Only I can look like a cheesy, edgy robot based on Bowie! [holds out his own claws] Bring it, thot!
Black Eyes, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 5: Tricked Prince

Black Eyes
Full Name "Black Eyes", the Fandraxorcist
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown; separation from Zyvoline on March 10
Gender Male
Species None
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Devina Kilmister, torment and torture, hypothesizing potential kill methods, whaling, battling the supernatural, a good fight, making use of his shock factor, cracking jokes, horrible bathroom jokes, eating in general
"That stupid baby" (Larry, initially), peace, law and order, the scent of any bathroom
Height 7'07"
Weight 471 lbs
"The Phantom Stranger"
First Appearance When Hell Freezes Over

Black Eyes, known as The Fandraxorcist legally, was once part of a three-way god known as Zyvoline and was initially its mind-processing system, telling the God where to go and what to do. He eventually separated after having found it too much of a chore, hunting down demons and evil-doers for a few centuries until his mind succumbed to madness, eventually becoming the main cause of misery and terror in the Zaxinian Lifts and causing everyone trouble. He kept on going down this destructive path until he met Devina, whom he tortured continuously but ultimately ended up befriending after a long while of stalking and preying. It is unknown what Black Eyes is going to do after Devina and the Typhoon Resort, as he had lost her near the final chapter.


Black Eyes, on the outside, is a cunning and mischievous robot that has some really disturbing thoughts up in his mind that he's generally happy to share. Also on the outside surface, he seems to be rather careless and reckless in general, and enjoys shocking others for the hell of it. Black Eyes can get really condescending and rude to those he doesn't like, and can get aggressive towards people that have actually managed to hurt him before. He is known for his sick, crude humor and makes jokes out of the worst possible subjects, and some of this humor can be quite offensive. If he's around Devina, however, he tries to evade using horrifying vocabulary and attempts to fit into society's norms. In any case, he has a fairly short temper, and his body can glow red and vibrate noisily with machinery when he's angry.

On the inside though, Black Eyes is more than someone that likes to do the occasional bit of torture and tell an offensive joke or two. Black Eyes isn't exactly sensitive, but he had been battered by countless insults over the years, which have led him down a path of chaos as a form of pitiful revenge. He may act so macho and tough, but when hit directly with something bad, he can either get angry and try to intimidate the person that attacked him or stay quiet and stop himself from getting violent. Despite Black Eyes claiming that he killed many people over the years, each person he "killed" in recent years had actually been sent into oblivion, where they can't feel the pain he pressed onto them. Black Eyes believes that he is a valid human being, despite all the things that separate him from being one, and tries to fit in with the rest of the world.


Black Eyes has several abilities, able to leave enormous mental scars in victims with his nightmarish shape-shifting abilities or outright knock them unconscious with heavy strikes from his ton-heavy arms. He is a bringer of nightmares and serves them through pure, unsupervised hatred, and can do an excellent job at leaving his opponents full of fear and dismay when he so wishes to fill them with such. Despite his heavy potential to kill, Black Eyes instead likes to identity weak points and tackle them with his claws, and then send them off into an oblivion where his "crimes" won't be heard of. Black Eyes can also enter others' bodies to some degree and have some form of control of them from within, such as Devina during the events of the Typhoon Resort adventure, although this ability is often used so that he can shock the victim massively and fill their mind with nothing but pure chaos. His walking style is very distorted, when he moves, his body appears to disjoint and he moves very awkwardly; however, he is actually moving VERY fast, to the point where the naked eye cannot see it, making his movement seem like illusions.

Using his source of dark power, Black Eyes is capable of spreading madness in a way that none other can. He can stand still or sit in place as his eyes blank out, sending huge, black squiggly tentacles underground from his body, which pop out of the ground as enormous spiky sea tentacles. Some of these tentacles may have the head and body of a beast in place of a tip, such as an alligator, giving them the power to do much more than just squirm and coil. Smaller variations of these tentacles may be used to plug victims' ears to block their sense of hearing or shield their eyes to prevent them from seeing, letting the heavy god freely scare his prey through various means, such as dragging individual claws across their body. With this darkness, Black Eyes can greatly distort his body, able to make him appear to have much more teeth than he actually has, hollow out his eyes or others', create illusions on himself or others that resemble bleeding body bits, and make himself or others to be much larger than they actually appear to be. Black Eyes can also infect sewage and draining systems, with his darkness able to slip through faucets and water pipes and drip into sinks. Black Eyes may travel instantly to any location by bubbling himself into the darkness, which allows him to pop out of very small aquatic devices in complete secret.



  • The Fandraxorcist's name is an obvious pun on "The Exorcist".

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