You are a total fool if you believe I will aid you!
Black Adam in Justice: Apocalypse


Black Adam as he appears in Justice: Apocalypse.

Black Adam is a fictional DC supervillain and is the arch-nemesis of Shazam!.


Justice: Apocalypse

Black Adam's home of Khandaq was destroyed by Darkseid's hordes. This sparked a desire for vengeance and became one of Aquaman's closest allies for the time being. Once Khandaq is restored, Adam will resort to his next move.

Lego Batman 4: Marvel vs. DC

Black Adam is a playable character in a crossover game between Lego Batman (hence the title) and Lego Marvel. His character token is hidden in the final level (Final Curtain (Possibly)), in the fight between Robin, Spider-Man, the Joker, and the Green Goblin against the Red Skull.