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Blank (E-Verse)
Full Name Blank
Current Age Old enough
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Murkon
Current Status Alive
Class Former F.A.N.T operative*
First Appearance Hell Unbound: E-Verse Pt. 1
Series E-Verse
Constant insults and problems pushed in Elisin's direction caused them to create their own version of Blank as one of the initial 16 Primary Wave members. Their constant feeling of being attacked resulted in them implanting their inner emotions into the character, making her a cowardly character and granting her the literal power to be "visible" (permanent camouflage), with a catch: she can't be made visible, and only she can see herself. She can speak out, but her existence has never been acknowledged by anyone in the E-Verse and as such no one recognizes her voice and recognizes them as a scary ghost. Elisin acknowledges her entirely, telling everyone in the E-Verse that an "Invisible Kid" lurks about, haunting their dreams and that it must be destroyed somehow.

Blank's concept was formed off of Elisin's childhood, where they too were the "invisible kid", although not literally. They distanced themselves from others and became hard to approach, and grew up alone. Blank got to take on their childhood memories and live them as literally invisible, and she couldn't do anything about it. Even though invisible, she can still feel solid surfaces and take pain and even die -- although she couldn't be seen in this regard. Cutting her to make her bleed or having her put on clothes can reveal her appearance. Even though invisible to the public eye and she can't do much about it, she had began devising plans to form an alternative F.A.N.T in an effort to stop Elisin, leading it as the "E-Verse Ghost".

Physical description

Blank looks almost identical to her New Prime self, but because she's totally invisible, you can't really tell that at all. The only real difference is that she has some cuts and scars on her body from running away from others and bumping into walls and other surfaces out of fright.


Once a cynical and distrusting person very like her original incarnation, this Blank is actually much more timid and even somewhat naive. She became more of an introvert, similar to Volt, but this is not on her own will and she longs to be acknowledged as a normal human being and to make friends again, ditching her negative sides of herself and giving in to those that she would have resented before. The loneliness feelings she already displayed as her New Prime self have only gotten worse, no longer being recognized as a great member of F.A.N.T and now as the haunting ghost and monster that Elisin has made her out to be. Unable to wear any clothing or she'd be seen and recognized as what Elisin made out to her to be, she often feels really uncomfortable in the world.

Being around others makes Blank feel her most nervous thanks to her non-existent clothing, the fact that she can bump into others and have them feel afraid, and the idea of making an entire group of people nervous with mysterious noises. Her old memories, which are just fake replicates of the original Blank's, drive her to lust for those days back, but she can't really get them because they did not literally occur for this particular incarnation of Blank. She feels like a villain because of how she's treated by everyone now, yet they don't know it's Blank because she keeps her mouth shut whenever she possibly can.


The invisible kid's impossible to see through normal means, with Blank being completely invisible to the naked eye. She can still be touched and hurt, but it's impossible to spot her without a radar or something or a device that makes out camouflaged people. Blank is perfect at keeping herself quiet, able to tip-toe and keep her breathing down to a minimum. Blank can run at high speeds too, able to dash quickly across most forms of terrain and etc. She retains the old Blank's high athleticism and acrobatics talents, but they aren't put much to use because she doesn't want to hurt people anymore.



Blank has a soft spot for Unten, wanting to befriend Unten and help him, but he's just as convinced that Blank is an evil spirit as everyone else is. She is fond of Unten and wants to protect him from the people angry at him, but can't do a single damn thing and she can hardly defend herself or feel that great to begin with. She feels that trying to befriend Unten would be as easy as stepping across broken glass without feeling pain.


  • Some of this Blank's concepts are inspired by the song Invisible Kid from the 2003 album St. Anger.