Bingo's Party is a party game almost like  Mario Party 9. This game features 20 minigames           
Bingo's Party
Bingo's Party Betaboxart
Developer(s) Mushroom Springs Logo

Mushroom Springs Studios

Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Japan 7/13/14
  • North America 9/8/14
  • Europe 9/23/14
  • Australia 10/3/14
  • Korea 10/25/14
Singleplayer, Multiplayer,Minigames
Age Rating(s)
  • PEGI- Three years and older
  • CERO-All ages
  • ABC-General
Genre(s) Party
Media Included Wii U disc
       The boxart is still in its beta form. This game is made by Mushroom Springs studios and is the first game in the Bingo (Series)


The gameplay starts out from the title screen. Then you press A. There are 4sections, The first section is story mode, Story mode features original gameplay and the first person with the most water orbs win, And then once you win the first board game it will save your game and come back to the title screen and you can play the next board game. The second section is the Minigame section, The minigame section has all the minigames in the game. There are many to play! There are boss minigames, But you have to beat the bosses if you want  to play the boss games. There are also 1vs.3 player minigames like Swipers Wipers. The next section is the Training section were you can practice your minigames alone and you can also practice the board games. The last section is the Special moves version even though you can still use them in story mode. This Version you can use your special moves any time you want to and it makes the board game more funner, trickier and adds more obstacles. There are also modes when you play on story mode. You can play on easy, intermediate or hard.


Bingo is in his house until a letter comes.The letter says "Oh you and your silly little friends will never find the Water Crystals of Azore this time! Oh wait! Your in the real world! HAHAHA YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS! can only find it in the board game world HAHA!!!" Then Bingo quickly runs to Sponny's house and shows him the letter. Sponny has a suprised face and follows Bingo to Alispin's house. Alispin reads the letter and she had the same reaction that Sponny had.Then Julatwirl  Alispin's Older sister walks in then reads the letter and her face turns from normal to SHOCK. Then for some reason they all get sucked into the vortex that takes the to the game board world!!!

Special Moves

Special moves can be achieved by getting 1 star, Once you have 1 star there should be a special moves box, This box says "Since you have once star you can use Special moves! Now press A and you can do your special move. Make sure you press on the box first then the A button.


Picture Name Description Controls
Swiper Swipers In this game player 1 is the Swiper and try's to knock the other players down. Player 1 :Left joystick, Player 2 ,3 and 4: D-pad
Sticky situation In this minigame Players try to throw cheese at each other with a Bingo cannon and whoever is the last one standing wins! Everyone: Left joystick/D-pad to move the bingo cannon. A/2 button to blast cheese.
The Viper IS COMING!!! In this minigame one person gets a gamepad while the others walk in the haunted house. The person with the gamepad is the ghost, The ghost is invisible wich nobody can see. The ghost is trying to make stuff crooked, broken or scary phone calls. The people try not to get scared from the ghost and if all of the people lose the ghost wins but if time runs out then the people win. Ghost:Gamepad:Press A to brake make phone call or turn something. Left joystick to move. People:A to close eyes. D-pad to walk.
Chef's Daily Smoothie In this minigame one person gets the gamepad and has to tap on the other players that are dressed up as fruits.If time runs out then the fruits win, But if the chef tapped all of them in to his/her smoothie then the chef wins! Chef: Tap and drag on gamepad. Fruits:Move with d-pad.
Trickster bottles In this minigame one person gets the gamepad. The person with the gamepad has to fill 5 bottles with water and the other 5 with poison.Players 2,3 and 4 have to click on the bottle. If a player gets a poisoned water bottle then there out. If everyone is out then the Trickster wins, But if time runs out then the players win. Trickster: Tap on gamepad. Players:D-pad to move mouse, 2 to select.
Tree Bounce In this minigame you jump on Tree branches and to get higher jumps you need to hold many buttons on your gamepad/controller. To get points you need to collect water bubbles, Water Bubbles have numbers in them there are only 4 numbers inside the water bubble wich are 1,5,10,20. The highest number is higher up in the air. The one with the most points wins. Gamepad: Left joystick to move any button to jump. Controller D-pad: To move Any button: to jump
Eye of the Diamond In this minigame you have to collect flying diamonds with your Net. The Player with the most Flying Diamonds wins! Game pad: Left Joystic:To Move A button:To jump B button: to catch Controller: D-pad: To move 1 button: to jump 2 button: to catch
Butter Fingers In this game you collect butter. You have to find the butter in the house. The person with the most collected butter wins. But if you lose then you get butter thrown on you. *Gamepad:Left Joystick: Move. A:Collect Tilt: To throw butter.

