Black and White is a game for the Nintendo DS. It was made by Triple-Z Games.


Jim is a normal eighteen-year-old until an evil sorcerer shows up at his house. He zaps Jim and he disappears, emerging in a black-and-white world. Jim soon finds he can invert the colors of this discolored world to move around.

The following text contains spoilers.

After traversing fifty levels, Jim comes across the sorcerer and fights him. When he wins, the sorcerer will explode into dust and Jim will reappear in the real world.

The spoilers have ended.


Left: move left

Right: move right

A: jump

B: attack

Y: invert colors

X: menu

Spinoffs and media

The game was later turned into an animated series, which lasted twenty episodes. The sequel, Black and White 2, was received as successful but not as good.


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