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Black Sensai is the fifth boss in Skip and Sqak TV Game. He is the leader of the ninjas who is hired by Rexes to destroy Sumuari Village by summoning the Dark Curse, but the SSFF defeated him.


Black Sensai and his ninjas cause trouble in Sumuari Village like stealing from markets. When Rexes came to his world, he hired Black Sensai to summon the Dark Curse all over the village to make everyone die. Sensai agrees and sends his Ninjas to look for the Tomb of the Curse.

The SSFF came to this world to take Black Sensai down. They fought Black Sensai on top of his Palace, where he uses the Curse to defeat them. The SSFF won the fight and Black Sensai loses his powers, making him fall to the depths of the mountain very likely to his death.

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