This is about the fan game of Bionicle- Quest For the Masks.

Plot/ Story

The game begins with Turaga Vakama telling the spirit of Mata Nui to the Ta-Tohunga. Toa Tahu then arrives at the beach of Ta- Wahi, and then you can ceate your game and begin.

It shows Kopaka arriving at Ko- Wahi. You suddenly play as him. A tutorial will begin. You see Matoro. A cutscene will play.

The cutscene will show Kopaka fighting Matoro, then questioning him. Matoro tells Kopaka about the masks he must collect in order to defeat the Makuta. The game continues. You will now be able to play as Matoro and Kopaka. Now you must look for Turaga Nuju. (Matoro told Kopaka about him.) A Muaka will appear as a mini boss. Defeat it in order to find Turaga Nuju. You have won level 1

Turaga Nuju will talk about the masks, and there is one not far. Kopaka heads for it. 


Rahi/ Bosses

Muaka (Mini boss)                                                                                                                                                            


Bird Rahi

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