Blatly the Monkey
The mischievous next door neighbor
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Species Spider Monkey
Location Sunny Villa
Align Good
Current Status Active
Class Protagonist
Pranks, Jokes, Bananas
Ability/ies Bouncing, swinging and climbing
Voice Actor(s)
Greg Cipes
First Appearance Skip and Sqak
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Blatly Simian is one of the main character in the Skip and Sqak Reboot Series. He is a green monkey with mouse-like ears who enjoys jokes and playing around. He is also Imp's best friend. He, along with his friends, is a member of the Sunny Villa Island Defenders.

He also appears as the Main Protagonist of the spin-off game, Northen Menace, along with Imp.


Skip and Sqak

In his debut, Blatly serves as the host of a quiz minigame where he'll offer prizes if the player can get many correct answers.

Skip and Sqak 2


Blatly and Imp: Northern Menace

Blatly appears as one of the two Main Protagonists of this game, where he is the sole playable character.

After hearing that Skip and Sqak have been brought up to Carnaga to star in a commercial for Sully's Syrup, Blatly wants to head up there to congratulate the pair and brings Imp, Becky and Silvia along. While up in Carnaga, however, Blatly and Imp have been noticing that many of the critters have been acting bitter and decide to investigate their mysterious behavior. The two discover that a robot named Toxic is mutating the critters and decide to put a stop to it. Up in Belches Island, where the Sully's Syrup building is located, Blatly and Imp confront Toxic in Sully's office only to meet the true culprit behind it all: Dr. Gearz, who plans on winning a huge profit with his "Muticypher" product and framing Skip and Sqak for the mutation all across Carnaga.

After Blatly and Imp defeated Toxic and Gearz, they freed Skip and Sqak who were frozen in a giant Popsicle by Dr. Gearz.