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Blanks are creatures from subspace featured in Super Smash Bros. Crisis. They are capable of becoming a "Negative" version of any warrior, so long as they touch the trophy. They are also capable of firing a blast from their right hand which can instantly turn any fighter into a trophy.


All Blanks are around Mario's height. They are thick and stocky, but quite flexible. They have no features, no face, and appear incapable of speaking or even making noise. After absorbing a foe (thus becoming a "negative" version) they take on the form of the victim, only with an emotionless face, no pupils, and they tend to have bad posture. Some even change the clothing by ripping parts or removing other parts. The most obvious change is with Nega-Sheik, who now wears light armor and has her face exposed. Jimmy Connors


Blanks are able to copy any fighter whos trophy they come in contact with, thus copying their natural abilities. They can also fire a beam which instantly defeats one enemy, but they can only fire it once.



Blanks were once grunts under Tabuu, who despised them and considered the wretched. Once he was defeated, they quickly spread and enveloped subspace. Most of the Blanks- the weak ones- became mindless monsters and Pawns of the "Grand Master," a Blank who managed to copy Tabuu. The stronger Blanks were kept, so that they could copy the ones who defeated Tabuu.


The Blank's form of leadership is as follows:

The Grand Master has the final say in every affair. His word is law.

The Seven Masters work directly under the grand master and answer only to him,

The Dark Star are five generals that lead the armies. They command the five Subspace Battleships.

The Heroic 60 are the copies of the main characters. Some of them are never seen and presumed either dead or they were not capable of being made.

The Subspace army is below that. Most of them have little to no authority.


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