This is a petition for Blarggs. Sign here with the user template if you agree with the following:

OK, so it all started when the SMW Blarggs were replaced by those weird Yoshi's Island versions, which were just strange lava monsters. Then, in Super Mario Galaxy 2, Blarggs were completely replaced by Magmaarghs and Magmaws! Sign this petition if you think that the Super Mario World Blarggs should be brought back!


We don't expect many signers, but we would appreciate it if you sign.

  • MarioGameChampion (tbc) - im blarggisexual
  • kirbymariomega (tbc) glad this is still a thing
  • Locky'12 (tbc): Sure, they are pretty cool and pretty dangerous at the same time, they give more difficulty to dodge sometimes which makes? Super Mario World? more difficulty and I like difficulty on the games. Also, Nintendo is bring back old enemies like the Reznor, and, why not the Blarggs?
  • KinglerMaster (tbc) blarggs are my waifu
  • Exotoro (tbc) - bring blarggs back nintendo or ill never buy a game from you again
  • .snickedge (tbc) - blarggs are love, blarggs are life, and i love the amazing lava creatures these guys are.  they're cute, they're adorable, they're the best mario enemies.  anyone who opposes will DIE
  • Mirai Moon (tbc) - #neverforget
  • Lumoshi (tbc) - Why not.
  • TechBreloom (tbc) - changed username=2nd sign?
  • TerrariaBoss (tbc) - Blargg for life
  • Plumber (tbc) - i have returned and im ready to support
  • CrawdauntKing (tbc) - I like blaarrrgegss rite
  • CryoticYoshi (tbc) - My life was never the same after beautiful blargg left me.
  • TheFoxyRiolu (tbc) - BLARGH
  • Jaipom (tbc)- Blargg saved my life in the war
  • AgentMuffin (tbc) - If this keeps those monsters from eating my family again, then sure, I'll sign.
  • Smileykits (tbc) - Because of the name. As well as the fact that it was meant to be in Super Mario 64.
  • Mattgamer03 (tbc) - We need this! This must be featured!
  • CrunchyTommy (tbc) - I want blarg to deepthroat me
  • Wikiboy10 (tbc) - SMW Styled 3D Blarggs are super awesomez! Nintendo must put them back! Magmaarghs and Magmaws are just boring. Maybe Nintendo might put them in a SM64 Remake
  • EpicLlamaSwag42 (tbc) - I like big blarggs and I cannot lie, you other goombas can't deny

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