The Black Diamond Crystal is the first system made by Black Diamond Games. It can play Wii and GameCube games and the graphics are on par with the Xbox 360 and PS3.


The controller for the Crystal is shaped like the PS2 controller, but instead of the X, O, Triangle, and Square buttons, there are A,B, X, Y buttons. The differences are shown below:

  • A Button= X Button
  • B Button= O Button
  • X Button= Square Button
  • Y Button= Triangle Button

The controller is wireless, and also has 2 sets of shoulder buttons, just like the PlayStation controllers, as well as two analog sticks. It also has a Z button located behind R2, and a C button behind L2.

Wii remotes can also be synced to the system for use with Wii games. GameCube controllers can also be plugged in for GameCube games. Other accessories include:

  • USB Keyboard
  • DVD/Blu-ray Remote


It looks like a black shiny Wii with a raised diamond on each side.


Miis return on the Crystal, but with a much higher level of customability and detail. There are now two styles of Miis:

Regular Mii

Regular Miis are the same type of Miis from the Wii, and are usable with Wii games and Crystal games.


AniMiis are the new type of Miis made in an Anime/Manga style. Parts include spiky hair, Anime eyes, and accessories such as weapons, jewelry, and more headgear. They also have more detailed clothing. These are usable only with Crystal games


Crystal Community

Allows you to join groups, earn achievements, earn Crystals, which are virtual points, and message friends.

DVD/BluRay Player

The system has a DVD/Blu-ray player built in, so you can watch movies.


CrystalWare allows you to download all WiiWare games as well as new titles specifically for the Crystal. It also has all Virtual Console games from the Wii.

Internet Browser

Allows you to surf the net. Has Adobe Flash Player installed.


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