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Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Release Date(s)
August 1, 2014
1-6 player story mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc

BlackLight is an RPG game developed by Pyro Enterprises. The game acts as a tribute to the 8-bit and 16-bit era of JRPGs such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, as well as taking heavy influence from Fire Emblem Fates.


eShop Summary

Enter the world of Equilibra in a classic JRPG journey where you get to see both sides of the story!

When brother and sister Lux and Tene are separated in a shipwreck, they find themselves picked up and saved by the Orders of Light and Darkness, two factions both trying to bring peace and order to the world. Named the Patrons of Light and Darkness, Lux and Tene are sent into the vast world of Equilibra to find the fabled Heroes of Light and Darkness... even if that brings them to blows with one another...

BlackLight is a classic RPG with gameplay inspired by the original Final Fantasy games; players explore a vast world and fight dangerous foes while unlocking various Souls, customizing your party's abilities with them in a classic job system. However, you don't just have one party, but two; Lux and Tene each have their own party, with their own storylines that each intertwine.

Things you do in one storyline will affect how the other's progress. Killing or saving a character in one storyline will change the other's path, among many other things. Who knows? It's entirely possible that Lux and Tene, with their now-conflicting ideals driving them apart, may come to blows... And they'll use the parties that you yourself designed for them, using the same strategies you used with them.

Your path is clear; do you have the courage to face yourself?

Prologue: Light and Darkness

My children... You two are the closest siblings I have ever seen. I have no doubt in my mind that no matter where you go, nor how far apart you become, that the bond between you will never break.
Lord Neil, making the mistake of the century.

The game begins in a semi-large room, curtains blocking out the light. Two teenage children, one male and one female, are sleeping heavily when a middle-aged man in grey robes walks in, opening the curtains and waking the two children up. Calling them to rise and greet the day, he informs them both that today is their shared eighteenth birthday, and to get ready for the celebration he and the head maid August had set up. The man leaves the room, and the boy and girl, introduced as Lux and Tene, talk to each other as they get dressed.

Lux... You okay?
Of course! We're finally coming of age, Dad and August have a huge party planned for us, we're among the first people to ever set foot on the S.S. Horizon... It's amazing, right!
Sure, but I just want to say... I'm glad we've made it this far. Heh... Lux, I don't know whether to be scared or happy.
Tene, trust me. Everything is gonna be fine. Have I ever let you down?
...No. Unless you count that one time when we were both six.
We don't talk about that.
Lux and Tene

The two children get dressed, exit their room, and travel down a long flight of stairs towards an outdoor dining room, greeted by their father and August. As the two eat breakfast, their father, named Lord Neil by August, is informed that all preparations for the maiden voyage of the S.S. Horizon have been completed, and that the two should finish up their last sparring session before the trip. The two walk away from the dining table onto the grass, and a magically animated suit of armor arises, ready to spar with the two.

Boss Battle: Training Armor

Upon the defeat of the Training Armor, Lord Neil restores the children to full HP, congratulating them on becoming full-fledged, confident warriors in their own right. While Lux is extremely excited to have their father's blessing as a knight, Tene is much less invigorated, worried that after their trip on the S.S. Horizon that they will be sent to separate castles to serve separate lords, never seeing each other again. Neil comforts the two, saying that they are the closest siblings he has ever seen, and that nothing, no matter how powerful, will ever break the bond that they share. August interrupts the close familial bonding, stating that the three should be heading off to the Horizon's maiden voyage.

After the player directs the group from the Neil Manor towards Coriolis Harbor, Lux, Tene, and their father arrive amongst a large crowd ready to send the ship off. As the crowd parts to allow the passengers to make their way through to the Horizon, Lord Neil waves to the captain of the ship, who rushes to prepare for launch. Once everybody is finally settled in, the S.S. Horizon goes to full power, leaving the dock as the crowd cheers for the massive ship's maiden trek.

Things go well as the children settle down, Lord Neil and August leaving them alone for a second to unpack in their own room. As Lux collapses on his bed and Tene calmly sits down, the two begin discussing what they plan on doing when they separate; Lux stating that he ultimately wants to become a wandering hero like in the tales he was raised on, swashbuckling saviors with blades the size of their bodies, rescuing the innocent and vanquishing evil across the land. Tene, alternatively, states that she plans on becoming a scholar, venturing across the world as an explorer and discovering new things, in search of something that will change the world for the better.

You sure anybody'll remember you if you go that route?
Heehee... I want my actions to be remembered, Lux. If I find the cure to a world-threatening disease, I would rather be remembered as the one who helped everybody stay alive then as Tene Neil.
I see your point... Then again, I want people to remember me. My name being passed down in folklore, hailed as a hero...
Lux and Tene

Eventually, sunset begins, and the passengers on the boat are summoned to the deck by Lord Neil for both general announcements and the celebration of Lux and Tene's birthday, one of the reasons for the voyage itself. When the two children arrived on deck, the passengers began cheering for the son and daughter of Lord Neil, the man who singlehandedly built the Horizon and had allowed them all to join them on the cruise. After sharing with the passengers that they'd be stopping at Neil's private island for a short time before voyaging to the cities of Corona and Aurora and returning to Coriolis, he turned to his children, ready to give them his blessing and begin the celebratory feast.

