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You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Made in Japan


(Title Card)

#blameip - Written by Sr.Wario

(The Jam's doors swing open, revealing Brandon, with sunglasses on, accompanied by Dark rolling his eyes, Sketch drawing, and Fandro hiding behind Sam.)

Dark:Was that really necessary?

Fandro:I-I don't think so.

Sketch:(Looks up from his notebook.) Huh?

Sam: Well, at least we looked kinda cool, right?

Brandon: I did, at least.

(The doors swing open once more to reveal a hooded figure, cowering in the shadows.)

Dark: Ugh. He ruined it. Ours was totally necessary.

All: Agreed.

(Goes to commercial.)

Hayley: Hey! Welcome to the Jam!

IP: Uh thanks. I-I'm IP.

Hayley: It's good to meet you, I'm Hayley.

IP: I never thought one of them would talk to me...

Hayley: You've been here before?

Brandon: Many times, sadly.

Hayley: Brandon!

Brandon: Come over to our table Hayley.

Hayley: Aren't one of you going to scold him?!

All: Nah.

Hayley: Sam?

Sam: I would...but IP is so...

Hayley: I am shocked! Fandro?!

Fandro: He's almost as dumb as me...

Hayley: I cannot believe any of you!

(Hayley storms out, taking IP with her.)

Hayley: So, where are you from?

IP: A town named Google.

Hayley: And that's how you got here?

IP: Uh...yeah.

Hayley: Well, what were your previous experiences?


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