Blargg SMW3D
A Blargg in Super Mario World 3D.
First Appearance Super Mario World
Latest Appearance Lets-a-go, Mario

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Notable Members
Blarggs are large monsters commonly found inhabiting pools of lava in underground caverns. Originally, Blarggs resembled lazy-eyed dragons, but more recent depictions show them as being anything from blob-like beings with large mouths, arms and beady eyes to humanoid, limbed creatures.


Mario Chase

A Blargg appears in this 1991 arcade game as the main protagonist, trying to chase Mario during the events of Super Mario World.

Lets-a-go, Mario

Blarggs reappear along with their subspecies Magmaargh, Magmaw, Sandmaargh, Mini Blargg, Garagntua Blargg, Egg-Enut, and Nep-Enut. It also introduces King Blargg, the supposed ruler of the Blarggs. They attack just like they originally did, and some even spit fire - similar to a Venus Fire Trap.

Super Smash Bros. Endgame

Main article: Blargg (SSB8)

Blarggs reappear along with their subspecies in Super Smash Bros. Endgame in some lava levels. A new subspecies, called Vemargg make their debut. Vemarggs are poison versions of Blarggs that appear in some poison water levels and forest levels.


Blarggs have lots of variants:

  • Nep-Enut: Blarggs that make their home in water.
  • Blarggwich: These are rare Blargg spirits.
  • Yci-Enut: Blarggs that make their home in snow.
  • Magmaargh: Large stationary Blarggs that attempt to bite down on Mario.
    • Sandmaargh: Magmaarghs that follow Mario in sand.
    • Aquamaargh: Magmaarghs that that attempt to bite down on Mario in water.
    • Frostmaargh: Magmaarghs that that attempt to bite down on Mario in snow and frozen water.
    • Thundermaargh: Magmaarghs that are made out of electricity.
  • Magmaw: Smaller Magmaarghs, these circle a lava planet and bite asteroids.
  • Charvaargh: Magmaarghs that completely jumps out of lava.


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