Blare The Cathog
Full Name Ultra Blare
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Species Cathog
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Light Sword
Ability/ies Speed, Ninja Skill
Vulnerable To Needles and Spikes
Series Blare The Cathog
Ultra Blare (aka Blare the Cathog)  is the main protagonist of series of the series of the same name, created (fanonically) by Microsoft in order to rival Sega's Sonic and Nintendo's Mario. He is an anthropomorphic cathog and a student of Chaos Ninja Institute. His greatest ability is his ultra speed, much like Sonic, plus his master ninja skill. He has both characteristics of a cat and a hedgehog, such as rolling into a ball to attack enemies (hedgehog) or scratching (cat). He lives in the Ultra World with his friends. His greatest enemy is Dr Blasters.


Blare is an anthropomorphic cathog (combination of cat and hedgehog) with blue fur, somewhat like Sonic. He wears blue-colored ninja robes with a light ninja sword on his back, and a pair of glasses. He has a long blue tail which can be used to whack enemies and fly.


Despite his name, Blare is calm and disciplined. Being a ninja, he always states that he have to do things he has decided to do. During adventures, he usually thinks before deciding, thus he never bumps into trouble like Sonic. Blare is also said to being too sensitive and over-emotional sometimes. Despite being a master ninja, he knows that he still has to learn more.


Blare's main weakness is that he is afraid of needles and spikes. This comes from a horrible accident when he was 11 years old. This causes him a lot of troubles during his adventures. Many of Dr Blasters have caught his weakness, but they failed to report this to their master.

Another weakness is that he has short-sighted eyes. Without glasses, he can't see anything.