Bladion (timeline) is a timeline/continuity in which Gradient Hue takes place.


Before Gradient Hue

Dreary is born out of someone's anger. He puts a curse on three young children...

Gradient Hue

See Gradient Hue/Story...

Between Gradient Hue and Monochrome Ink

Gradient, Shade, and Kalico wake up alive in a big maze of portals. Shade says that during his experiences he figured out that by traveling through worlds you become more and more Otherworldly. When the group finished their quest, the portals, being Otherworldly went back to their home, and since the friends had traveled through portals so much they were accidentally considered portals as well, being brought back with them. They decide to walk through the large portal leading to the gray tower...

Monochrome Ink

See Monochrome Ink/Story...

Things canon to The Dimensions

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