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Black Mage
Black Mage Y.png
Final Fantasy symbol
Availability Starter
Status Newcomer
Series Final Fantasy
Black Mage is a starting newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Y and one of the game's two representatives for the Final Fantasy series (not including Agnes, who represents the spin-off game Bravely Default).


Black Mage in his home series is a glass cannon archetype; capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage, but having little to no defensive stats and the lowest HP of any class. This translates to his gameplay in Smash Bros.; his moves possess either high damage, high knockback, or both, especially in the case of magic-based attacks, but he is incredibly easy to KO, as he is very light, has only 2 short jumps, and is a bit slow in terms of walking and running speeds.

The primary strategy for Black Mage is to counteract these weaknesses through all-out assault on opponents, never showing a slight bit pf mercy, for even a minor break from attacking could spell Black Mage's doom.


Normal Moves

Standard Moves

Move Description
Neutral Combo Stabs forward twice with dagger, then creates a blast of fire from staff.
Side Tilt Swings electrically-charged staff sideways.
Up Tilt Quickly kicks upward. Good for combo continuation.
Down Tilt Quickly thrusts dagger forward. Short-ranged, but rather strong.
Dash Attack Charging thrust forward with the dagger.

Smash Attacks

Move Description
Up Smash Black Mage casts Water, summoning a high-pressure burst of water that deals incredibly heavy knockback.
Side Smash Black Mage performs his "hadoken" casting animation and releases a burst of energy. Not based on any existing spell.
Down Smash Black Mage casts Meteor, summoning a small meteorite above his head that blasts the ground directly in front of him.


Move Description
Grab Black Mage grabs forward with a dark aura engulfing his hand.
Pummel The enemy is whacked on the head with Black Mage's staff.
Up Throw Black Mage generates a small tornado that hits several times before launching.
Forward Throw Black Mage performs the "hadoken" casting animation, launching the grab victim forward.
Down Throw Black Mage throws the opponent on the ground, then smashes them with an electrically charged staff.
Back Throw Black Mage slices through the opponent with his dagger, appearing behind them.

Aerial Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Air Black Mages spins his staff around him, striking enemies on all sides.
Front Air Black Mage thrusts forward with his dagger. Causes lots of forward momentum, and is rather powerful.
Back Air Black Mage spins around multiple times with his dagger outstretched.
Up Air Black Mage fires a large fireball directly upwards. Hits multiple times before vanishing.
Down Air Black Mage fires a small ball of electricity downward, which explodes soon after. The explosion can cause a meteor smash if sweetspotted.

Special Moveset

Black Mage's Special Moves
Button Used Neutral Special Side Special Up Special Down Special Final Smash
B Fire/Fira/Firaga Thundara Aero Quake Ultima
X Bio Blizzaga Warp Gravity Flare

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