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Computer Terminal

Black_White_Red is a strategy/horror game developed by Pixelburst Gaming for the Squarebomb. Its gameplay is heavily inspired off of that of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, with the player taking the role of a stationary human who is being actively hunted down by machines gone awry and must use the tools at their disposal in order to ward them off for a set time limit. However, the game sets itself apart by introducing twists such as a small army that can be commanded to protect the player and counter assailants, as well as PVP battles that make full use of these mechanics.


Next month marks the opening of the BWK Mechanical Strategy System - a long-awaited entertainment facility that's been subject to hype and controversy in equal measure. With the system in its last stage of development, a group of several clever young strategists - a grandmaster of chess, a quick-witted competitive gamer, and a calculating detective/psychologist - as well as yourself, to act as a control in this test. But when the beta testing begins, the game quickly goes haywire, resulting in a total lockdown of the session that forces you and your fellow beta testers to seek escape, or die at the game's hands...


Similarly to the Five Nights at Freddy's game, the player takes control of a stationary character known simply as "The King" trapped with a computer console that allows them to view miscellaneous cameras placed around the "arena" in which the majority of the gameplay takes place, which is usually designed with medieval themes and a monochrome color scheme, in order to monitor the main enemies of the game - a group of animatronic robots originally made for a competitive game that have gone haywire and seek to jumpscare you to death.

In a shift from the usual FNaF gameplay, however, the player has their own small army, with abilities that can be utilized in order to ward off the assailants or offer additional camera views. Defeated animatronics can be revived, but while they're being revived the player cannot command other animatronics. Prior to each round, the player can select the animatronics that he would like to use. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses.


  • The King: The player. Immobile and incapable of anything but dying at others' hands; only troops with a Power of 4 or higher are capable of defeating the King and ending the game. Has no stats.
  • The Pawn: A somewhat weaker troop that can be respawned quickly and easily. Best used as cannon fodder or a distraction, but can play any role when in the right spot. Health: 4. Power: 4. Move: 3. Action time: 10 seconds. Respawn time: 10–30 seconds. Maximum number: N/A.
  • The Rook: A giant troop, often considered the mascot of Black_White_Red. Though immune to frontal attacks, it is slow and offensively lacking. Health: 8*. Power: 1. Move: 2. Action time: 20 seconds. Respawn time: 60–80 seconds. Maximum number: 2.
  • The Ghost: An unbelievably tiny troop specializing in hiding in blind spots, making up for its weakness by surprising the enemy using its mighty speed. Health: 1. Power: 3*. Move: 5. Action time: 12 seconds. Respawn time: 20–40 seconds. Maximum number: 2.
  • The Dragon: A hulking troop that does nothing but march a predetermined path, destroying everything in its way. Though powerful, it starts off despawned. Health: 10. Power: 8. Move: ???. Action time: ???. Respawn time: 60–80 seconds. Maximum number: 1.

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