Blade Edge
Edge logo
The final logo of the EDGE.
Developer(s) Blade
Manufacturer(s) Blade
Generation 9th
Release Date(s)
15 May 2015
The Blade Edge (sometimes styled as the EDGE) is a ninth-generation and video game console created by Blade. It will be releasing worldwide on the same day, May 15, 2015. Much of the device's specifics are still shrouded in mystery but are expected to be revealed soon. The console with have a GameCube-esque controller and promises to be "the most powerful console to grace humankind". Current titles revealed for it include Kirby Icarus: Clash of the Puffballs and EDGE All-Star Racing.


The Blade Edge's controller is reminiscent of a GameCube-controller. It arches in a boomerang shape with a full center, almost like the Wii U Pro-Controller. It has a small screen display for playing Wii U games on the Virtual Console as well as other practical features. The diamond button pattern returns on the right side of the controller with the (green/yellow/orange/purple) A/B/X/Y formation. Underneath that, there is a yellow C-Nub resembling the 3DS's analog circle as well as a classic analog stick on the opposite side of the controller. Underneath that, there is a horizontal "list" formation of the pause/select/home buttons. A camera is located on the front-facing side, above the screen. Underneath the screen, there is a "Network" set of buttons. There are 4 shoulder buttons, L/CL/R/ZR and a rear touch pad. The controller has a headphone jack, a charging port, and a stylus holder in the right side of it.


Edgy 1.2.1

The interface of the Blade Edge is currently run on "Edgy 1.2.1", the 12th version of the software. It includes a main menu with customizable themes and grouping folders, a pause menu not too different from the Wii U's, and a host of multitasking-able applications. Edgy is extremely fast with minimal loading times.


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