Bladescorch is a character set to appear in Fantendo Smash Bros. Trace. People who do not know the origins of each character in the game might think he is in the Nightwolf series due to him being a hedgehog and Nightwolf looking like one.


  • B Special
    • Scorching Cutter (Bladescorch throws a flaming dagger like a boomerang, inflicting light burn damage on anyone it touches)
  • Up B
    • Tornado Leap (Bladescorch swings two fiery blades in circles as burnt sand forms around him and he flies up)
  • Side B
    • Pogo-Sword (Bladescorch uses a sword as a pogostick to jump to the side)
  • Down B
    • Deathly Dance (Bladescorch does a breakdance-like motion, kicking anything that comes near)
  • Final Smash
    • Inflict The Final Blow (Bladescorch disappears and reappears in the foreground of the screen. He slams a huge sword three times into the arena, at the left side, then right, then center, smashing any player he hits through the stage.)

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