My children... The time has come. You've grown to eighteen with the guidance of me, August, and for all too short a time, your mother... But now, you've proven that you are strong enough to brave this world on your own. When we make our way to my little island retreat, I will finally give you my blessing, and you will go your separate ways as true knights. But for now... make yourselves comfortable! It'll be a while till you see each other. Best make the most of it!
Lord Neil

Festivities soon commence, and a small party breaks out on the deck of the ship. Lux and Tene, slightly desperate to get away from the slightly clingy nobles, make their way back to their room, and rest for a short time, inadvertently nodding off to sleep. However, they are abruptly awakened by the sound of explosions; running back out to the Horizon's deck, they learn from August that the ship's engine had malfunctioned, and that the ship itself was moments away from crumbling. The maid tried to grab both of their hands and carry them to safety, but a blast of steam split the floor apart, and the groups stumbled apart, the sinking ship pulling the platforms away from each other.

As the ship falls to pieces, Lux and Tene try making their way towards the lifeboats, only to discover that all of them have been taken; looking out to sea, they discover that the other guests had taken the boats, and that their father was nowhere to be seen on any of them. The remnants of the boat split in two, casting the siblings in opposite directions and launching them into the water.

*gasp* T-Tene! Hold on!
I'm *gasp* trying! I can't reach you!
S-Stay afloat! I'll try to *gasp* come over...
Lux, don't! Get something to stay afloat on! We can't get to each other whatsoever at this rate! We.. We're just going to have to find each other when we get rescued!
Sis... I-I got it. I promise you this; we'll find each other again! I swear it!
I... promise... too...
Lux and Tene

The two fell unconscious, drifting apart on the waves from the wreckage of the S.S. Horizon. The sun finally sets on the sordid scene, as the screen fades to black and a message for the player emerges:

Prologue Complete
Choose a Story

From here, the player is prompted to choose from one of two options:

For the Light Story, click here.
For the Dark Story, click here.

L1: A New Journey Begins

Lux... Your soul glows with a light we've never seen before in this world. We can no longer deny it; you are the Patron of Light.
Priestess Rayna, welcoming Lux into his supposed destiny.

Lux awakens in a strange room, a small circle with walls and floor made of white marble and a ceiling that seemingly stretches upwards forever. He shakes his head groggily, pulling himself up and sitting on the small hospital bed he had slept on for who knew how long. Asking himself what had happened, he soon found himself interrupted by a beautiful woman blinding white robes, a mask covering her eyes.

Ah, I am glad to see you have awoken, my dear.
W-Where am I? What happened?
You washed ashore clasping a piece of driftwood. You were unconscious and half-drowned, so one of my acolytes carried you back to our tower.
What do you mean by... "acolytes"?
Oh, forgive my rudeness. I am Priestess Rayna, high priestess of the Order of Light. And I believe you may be important to the future of our world, Mr. Lux Neil.
Rayna and Lux

Rayna leads Lux to the main hall of the tower, revealed to the player as the Citadel of Light, and begins explaining the origin of the Order of Light:

Our world, as you know, is entirely peaceful and orderly save the wild monsters that roam the less inhabited areas of the realm. However, this was not always the case. In the eons before humanity claimed dominion over the planet, it was the battleground for the divine forces of light and darkness; order and chaos. After a long battle, the forces of darkness were defeated, and the servants of the light formed what is now known as the Order of Light. Guided by the teachings of our predecessors, we maintain order across the whole of our world, and ensuring that the remnants of the darkness do not regain power.
That's an awful lot of explanation for what amounts to "The Order of Light are the heroes that protect the world", you know.
That's about correct, Mr. Neil.
Gah! Where'd you come from?!
Hmm hmm... I forgot you were still awake. Lux, meet Adila, the acolyte who found you and brought you to us. She's... quite excited to meet an outsider of your caliber.
*giggles* It's nice to meet you, Lux!
Rayna, Lux and Adila

Rayna flashes out of the room in a burst of light, saying that she would allow Lux and Adila to get to know each other while she took care of some "important business". Sitting down, Lux begins asking Adila about what the Order of Light does. Adila tells tales of the training that all acolytes of the Order persevere through; some become powerful warriors, whereas others, like her, harness their own latent magical prowess and become mages. Once their training is complete, they are sent off into the world to battle the forces of evil. Enamoured by this heroic lifestyle, Lux nevertheless asks Adila if the Order would possibly consider helping him locate Tene and his father. Unsure, Adila states that she assumes they would help; it's what defenders of order would do, after all.

