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Birthday Bashed is the 3rd episode of the Neverhood Series. It aired on October 16 2011. The story is when Klaymen and Rico have a birthday but everyone gives only Klaymen gifts and not Rico.


  • Klaymen
  • Rico
  • Charles
  • Miz
  • Gadz
  • Fank
  • Nora
  • Grace
  • Esmeralda
  • Deloris
  • Numerous chaos


Klaymen and Rico woke up on their birthday, and are excited to get presents from their friends. The door knocks and it is Deloris, who gives Klaymen some chocolate chip cookies for his birthday and leaves. Rico is upset at Deloris for not giving him anything, but Klaymen assures him their other friends got him something. On their way to school, Rico and Klaymen bump into Gadz, Miz, Charles and Fank who all give Klaymen a birthday cake and Charles accidentaly spills that there is a surprise for Klaymen.

At school, Grace, Nora and Esmeralda give Klaymen a box of chocolate, with Klaymen saying "I love chocolate!" and Rico sadly moans "Me too...", but Esmeralda snaps "Shut up, Rico! Those are for Klaymen!". After school, Klaymen and Rico go home but they got a surprise as their friends turned the whole village to a party for Klaymen. Angry that no one has anything for him, Rico only made an angry grin as he and Klaymen went through the dance room, roller coaster, drinking juice and even at the arcade.

Klaymen's next surprise is him being on stage with an entire crowd shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLAYMEN!!!!!!!" and there was a huge birthday cake in the middle of the audeince for Klaymen. When he saw that entire cake for Klaymen and no one got any for him, Rico lost his temper: He smashes the stage's podium with a mallet and goes on a terrifying rampage which frightens the other chaos. He smashes the stereo at the music house and sliced the head of an ice sculpture of Klaymen. 

The PA comes on and reports "Attention people, there is a hypersonic lunatic on the loose!", causing everyone to run away in terror as Rico causes havoc on his rampage as he viciously devours the entire birthday cake.

Klaymen confronts Rico, only to get chased by the beserk chao as he, the crowd and his friends ran until they got cornered by an empty docking bay and Rico, but Deloris appears and gives Rico a birthday cake. Rico quickly calms down and eats the entire cake, and he says "Aw, Klaymen! You didn't have to get anything for my birthday!" and the two friends hug.


  • Rico: (Angrily screams) AAAAAAA!!!!! I WANNA PRESENT TOO!!! (smashes the podium with his mallet, and the crowd gasps in terror) Ready or not, here I come!
  • (Everyone runs, screaming in fear)
  • (Rico chases Klaymen and his friends)
  • (Rico crashes into the birthday cake)
  • Rico: Birthday cake must DIE! (begins gobbling up the icing)

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