Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Species Iris
Location Flower Kingdom
Current Status Dead
Family and Relations
Ability/ies Possesses enemies, uses enemies as projectiles, can grant wishes.
Bley (by Waluigi)
Voice Actor(s)
Steve Blum
First Appearance Waluigi's Conquest
Why hello there, purple demon, do you want your wish to become true?

Blairis is one of the two main protagonists of Waluigi's Conquest, he helps Waluigi on his quest to conquer the Flower Kingdom. He is a Iris, which means that he can grant wishes (only one per person), posseses foes and use them asp rojectiles. In 2-player mode, the second player controls Blairis.

Blairis is the "creator" of the Flower Kingdom since Waluigi wished for a kingdom for himself. It is later revealed that Blairis cannot grant wishes, he just warped Waluigi to the Flower Kingdom to make him a tool, since he is a Iris, he cannot grab non-living things, he used Waluigi to get all the 8 Power Gems, then turning into a powerful beast called Beastiris, the final boss of the game. He wanted to conquer both kingdoms, the Flower Kingdom and the Mushroom Kingdom.



You know that you have a mission to do, don't you?

Blairis has a calm personality, always speaking nicely and rarely being angry. When his true form is revealed, he has an angry personality, wanting to destroy everything and everyone on his way.



Blairis possesing a Goomba.

Blairis can grant wishes, posseses enemies and throw them as projectiles. In the game, the player has to point with the Wii Remote or touch on the Wii U Gamepad to use Blairis' ability with any enemy (with exception of large enemies, mini-bosses and bosses), when he has the enemy, he can use any ability that the enemy has.





  • His name is a mix of Black with Iris.

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