  • Controller: D-pad: Move. 2:Collect Tilt:To throw butter

Board Games

Picture Name Description
Jungle Hyjinx

Jungle Hyjinx is the first board that starts the story of the game, This game adds vines that you can swing on, Jungle leaves that you hop on when you swing on the vine, Crocodile's are obstacles in the river section of the board, to cross them you need too jump on their heads, once you have jumped on their heads they will say "GRUF GRUF GET OF MY HEAD, WAIT IF YOU DON'T GET OFF YOU WILL PLAY A MINIGAME WITH ME"

Agua Aqua Aquarium Agua Aqua Aquarium is the second board that has many obstacles, The first obstacle is the Shuki Sharks, If you get hit by them then you will lose 6- water orbs. The next obstacle is the Yakisoba octopus is one of the easiest obstacle to avoid, If you touch them then you will lose 3- water orbs. The next obstacle is the Sea cucumber (also known as the Umbercuc) This Umbercuc is the slowest, If you get attacked by it you will lose 7- water orbs. There are bouncy corals that you can bounce off and you go 7+ up but get hit by Umbercuc's.
Gahira's Mine Gahria's Mine is the third board with a lot of trails to go, First you start off outside the mine. Then you go inside there will be like 5 trails you can go through, The course is really confusing. There is only 2 obstacles wich are Gahira's and Spiker's. The new feature in this board adds minecarts. You can find them by stepping on the minecart button only if you land the right spot. The purple minecart goes 10+ spaces up, The Green goes 15+, The Golden Minecart is 20+ up and the Evil Minecart goes 10- back.
Buja and Buka's Amusement Park Buja and Buka's Amusement Park adds new transportation system instead of walking you ride on a roller coaster. There are also pit-stops were you can pick a different roller coaster and reach to the end of the board. There are only 3 obstacles wich are the Goosy's , Boucha's and the Gahira's for Gahira's mine. Goosy's flap there wings at you and you lose 5- water orbs. Boucha's are puppy's they growl and bite at you. If you get bit by the Boucha's then you will lose 7- water orbs. The Gahira's explode on you. You will lose 8- water orbs.
Cumber's Zen Garden Cumber's Zen Garden is the fifth board with many new features including boats,vines,trampoline flowers and Moving Statues. The Moving Statues are statues that carry you across the river instead of buying a boat. There are only 2 obstacles wich are Flowies and Umbercuc's. Flowies slap you with there leaf arms and Umbercuc's just attack. If you get slapped by a Flowie you will lose 7- water orbs. If you get attacked by Umbercuc's you lose 7-water orbs.
Chefa's Kitchen Chefa's Kitchen is the sixth board. This board adds falling knifes that will make you go 5 spaces back and make you lose 7- water orbs.There are new features like the swinging fork, Cannon Cake and a Chili trampoline.There are new obstacles like Hotters. Raicer's and Aisukrimu's. Hotters make your player red in the face and the player loses 9- water orbs but go's 5+ up! The Raicer's throw rice at you and your mouth gets stuffed and your belly gets bigger after five moves you can now walk. The Aisukrimu's slap you with there ice cream tails and you lose 6- water orbs.
Aikiki's Grocery Shop Aikiki's Grocery Shop is the seventh board. This board is a long board and is half long of the Last board.This board adds Goceri karts. Goceri karts can drive over you and you lose 8- water orbs. This board adds 3 obstacles wich are the Goceri karts ^^^ The Boucha's from Buja & Buka's Amusement Park. Boucha's are puppy's they growl and bite at you. If you get bit by the Boucha's then you will lose 7- water orbs. The last obstacle is the Raicer's, Raicer's throw rice at you and your mouth gets stuffed and your belly gets bigger. After five moves you can now walk. There is a new type of transportation. The transportation you ride are called Kartsy's. Kartsy's are almost like the roller coaster's in Buja & Buka's Amusment Park.
Meisoo's Castle Meisoo's Castle is the last and the most hardest board. This board is the most darkest board. This Board adds all of the obstacles in the game and some new ones like the Smoosher. The Smoosher smooshes the Players and makes them lose 10- water orbs and then next new one is the Ghouler. The Ghouler asks for you to give him 10- water orbs if you say no he will take it anyway and teleport you some were else. The new features are secret walls sliding doors and teleporting buttons! At the end of the map you finally get to see Meisoo. There is only one way too beat Meisoo! You have to battle him in his own minigame!


