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Bisharican Flag
Capital City New Philadelphia
Language(s) Any
Leader(s) None
Government Anarchy
Population Over 400,000 people
Currency Mostly coins and dollars
Abbreviation BH

Bisharica is a country on the continent of Azunia in Osiris, founded by BigBisharp. The country is currently in an anarchic state.


Discovery of Bisharica

In the early 1200s, a group of explorers from Hammich sailed to find new land. Soon, they found the land of Bisharica. The explorers set up a colony and gave the land its name after a Bisharp they saw in the jungle. They made friends with natives, and traded resources, tricking them into giving the explorers all the weapons. They then proceded to kill all of the natives, and they succeeded. Bisharica now belonged to Hammich.


The people of Bisharica lived under Hammich rule for centuries. In 1769 however, the leaders divised a plan to free themselves and to become their own country. The Declaration of Independance was founded, and the two countries fought a terrible war. In the end, Bisharica was allowed their independance, and the nation was finally their own.

Beginnings of Anarchy

In 1890, the president of Bisharica was shot and killed in a theater while watching a Pokemon Musical. The shooter is still unknown. Due to the Act of Anarchy, if a president is killed, the murderer becomes the new leader. However, due to the killer being unidentified, the people of Bisharica all scrambled over the role of president/dictator/king/robot overlord.

By the 1950s, the country was a post-apocalyptic hellhole. Citizens formed alliences, and most people have turned insane.

Crawling Back to Life

The chaotic anarchy, called the Chaotic Period, lasted for 50 years until 2000. People began to rebuild Bisharica, eventually making a civilization. However, with no leader, Bisharica will most likely always remain in a Anarchic rule.


The Code

Most people have set up poorly-made towns and cities. Certain towns have many rules, but almost all follow a certain code of honor.

  1. All towns must have a population of over ten people and provide places to live in and shop.
  2. Discrimination and Pre-Anarchic rules are to be followed.
  3. There are no leaders of a town, but a militia may be formed with no commander.
  4. Firearms and weapons to be kept in private places only. Only knives are excepted from this rule. If purchasing a firearm, the buyer is to be escorted home by at least two people.
  5. One may not harm a child (Death results if this is done intentially).
  6. If bandits or criminals are identified, they are to be shot to death by anyone.
  7. The punishment for disobeying a rule can be emprisonment or death, depending on the crime.

However, private underground bunkers have been built as well, usually containing only one family, but may extend to about three families. There, the same rules apply, but instead of death, the criminal is permenatly booted out of the bunker.

Marriage is very rare, but a person is expected to only have one partner at a time. Children are to be escorted where ever they go, and cannot be killed for their crimes.


Schools may be held in towns for all ages. Guards must be present inside, and rules are very similar to Pre-Anarchic times. Teachers may always be addressed to by students and adults (While in school) as Mr. or Mrs./Ms./Miss -last name-, depending on gender. However, other teachers and principals may call the teachers by their first names if they want. If school rules are broken, detention must be given to the student who broke the rule, and a fine is required from the parent.



The population of Bisharica is estimated to be around one million people, at least seen. Over 500,000 are estimated to be hiding underground.


Although English was often used, the national citizens now use any language they want. English is still popular, with Spanish following behind.

Crime and Law Enforcement

While there are no laws in Bisharica, vilgilantes patrol the country, looking for bandits and criminals to kill. These vilgilantes often have their own set of honors. Some may knock out criminals, or some may even use lethal force.

However, an organization claiming to be descendants of old political leaders have arised, called The Liberators. These forces have built prisons and often work with vilgilantes and bounty hunters to track down evil-doers.

List of Rulers

  • Hernen Cortez (Native, 1200-1203)
  • Ham Washingtoad I (1203-1257)
  • Ham Washingtoad II (1257-1357)
  • Theodore Thinman (1357-1434)
  • Ghetso Harminia (1434-1500)
  • John "Snaily Joe" Andrew (1500-1589)
  • Slend R. Mann (1589-1650)
  • Hugo First (1650-1760)
  • Jane Stilks Boothe (1760-1801)
  • Abrahield Linkin (1801-1890)
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