Lux's stomach began to rumble, and he realized that he hadn't actually had any food for almost a week; he hadn't had anything since that fateful breakfast with his father and sister. Immediately, Adila sprang into action, pulling him by the arm towards the Citadel's dining hall. Before the two are able to actually arrive in the hall, however, a nearby window shatters as a young man and woman jump through, wearing purple-colored clothing. Lux remains confused while Adila gasps in shock; the two intruders identify themselves as acolytes of the Order of Darkness, and announce that they plan to strike the Order of Light in their most vulnerable location and defeat them at last. Adila summons her courage and challenges the acolytes to combat; Lux, realizing this was a chance to be a hero, steps in to help.

The acolytes of darkness were defeated, their broken and unconscious bodies lying on the floor. Rayna teleported back in, a look of horror on her face that turned to curiosity upon seeing that the intruders that she had been informed of were already taken care of... And by the child that had arrived on his deathbed no less. Ordering a couple of acolytes to move the bodies, she asked Lux and Adila to follow her down the labyrinthine halls of the Citadel one last time; there was something she needed to see for herself.

She led the two down deep beneath the earth, into the largest chamber in the entire Citadel. It was a room filled with nothing but a massive orb, shimmering and shining with the purest, most brilliant light Lux had ever seen. Adila began trembling slightly in fear, but Rayna told Lux to go forward and make contact with the sphere, simply to test a theory of hers. He walked tenatively up to the sphere and touched it... The orb flared even brighter for a moment, then dimmed considerably, much of its light draining into Lux himself.

It... It seems my theory was confirmed after all. Admirable performance, Lux.
*claps* Ha ha! Good job, Lux! You did it!
What? What did I... What did that sphere thing do? And... why am I not hungry any more?
That sphere is the Essence of Light, the concentrated life energy of the past heroes of the Order of Light. And it's reaction... None of our own acolytes have had any reaction to contacting it. Ever. The fact that it's passed its light onto you can only mean one thing... You are the Patron of Light that our organization has sought for so long. You are destined to find the legendary Heroes of Light... and lead them as a mighty warrior under our banner.
You kept telling me you wanted to be a hero, Lux. Looks like you got your wish!
I... This... This is amazing! The only thing a hero can do in this case... is accept this responsibility and help you guys!
Rayna, Adila and Lux

Rayna explained more to Lux and Adila; the Heroes of Light were the only ones capable of using the artifacts known as Tomes, enchanted scripts said to bestow knowledge upon the reader. She handed four of these books to the two, saying that they were the only Tomes that the Order of Light had managed to obtain over the years. Lux's first task was set; he would explore the realm with the full backing of the order he now represented, and find the Heroes of Light. The new Patron of Light left to prepare for his journey, but Adila stayed behind with Rayna to ask her something. She told the high priestess that even if she turned out not to be a Hero of Light, she wanted to travel with Lux; she just felt an obligation to help him and keep him safe. Rayna simple laughed to herself and agreed, and Adila rushed out to follow her new companion with a child-like smile on her face.

Rayna gave Lux and Adila more information, in order to help guide them on their quest. The Heroes of Light would be found the world over, not just in the city of Corona where they were currently situated, so the first step in the mission would be to charter an ship, enabling them to venture the globe in search of their fellow heroes. The pair set off into town, emerging from the tower's base into the bustling and shiny metropolis of Corona. Adila was extremely excited to venture out, saying she rarely got to leave the tower and this was a big opportunity to explore the town. Lux laughed along to her excited darting about, and joined her in exploring the town for any clue how to obtain a ship.

Wandering around town, the pair came across the Corona Docks, a wide seaport brimming with various ships from across the world. It was the duo's task to now procure one, setting off across the world for... Well, Lux assumed they'd know when they got any clue as to what to do once they found the Heroes of Light. They searched across the docks, looking for a suitable boat, and finally found a vessel they found suitable; it was a white and gold ship of moderately large size called the Demiurge, and Adila happily remarked on how the ship turned out to be thematically appropriate for the journey somehow. The two entered the ship and found what appeared to be a father and son talking, the former extremely muscular while the latter was nearly thin as a twig.

Now, son, remember this is for the best.
I know, dad! We need the money, so we're selling the boat. That's not actually the part I'm worried about. What I'm more worried about is where we're going to live once we sell it!
Ophus, trust me. We'll find a modest house somewhere here in Corona, settle down, you and I will start up business again over here, it'll all work out.
I hope so... I'm just worried about Mom. I mean, five kids, only one working age... It sounds hard. I just want everyone to be safe and comfortable, and I don't think moving to a new city across the world is all that relaxing.
It'll be fine, Orion, we just need a potential buyer for- Ah, and who are you fine people?
Leon and Ophus

Lux and Adila began talking with the pair, asking what exactly was going on. The father introduced himself as Leon, as well as introducing his son Ophus. Leon explained the Demiurge was the home of his family for many years, and they had been travelling the world in the ship in search of adventure. Sadly, the dream never materialized, and now they had planned to sell the ship in order to settle down in Corona, having a more stable lifestyle better suited towards raising a family. Lux explained that the pair was on a mission that would require them to be travelling across the world, and they'd be happy to take the vessel off their hands. Leon seemed happy, pulling out the paperwork required immediately, though Ophus didn't seem to happy with the boat being sold. The paper was signed- and then the four heard a woman scream from outside.

