Hey! Take it easy! You might become a ghost like me!
Bingo, in Koopalings Universe

Bingo Boo
Koopalings Universe Bingo Boo
Current Age 36
Gender Male
Species Boo
Location He lives everywhere
Current Status In ghost terms, alive
Ability/ies Playing and teaching bingo
Voice Actor(s)
Gilbert Gottfried
First Appearance Koopalings Universe
Latest Appearance Koopalings Universe

Bingo Boo, is a Boo that has a Brooklyn accent and he likes money and games. Before he died he used to be a man named Lance A. Bingo. He is also King Boo's son.


Koopalings Universe

He owns a game in the game called Bingo Boo's Mansions where you try to scare Luigi out of the mansions.

Super Mario & Luigi 64

He is in a secret level in the Haunted Mansion that you can only get by getting all of the stars. But in the secret level you have to donate coins so he can build a bigger mansion. Or contribute little by little. Once you donate 5,000 the full mansion will be finished.


Bingo Boo used to be a human supposedly and his name was Lance A. Lance grew up in the mushroom kingdom and he used to be prince of the mushroom kingdom. Same with his dad King Mushroom. But Lance died from battling bowser.