You may be looking for Blade Man.

I Fight For Justice, Peace, and My Family.

Blade is a tall black haired 14 year old boy. He appears in Super Smash Bros. Stars and Super Smash Bros. Unlimited. He has a white jacket, black pants and shoes, and a Silver Sword. He is playable at the beginning of Super Smash bros Stars and plays an important role in Super Smash Bros Unlimited.


Shining Blade

Blades huge sword shines as light as the Sun and slashes the enemy, leaving them stunned.

Blade Uppercut

Takes his huge Sword and Slices the enemy upwards, then finishes it with a Flame Slash.

Earthquake Shake

Places Blades huge Sword in the ground and causes earthquakes up to eight feet.

Super Finisher

Blade takes his huge sword, slashes the enemy 5 times, leaving them stunned. Then finishes it with a Dragoon Slash.

Dragoon Slash

Blades huge sword turns into the shape of a dragon, and slices the enemy, making them stunned, and poisoned.

Role in Game

Role In Story


Blade is sometimes the selfish type. You will only sometimes see him think about others then himself. He thinks negatively sometimes and is stubborn when he's angry. He is not the lazy type and likes to train his body to the maximum limits. He hates it when people gets on his nerves too. When Blade gets angry, His power level level gets higher, and he gets stronger. He also hates it when people takes his favorite food (burritos).