The group rushed outside to find a young woman being harassed by a man with a scraggly beard and a whip, both verbally and physically assaulting her for reasons they couldn't understand. The three teens rushed out to face the man.

You miserable wretch! Get back here before I really give you what you deserve!
P-Please, anybody! Help!
What's going on?! Sir, what are you doing with this girl?!
What's it look like, Lux? This is just assault!
You ingrates! Back off! This girl is mine!
N-No! I'm not going back to th-that nightmare you c-call a manor! Please let go of me!
That's it! Ophus, Adila, back me up here!
Valentio, Mola, Lux and Ophus
Boss Battle: Valentio

The three managed to disarm the old man and place him at weapon-point, forcing him to leave the woman alone. Ophus demanded to know exactly the reason he was attacking and harassing the young woman, to which the man, introducing himself as Valentio, explained that the girl's name was Mola, and she had come to him two years ago seeking funds and refuge after the death of her parents. Valentio gave her a loan, which she was unable to repay, leading her to legally become his property. Mola rebutted, saying that while he was telling the truth and had the contract drafted himself, she was uninformed of this part before the time to pay had come, and he had more or less used the loan as a means by which to force her into slavery.

Lux pointed his weapon at Valentio, saying that what he was doing was wrong regardless of the legality, and that as a Hero of Light, he would be relieving Mola from his care. The man simply grumbled and walked off, calling the party and the Order a bunch of "no-good killjoy zealots". The group sheathed their weapons as Mola broke into tears, thanking the group dearly for saving her from Valentio. Ophus interrupted the celebration to note that the Demiurge was now ready to sail; Adila said the group should be heading to the city of Ad Finitum, where it was said that a message for the Patron of Light was stored years ago.

D1: A New Quest Begins

Tene... Though your heart is full of sorrow and worry, you have proven you are more than capable of braving the shadow. You must be the Patron of Darkness!
Priestess Umbra, welcoming Tene into her supposed destiny.

Tene stumbles out of her deep slumber, awakening in a small circular room made almost entirely out of black marble. Grasping her pulsating forehead, she pulls herself out of the hospital bed she found herself in; noticeably, she had no idea how she got there in the first place. As she attempts to get on her feet, a woman wearing purple robes and an eye-covering black mask enters the room, walking over to help her stand.

There, there, now... Just take it easy. It's not every day somebody drifts across half an ocean.
Wha- Who are you? Where's Lux?! Where am I?!
Whoa, take it easy. You were the only one we found. It's safe to assume that whoever this "Lux" is, he might be-
N-No! He can't be! If Lux is gone...
Ms. Tene, please calm down! Now then, as for your other questions... I am Priestess Umbra of the Order of Darkness, and one of my acolytes found you and brought you to safety. Now I guess we have little to do but try to help you.
Umbra and Tene

Accompanying Umbra down to the main hall, a still-enraged Tene kept demanding to know where Lux had gone, with the priestess repeatedly saying that Tene was found on her own, nobody in sight. Finally depressed and silent, Tene was helped by Umbra into the main hall of the tower, with the name Citadel of Darkness being revealed to the player. As Tene slumps down next to the wall, Umbra begins explaining the origin of the Order of Darkness.

Now, since you seemed so intent on learning about who we are... The Order of Darkness is the remnant of a big divine war that happened eons ago between the embodiments of light and darkness. Basically, we're the descendants of the guys who backed up the darkness, and... I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. We lost. But we've been hiding in the shadows ever since, doing out best to ensure that peace remains despite being seen as "the dark ones" or whatever. That's basically all you need to know aside from the fact that I'm the current leader and we're always accepting initiates. Any questions?
Yeah... Why save me if you're the-
Don't even start with that, Ms. Tenebra. The Order of Darkness is here to ensure that our world retains its peace and free will no matter what means it has to go through. If we were the "bad guys", we'd have left you for dead and we wouldn't be having this conversation. Now, with that pleasantry out of the way, it's a pleasure to meet you, my lady.
Who's the charmer, Umbra? Friend of yours?
Don't mind Zain here. He means well, but he's just... extremely devoted to the Order. I promise you'll not have to worry about him.
Not at all. In fact, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Umbra, Tene and Zain

Umbra warps away in a burst of inky darkness, stating that she has urgent business to attend to that she can't ignore. Tene, still confused as to the organization's goal, asks Zain what exactly their deal is. Zain explains that acolytes of the Order of Darkness are basically trained from the ground up to become powerful warriors spanning a variety of disciplines, from swordfighting to magic manipulation to medicinal practices, and are then sent out into the world to ensure peace remains... through any means necessary. When Tene questions what the last part of the statement meant, the two are interrupted by a chiming sound, followed by multiple nearby acolytes rushing through the hall and into the Citadel's labyrinth. Zain rushes after them, and a curious Tene follows.

