Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Blulogo
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter
Media Included Bluevolt Genuine Blu-Ray video game disc
Blackout is a dark, story-oriented first-person shooter for the NextGen Bluevolt. It will be told in segments similar to the storytelling method of The Factor, but also has elements similar to actual games like Doom and the Portal series.


Blu Atom Industries. Some would say that they were on top of the world in supplying the new tech to the masses, and were the quickest at doing it. Other would argue that their fame would be short-lived, and soon technology companies would be dropping them in favor of an offshore, cheaper facility to work with.

Unfortunately, they dropped themselves. Or rather, someone assured it for them.

It was a summer day in the year 203X, and Blu Atom was running as usual, under the leadership of CEO Carter Allier-Rhode, son of founder Herman Rhode. One of the employees, Marcus Ansec, was feeling a bit depressed during this particular work day. Nothing really about him, just that his family and non-Blu Atom friends were all saddened by loss or some other unfortunate event, and so he felt a bit of the torment automatically. It just so happened that on this day, Marcus was about to be dealt his own wave of that bad luck.

He was fired. And killed. Well, he killed himself actually. This is where the collapse of Blu Atom comes in. See, he actually was still strapped with 6 canisters of Blu Atom's new Blackout Serum, while a liquid helped alieviate people's pain and even cured some diseases (it was the first chemical breakthrough for the company), as a gas it was undeniably deadly and toxic, very weird indeed. Marcus killed himself by jumping into the one ungated sharp spinning fan of the Exhaust Tunnel 201, a horrible way to go but nevertheless, vaporized and quickly spread the Blackout gas through the facility. If it weren't for witness James Venchest, who sounded the evacuation alarm, everyone would've been dead within hours.

Continued: Blackout/Story


The gameplay is oriented in typical first-person shooter fashion, but centering the gun on the screen in a more Doom-like way. You get 8 gun types along the way, which are listed under the Weapons section. Blackout also works in some puzzle elements, as you are investigating the old site of Blu Atom.












  • Blackout uses the same engine, NextGen 1.4, as Ultimate Koopa Battles 2. Strangely, however, that particular engine was not engineered for the Bluevolt, rather it was for UKB2's release platform, the Hybrid Δ.