the same time. Ultra Rank


  • Blaze is the only mandatory partner to not receive official artwork.
  • Blaze was originally going to be a Lil' Sparky like Watt

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