The two arrive to witness a young man and woman in white and yellow clothing, seemingly having slaughtered multiple acolytes before they had gotten there. Tene threatens to kill them, but Zain holds her back, wanting to conduct diplomatic measures first. The intruders declined, saying that all they needed to know was that they were acolytes of the Order of Light and that they had arrived to remove their order's only threat once and for all; the Order of Darkness. Zain immediately dropped any pretense of diplomacy, rushing into combat with the intruders; Tene, shocked by their willingness to kill, joined in.

The battle was won, and the acolytes were knocked out as Zain pocketed their weapons. Umbra warped in, panicked and worried about the intruders, but her fear turned to quizzical curiosity when she realized that Zain and Tene had dispatched them all by themselves- especially impressive for the latter. Asking Zain to hand over the weapons as she whisked them away to the dungeon for interrogation, she asked Tene and Zain to follow her down to the depths of the Citadel, for she had a theory that she needed to test urgently.

Down in the lowest underground portion of the Citadel, Umbra led the duo of children to a massive room, seemingly empty except for a giant orb pulsating with a calming purple light. Zain, worried about Tene, clenched his fists as Umbra pleaded with her to simply go up and make contact with the orb. With a determined stride, Tene walked into the giant room and stopped at the base of the orb, pressing her hand into it. The orb shone brighter for a second, then faded as the purple energy was siphoned into Tene herself.

Did it work? Zain, I think it worked! After all this time, it finally worked!
Indeed. Looks like my worries were... unneeded. Congratulations on becoming Patron of Darkness, Ms. Tenebra.
Patron of... Darkness? Did I just become some legendary warrior for you guys without you telling me?!
Not just some legendary warrior, THE legendary warrior. You saw those acolytes of the Order of Light come in here ready to kill us? Very few of our own can stand up to them; the fact that you, who're pretty much untrained compared to us, did it means you have to be the leader of the Heroes of Darkness... The Patron of Darkness!
Ma'am, you're pretty much the only chance we have at this point to keep up world peace. Everything is collapsing around us, and we need to rely on out Patron. You.
I... I grew up expecting to travel the world as a scholar. Not giving a care about anything other than myself and my research. But now... Now I'm the only thing that can save our world. Umbra, count me in. I'm joining you until the very end.
Umbra, Zain and Tene

After a minor celebration by Umbra and Zain telling her to calm down, the high priestess gave Tene a collection of thick books adored with various symbols. The confused girl asked why she would need to study for her new position, and Umbra explained that they were Tomes, ancient scriptures containing the knowledge of legendary heroes from times past. They would be Tene's ultimate weapon in finding the Heroes of Darkness, empowering her with the same strength as the men and women who wrote them once held. Before Tene left, Zain cleared his throat, stating that he found it only fair that he be allowed to join the Patron of Darkness. Tene questioned him, and he said that he felt as though he needed to protect her, until such time as he felt his services were unnecessary. The girl actually agreed, and the two set off with a blessing from Umbra.

Umbra's primary words of caution were to find a method of transport; the Heroes of Darkness weren't all going to be in Aurora, the city in which the Order of Darkness was situated, so they'd need to figure out a method of getting across the world in order to explore. Leaving the citadel and entering the quiet, snowy city, Zain theorized that one of the best methods of transport would be the Shadowpaths, a method of transport long utilized by the Order to make sure that their activities went largely unnoticed. Tene wasn't too focused on his speech, however- the beautiful city with its soft snowfall was captivating her.

Tene and Zain wandered through the town, the former exploring while the latter was merely trying to ensure that she didn't wander off, as well as attempting to look for an entrance to the Shadowpath set up in town. After examining the local stores in town, including a small bakery she seemed attracted to, the pair finally came across a small door-like mark on a wall drawn in purple chalk. Zain touched the mark, causing it to glow and open up into a black door-shaped void, and he beckoned for his patron to follow him. Tene was about to step into the mysterious portal when she heard a cry for help nearby; taking action, she fled to investigate.

W-Who are you?
Someone who's here to help, love. Now stand aside. Someone needs to be taught a lesson.
Hey?! Get of of the way! This is between me and the woman! Scram before you get hurt!
Not a chance. You need to realize that karma exists for a reason. I AM that karma. I am the vengeful protector who comes back to haunt every lousy crook in this city. Call me Glaiva. It'll be the last name you ever hear.
Alright, that's it! Both of you are dead! First one to move gets it!
...Hmph. Hey, you, over there. Care to lend a hand in exacting a little justice?
Woman, Glaiva and Bandit

Tene joined Glaiva in defending the woman, with Zain leaping in at the last second in order to protect Tene. Combined, the three managed to defeat the bandit, who ran off scared. The woman thanked the trio for rescuing her, and Glaiva said not to worry and to go along with her day. As she walked off, Tene asked the mercenary why exactly she called to them in order for assistance; after all, she looked like she had things handled fairly well on her own. Glaiva explained that she managed to see Tene off to the side during a quick glance, realizing there was something special about her she couldn't quite grasp. She knew Tene and Zain had a mission, and now she wanted to be part of it. Surprisingly, Zain was completely open to this; he stated that they needed all the help they could get during their mission, and Glaiva was certainly strong enough to be a Hero of Darkness. With the muscular woman in tow, the three entered the Shadowpath Zain had opened.

