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BlackYoshi is the main villain of the RedYoshi series. BlackYoshi has an uncontrollable love for RedBirdo, even though he knows RedBirdo is the girlfriend of RedYoshi. BlackYoshi lives in a castle on a mini-island on RedYoshi's Island. BlackYoshi is the sworn enemy of RedYoshi and always must be stopped when he captures RedBirdo. BlackYoshi plans to one day successfully capture RedBirdo and betray his girlfriend, BlackBirdo. Sadly, BlackBirdo does not know this.

Black Yoshi also has a rivalry between him and RedBoshi.


BlackYoshi is the villain of the RedYoshi series. He made his first evil appearance in the series in RedYoshi ADVANCE. He appeared out of the series in Fantendo Smash Bros. For some particular reason, BlackYoshi joins RedYoshi (and RedBirdo) in the crossover game McQueen Mario & RedYoshi at the Olympic Winter Games with BlackBirdo at his side.


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