A standard Bitumper
Species Origin caeci morsu
Rarity Very Rare
Alignment Neutral
Average Behavior Aggressive, Territorial
Habitat(s) Roughlands
Ability/ies Echolocation, Sprinting, Powerful Biting
Weapon(s) Teeth, Claws and Spikes
Vulnerable To Underside
Tail Bitumper

Eyed Bitumper

Domesticated Bitumper

Hairy Bitumper

 The Bitumper (Caeci Morsu is it's Scientific Name) are a species of Blind, Two-Limbed creatures occasionally found across the universe. It us unknown what they originated from as they seem to have no relation with most other animals on the planets they are found on. This has lead some to believe they are genetically modified creations.


The standard Bitumper is approximately 120cm~ tall as a Cub and grows to about 430cm~ tall as an Adult. On average males are larger than females with their averages at adulthood measuring 460cm~ for males and 400cm~ on females. All regular Bitumpers are blind although there is a subspecies that possesses sight. In addition all Bitumpers share several distinct features; A large lower Jaw, Two extremely thick legs with a hidden middle joint, three clawed toes on each limb as well as around 4 spikes above their mouth.

Bitumper's internally have a compressed system although extremely effective thus they don't need to eat as much. In addition Bitumpers are known to posess considerable sized lungs possibly due to their tendency to charge at prey or competing males. Some Bitumpers have different colourations to suit their envrionment, in addition some Bitumpers have reportedly posessed tails for unknown purposes while others have noticeably thick coats of fur. This may indicate that Bitumpers are Mammals or Mammalian.


Bitumpers are highly territorial and aggressive, this makes them usually solitary at least among the males. Similar to Lions, one Male Bitumper will usually be accompanied by several Female Bitumpers. The young usually stay with the group until they are 3 years old in which irregardless of gender they will be kicked out. Bitumpers are stealth-based killers, hiding in whatever way possible to attack their prey. They also posess incredibly powerful legs allowing them to sprint up to 35m/s~. Both Male and Female Bitumpers hunt even when in groups, they do share with their groups although will usually fight any Bitumper that tries to take their food if it's not part of their group.

Bitumpers have been known to attack animals many times larger than it including one occurence of a Bitumper fighting a Land Whale. They are aggressive towards sentient life although the domesticated variation are calmer, smaller and unable to hurt an individual as their teeth are rounded. Bitumpers mark their territory with Bite Marks on Trees, Rocks and in the ground. Aside from indicating posession there doesn't appear to be any indication behind the shape or size of the Bite Marks.


  • Bitumpers appear to posess some intelligence beyond basic hunting instincts as Bitumpers have been shown to reorganize rocks to appear somewhat similar to their own shape, possibly to ward of other Bitumpers or Competing Species
  • There has yet to be a species that a Bitumper has been known to back down from, even intelligent species like Humans and Beorns who have captured and hunted Bitumpers in the past have not left a predator status against them
  • There are over 35,000 planets with Bitumpers confirmed to be living on them, this has raised several theories about their origin
    • The first and most common belief is, due to their aggressive nature that Bitumpers are a Genetically Modified Species that has been created to hunt and kill, possibly to provide building grounds for more intelligent species
    • The second belief is that Bitumpers were originally a domestic animal like Cows and Sheep and was brought to these planets by a now extinct species who would've used them as farm animals
    • The third and final belief is that Bitumpers possibly are able to survive in Space and have drifted onto these planets, no Bitumpers have been reportedly seen in space and the Speciesity Act 928 restricts deliberately exposing a species to the vacuum of Space

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