The black knight smash bros trophy render by nibroc rock-d96cc31 (1)

The Black Knight

Zelgius (Japanese:ゼルギウス Zerugiusu), better known as the Black Knight (Japanese: 漆黒の騎士 Shikkoku no Kishi / Dark Knight), is one of the most powerful general in Daein. He is unstoppable to defeat and wields an alondite sword a sacred sword blessed by Ashera a godness. He fought a duel and lost with Ike. The castle trembles on the Black Knight and left dead buried in a pile of rocks. In Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Chapter 9 part 1 he appears and saved Micaiah a leader of Libriator to get Daein back from Beginion Empire from Jarod. But at the end of part 2 endgame Elincia's gambit Elincia reform Ike that The Black Knight is alive and Ike was shocked. He never realized that the Black Knight is alive. He told Elincia that he duels with the Black Knight and Ike won. And the rocks crushed the Black Knight and remained dead.

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