Black Toad and Black Yoshi is a game for the Wii U, and the first game in the Gangsters series.


While performing a rap at a school, two teachers throw them out, telling them they are to lou and noisy. BT and BY, angered, go to the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Princess Toadette. Toad, (Also known as Red Toad, Captain Toad, the Toad from SM3DL) goes out to rescue her, but is then kidnapped as well. BT and BY now decide to hold the two hostage until they are given enough money to become famous rappers. BT and BY eventually start geting money, but soon discover they plan on sending another hero named Koopario. Black Toad decides to just kill Koopario and keep becoming richer and becoming more and more famous. Black Yoshi agress, and the two set out to kill the Red Shelled Koopa Prince.


The game is excactly like Super Mario 3D Land. There are power ups, however there are also new ones, such as the Beetle Mushroom or the Speed Flower.


Character Ability Class

Black Toad

BT can run faster then all characters. Playable

Black Yoshi

(Hahaha, you thought because his name was Black Yoshi that he would be black, haha)

BY can grab enemies with his Tounge.

326px-Koopa Troopa NSMB2


Can ground pound. Unlockable (After beating him twice)
Toadette SMH


Can float with her dress. Unlockable (After getting 1000 coins)


Can reflect attacks with his shroom head. Unlockable (After beating World 5 boss Dry Bowser)

Bob-Omb King

Throws bomb and ground pounds. Boss


Throws spike balls and creates fire blasts. Boss
Mario Bros Petey


Shoots out Acid Mushrooms and can fly and bite. Boss

Metal Mario

Shoots out Ice Balls and can use the Bowser Toss. Boss

Dry Bowser

Breathes fire balls, shell spins, and calls upon Dry Bones. Final Boss

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