After wandering through the dark, eerie tunnel that seemed more like star than stone, Tene, Zain and Glaiva emerged in a strange room filled with ice. Zain explained that this was a hidden outpost in Aurora, where the Order of Darkness trained their best and brightest, and where he wished to recruit another Order member for their quest to finally take down the Order of Light. He gestured towards the back of the room, towards a young man picking his teeth with a small green sliver of gemstone. Despite his scrawny appearance, he was scaring Tene a little.

Remus, pack up. We found the Patron and we're heading to Ad Finitum.
Finally! I've been waiting to get out of this icy dump! I take it the buff girl with the scarf? Nice choice, someone with the build I'd expect from a legendary hero. There's a lot of determination there, too, which is good for a Patron.
Actually, that'd be me. My name's Tene, pleasure to meet you, Remus.
...Where you expecting someone else?
Nah, it's all good, Miss Darkness. Pleasure to meet ya.
Remus is one of our top mages and an expert in all things Soulstone-related, as well as a fantastic navigator and runic translator. We're going to need his help on our journey to Ad Finitum.
Ad Finitum? That place is my hometown. Why are we going there, exactly?
Simple. The Order of Darkness left a message there only for the Patron of Darkness to discover years in the future. We're going to unearth it and give Ms. Tenebra the tools she needs to lead us to victory over the Order of Light. Logically, she will need to have chosen the other three Heroes of Darkness to succeed as well, but I assume that will be no problem.
Okay, got it. Remus, Glaiva, you down for this?
It's what I've been training for since I was like 5. Why would I not be down for it?
I didn't know we were here to mess with the Order of Light... Now I'm really in.
Zain, Remus, Tene and Glaiva


BlackLight is a somewhat typical top-down RPG inspired by the first three Final Fantasy titles. You explore the world around you, collecting items, defeating bosses, and exploring sprawling dungeons. It is designed to capture the essence of the NES and SNES titles in the aforementioned franchise, though it utilizes a 3D overworld and models as opposed to sprites.

Combat is inspired by simple NES-styled RPGs such as Final Fantasy, utilizing a simple battle system augmented by the new Burn Gauge system, as well as the usage of an advanced job system similar to that of Bravely Default.

Burn Gauge

Alongside the HP (or Health Point) and SP (or Skill Point) Gauges, each character possesses the BP Gauge, also known as the Burn Point Gauge. Each character begins the battle with 1 BP, and every action they take fills the gauge by 1.

On any character's turn, they are able to Overburn a move or ability in order to level it up, draining the Burn Gauge and increasing the power of or changing the effects of a move. Normal attacks can also be Overburned, which causes the character to attack multiple times depending on the amount of BP burned into the attack button.

BP can be burned into a move in order to be used as a form of "storage system", allowing the players to burn BP into a move and not use it on the same turn. This allows the user to activate the powered-up move on a later turn without spending additional BP to do so, as well as make up room for more BP in the gauge. In addition, this also allows the player to store and withdraw BP to refill the gauge after use.

Tome System

Tomes are BlackLight's equivalent of a standard job system, and take the form of magical books that effectively act like how-to guides toward mastering a job. Each character can tie themselves to both a Primary and Secondary tome, utilizing the skillset of both tomes but only using the stats of the Primary tome.

The biggest difference between the Tome system and a standard JRPG job system is that Tomes are upgraded via Revnants, which are a currency awarded after battles alongside Onyx (gold-like currency) and Experience. This allows the player to level up jobs in the way they want them to be leveled, akin to an action-RPG like Dark Souls. Going along with this, most skills unlocked by leveling up jobs can also be leveled up themselves, upgrading attacks or unlocking new support abilities.

Tomes are obtained through a variety of means, but usually there are only one of any optional Tome. This means that is one of the two parties obtains the Tome, the other party cannot obtain it at all in the given playthrough, and will have to resort to utilizing New Game + to grant it to both parties.


Every character in the party has an inventory unique to them, in which they can store several objects for use in battle. This "personal inventory" contains the weapons and armor of the character as well as recovery items and Manastones.

Placing items in a character's inventory will allow them to utilize them for free without wasting a turn, and holding Manastones allows the stones to gain power and level up spells, as well as allow the user to cast the spell without knowing the correct magic branch. Holding multiple weapons or armor pieces in one's inventory allows them to switch mid-battle.

