I am the ultimate being! I will destroy all of you! I will crush these worlds in my hands, and there's not a thing you can do about it...
Blackwood, Fantendo Civil War


Blackwood from Fantendo Civil War

Blackwood is the main antagonist of Fantendo Civil War. He is a deity that is a conglomeration of Giraffey, Pi.EXE, and RedYoshi's DNA and was created by The Masters of Evil in an attempt to make the ultimate weapon.


Fantendo Civil War

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Although he was defeated during the events of Fantendo Civil War, he eventually managed to place his consciousness into a stump. That stump later sprouted into Blackwood's second form, although the strain regressed him mentally into a child. He still has power and uses it to generate forests that unknowingly become traps for him to leech energy from those trapped inside.


Blackwood has a heart of pure evil and is one of the single strongest beings in all of the universes. To make a long story short, he isn't a very pleasant guy... —Fantendo Civil War


In Civil War, Blackwood resembles a grey Yoshi, taken from the DNA of RedYoshi. He has large muscles that bulge from his arms, and crooked horns protruding from his head.


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