Black Eyes
Full Name The Fandraxorcist
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Referred to as male
Species Unknown
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Height 7'07"
Weight 371 lbs
Voice Actor(s)
Dan Green
First Appearance The Reminder
Latest Appearance The Reminder II: Lest We Forget

Black Eyes, official name being The Fandraxorcist, was the primary antagonist of The Reminder and its successor, and was the mind of the lost god "Zyvoline". Originally dedicated to bringing misery and terror to the "abnormal" in the Zaxinian Lifts, he has been misplaced in the universe's prison and now spends his days tormenting his most notable victim, Devina, from there.  He is one of two temporary partners in General's Journey, the other being General Snickers.


He appears to be a tall teddy bear, but he contains human skin and guts (as well as typical robotic gears and other machinery) behind the green skin. He appears to be very worn and torn, having several patches and a tear mark on his forehead. His eyes are a menacing red, and are filled with both vengeance and hate. One ear is torn, the body is ripped the more you go down, the feet are red, and a dark space sits as his stomach, sprouting mind controlling tentacles.


Black Eyes has several abilities, able to leave mental scars in his victims or outright kill them with a heavy strike from his ton-heavy arms. He is a bringer of nightmares and hatred, and can do a very good job leaving them in his opponents. Despite his heavy potential to kill, Black Eyes rather identifies his foes' weak points and damages them, and watches them suffer (much to his pleasure). His walking style is very distorted, when he moves, his body appears to disjoint and he moves very awkwardly. He is also capable of levitation.


Black Eyes is cunning, hateful, and absolutely disgusting, and is the remains of a distorted god's own mind. He is not caring at all, and enjoys to watch others suffer, especially those that identify as homosexual, transsexual, or races beyond white, as he finds them "abnormal" and "hideous". It seems to feel no remorse or pain, but yet seems to be great at faking emotions, and can bring others to trust him despite his obviously malicious appearance. Black Eyes seems to have a short temper, if angered, his body will glow slightly red and his inner mechanics will go wild.



  • The Fandraxorcist's name is an obvious pun on "The Exorcist".

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