The game also possesses a traditional shared inventory, but players cannot use items from this without using a turn and cannot switch to weapons in it outside of battle.

Dual Save Files

Every save file in BlackLight is technically split into two separate save files: Light Story and Darkness Story. Each of these save files follows one of the two protagonists in their own separate journeys, and each one has a different storyline, party, and bosses.

However, during multiple parts of the story, the two save files will converge, making events in one save affect the other. Story roablocks may occasionally appear in one file that need to be removed in one file, certain chests will be empty in one file if looted in the other, and some characters will be missing in one file depending on the actions of the other save file.

The most prominent example of the files crossing over is when both parties are forced to fight at various points in the story. The game will utilize the party setup that the player themselves had used at that point on the other file, and utilize the same strategies the player uses. This feature was implemented as a method of testing the player, and was meant to enforce a feeling of "fighting against yourself".

Challenge Modes

A variety of self-imposed challenge modes are available upon starting a file, which apply various rules which drastically alter how one players the game.


Play the game with all Tomes unlocked for both parties at level 1. However, if a character dies, then that character is no longer allowed to utilize that Tome for the rest of the game. If a party loses access to all of their Tomes, then the game is declared "Void" and asks the player if they would like to restart.


Play the game with each character being given a randomly-chosen preset Primary and Secondary Tome, which they cannot change at all under normal circumstances. However, to make up for this, the selected Tomes will start the game at level 3. The randomization is seeded, which ensures there is always at least one support and one offense unit within the party- however, duplicate Tomes are allowed to occur. Players may change their Tomes only via an in-menu option exclusive to Fiesta mode known as Reshuffle, which, for a large cost of in-game currency, will reroll the entire party's job setup.


Heroes of Light

Name Description
Lux BlackLight
Lux, Patron of Light
One of the two protagonists and the brother of Tene. After the two are separated by the crashing of their father's boat, Lux is carried to the city of Corona, and is taken in by the Order of Light. Convinced he is one of the Heroes of Light that is needed to restore order to the land, they name him Patron of Light and send him off into the world to find the other three. Lux is an energetic young boy determined to be the strongest Hero he possibly can be, but deep down is scared and more concerned for his lost sister than anything else.
Adila, Child of the Sun Acolyte of the Order of Light, Adila is probably the sweetest, most innocent girl in the known world. In fact, she's so kind and mindful of others that she actually puts herself in danger way more than she needs to, compounded by her child-like naivety and general lack of foresight. She's the one who saved Lux, bringing him to the safety of the Order of Light, and she eagerly tags along when he is made the Patron of Light.
Ophus, Exploratory Vagabond A young man who travels the world with his mother, father, and four younger siblings inside their ship, the Demiurge. When the family is forced to move to Corona in search of a better life, Lux and Adila wind up purchasing the ship, while Ophus realizes his search for adventure still needs sating, and so he decides to tag along and help the ship's new owners. Ophus is a thrill-seeking acrobat, fun-loving and always looking out of those down on his luck. Unfortunately, he also has a bit of a short temper, and can break out into a violent rage if sufficiently angered.
Mola, Oceanic Denizen Abandoned in the world after the death of her parents, Mola found herself at the mercy of Valentio after the loan shark effectively enslaved her via monetary debt. Saved by Lux and his compatriots, Mola joins them for both safety and for a chance to see the world, free from her shackles once more. Mola is a careful and cautious individual who tends to panic in many situations, and has a tendency to not speak up often or act shyly around others. She is well-versed in the art of magic, though she prefers to not speak of how she learned of it.

Heroes of Darkness

Name Description
Tene, Patron of Darkness
One of the two protagonists and the sister of Lux. Separated from him in the same shipwreck, Tene is carried to the city of Aurora as opposed to Corona, nearly halfway across the world from her brother. Taken in by the Order of Darkness much like her brother, she is likewise named one of the four Heroes of Darkness, sent out to find the other Heroes of Darkness and bring peace to the world. Tene is outwardly more concerned and less optimistic about her success, but is driven by the thought that she needs to succeed... and the thought of finding Lux.
Zain, Phantom Gentleman An acolyte of the Order of Darkness, Zain can be compared to a butler of sorts. He's loyal, dutiful, and a bit of a charmer... That is, when he's not being snarky and sarcastic. While he ultimately means well for everybody, it's really hard to see it and plenty of people want to punch him. Zain is the one who prevented Tene from drowning and the one who brought her to the Order of Darkness, so he feels a little obligated to keep her safe.
Glaiva, Karmic Retribution This mighty woman hails from parts unknown, dubbing herself a form of mercenary seeking revenge not for herself, but for anybody she feels has been wronged. Unfortunately, this vigilante stance has made her a target for quite a few people across the world, as well as plenty who feel like they've been wronged by her. Glaiva is stoic and cynical, seemingly not a very lighthearted person at all, though she can be made to smile fairly easily. She seems especially fond of Tene for some reason, and is usually more open around her.
Remus, Soulstone Mercenary Gruff, cocky, and risky, Remus is the de facto bounty hunter. A man with his own goals and ambitions, he often works alongside the Order of Darkness, and now joins Tene's team due to his array of useful skills... though the woman is not exactly what he pictured the Patron to be like. Remus has a passion for the mythical substance known as Soulstone, even to the point of carrying some on him at all times, and rumor has it he desires to make a golem of his own for purposes unknown.


Name Description
Lord Neil, Loving Father The father of Lux and Tene, Lord Neil is both a well-beloved political figure and a practicing mage, specializing in the healing arts. He's jovial, kind-hearted, and always keeps his twin children at the forefront of his mind. Unfortunately, it seems that he's become depressed after the loss of both of his children...
August, Capable Servant August is the maid who works for Lord Neil, having known him since childhood and sharing a special connection with him. She's much more calculating and analytical than Neil, and occasionally gives off emotionless vibes, but she still cares for Lux and Tene, and sets off across the world to find them and reunite the fractured family.
Leon, Experienced Sailor Ophus's father and a sailor who once carried his family on adventures across the world. He now desires to sell his ship and settle down in the city, aiming to better provide for his wife and many children. Leon is a joival oaf of a man who's always fun to be around and cares deeply for his family.
Rayna, Priestess of Light The leader of the Order of Light, Rayna acts as the mentor and guide to the Heroes of Light. She's dutiful and orderly, acting as a stern but loving mother figure to the Order she runs. Her goal and that of the Order of Light are to maintain order across the world, and she sees the Order of Darkness as a threat to it.
Umbra, Priestess of Darkness The leader of the Order of Darkness, Umbra is the guide to the Heroes of Darkness in a similar manner to Rayna. She's a bit less mature than her counterpart, acting excitable and a bit ditzy at times, but she means well. Her goal, as well as the goal of her Order, is to maintain world peace, and she considers the Order of Light a threat to it.
Valentio, Slavedriver A scruffy man the Heroes of Light encounter harassing Mola, who Valentio claims is his property. Valentio is a rich man who seems to have earned his profit seemingly by luring people into monetary loans they cannot keep up with and taking them as his own property in exchange. An evil and abusive man, Lux and his friends put an end to his attack on Mola as their first boss encounter, though he does bring up the point that her contract is legally binding...


As stated above, Tomes are the equivalent of a job system in BlackLight. Each Soul allows access to a specific class of moves, and more moves are unlocked as players spend Revnants on them. In addition, Revnants may be spent to upgrade already unlocked moves instead of gaining new ones, so players may unlock new moves at their leisure. Each character may also equip a secondary Soul, allowing access to that Tome's ability but not gaining stat edits like the primary Tome.

For a list of abilities and powers available to each job, please view Tomes.


Name Description
Crusader The knight in shining armor, here to purge evil from the world. The Crusader is an offensive job that battles things the old-fashioned way, using swords and shields. It's built around raw damage output, using powerful attacks with hindrances such as reduced priority or accuracy. It's durable, but not as much as other jobs, having a preference towards MGT and HP.
~Prefers swords, lances, and zweihanders
~Specializes in dealing damage in large chunks
~Cleansing ability Holy Purge can be used in many ways
Valkyrie Beauteous divine beings that guide weary warriors to greater strength. Valkyries rely most on restoration for their abilities, restoring HP to themselves or allies to revert wounds, curing status ailments, or creating a Ward against an element of the user's choice. Of course, they also possess offensive capabilities, such as the powerful magical spell Dia.
~Prefers lances and staves
~Restores ally HP and status conditions
~Wards affect entire party, but only block one element at a time
Spellcaster A lithe dancer with the ability to call upon the power of the soul and use it for offensive purposes. Spellcasters can utilize various types of offensive magic, which all vastly change in use and effect depending on the Burn Points spent to upgrade them. Despite their versatility, Spellcasters tend to take a fair bit of damage. Skimpy outfits will do that.
~Prefers daggers and gauntlets
~Arcane powers with extreme versatility
~Potential increases by spending Burn Points on magic
Sentinel The stalwart Sentinel does not join the fight directly. Rather, it is a reactionary force, not taking action until the enemy has done so first. It's meant to protect the team, provoking the enemy into attacking them instead of the less defensive members or just flatout swooping in to take damage for them. It's slow, but also has a few very powerful offensive skills...
~Prefers axes and flails
~Massive amounts of defense, meant to take damage
~Guardian Angel sacrifices HP to heal ally
Executioner An imposing figure who walks into the battlefield undisturbed by attacks, menacingly taking every blow until it strikes with a powerful debilitating attack. While slow, the Executioner is no joke, as it delivers powerful strikes designed to inflict status effects on the enemy by attacking body parts.
~Prefers axes and greatswords
~Powerful attacks that inflict status effects
~Guillotine attack kills off any debilitated target- even allies


Name Description Abilities Stat Modifiers