These characters are in the game and are playable if your looking for supporting characters or bosses please scroll down!


Picture Name Special Moves How to unlock
Bingo holding Dice Bingo Dice block
This move can block players from walking in 5 turns.
This character is unlocked by default.
Sponny Sponny Swirl
Roll the dice and see the other players go back that much spaces!
This character is unlocked by default
Alispin Alispin Attract Kiss
It attracts the male players into making them go 8 steps back.
This character is unlocked by default.
Julatwirl Julatwirl Lady Slap
This move can slap the player you select and the player will go 8 steps back
This character is unlocked by default.
Bobspi Bobspi Tornado
This move can blow opponents down of how many spaces you roll on the dice
Unlock by beating Jungle Hyjinx (easy mode)
Timber artwork Timber Wood Smash
Can smash all the opponents items.
Unlock by beating Jungle Hyjinx (Intermediate mode)
Serena The Water Princess Serena The Water Princess Water Tsunami
This move wipes out all of the players dice's items and makes them go back 15- back.
Unlock by beating Agua Aqua Aquarium (Hard Mode)
Abyss The Shadow Princess Abyss The Shadow Princess Shadow Lock
If you use this move then the player's can't move until twenty moves are doing
Unlock By beating the game and all modes (Easy,Intermediate and Hard)
Coily Coily Coin Bash
Warps all players to the starting and takes away all items.
Unlock by beating Aikiki's Grocery Shop ( Intermediate)

Supporting characters

Picture Name Description
Buja and Buka Buja & Buka Buja & Buka help by giving the player hints on the gamepad. It will say to switch the gamepad to the person who got stepped on the hint block! This is what they will say. There are secret items in the Buja & Buka's Amusement Park board
Cumber Cumber Cumber appears in Cumber's Zen Garden Board. Cumber tells the person who stepped on the hint block. It will say to switch. This is what it says There are secret trails in the board.
Woody the tree Woody Woody appears in Jungle Hyjinx and tells the person who stepped on the hint block. It will say to switch. This is what it says. "There are invisible steps.
Chefa Chefa Chefa appears in Chefa's Kitchen. Chefa tells the person who stepped on the hint block. It will say to switch. This is what is says "You can go through the fruit."
Good Gahira Good Gahira Good Gahira appears in Gahira's Mine. Good Gahira tells the person who stepped on the hint block. It will switch. This is what it says "Did you know that there are secret rooms that allow you to go near the end?"
Pipier Pipier Pipier appears in Agua Aqua Aquarium. Pipier tells the person who stepped on the hint block. It will switch. This is what it says "You can walk through rocks!"
Aikiki Aikiki Aikiki appears in Aikiki's Grocery shop. Aikiki owns the item shop in every board game.
Aika Aika Aika owns the dice shop wich is in every board.


Picture Name Location Boss Minigame Boss Minigame Controls
Burnulf Burnulf Jungle Hyjinx Pump it up
Pump it up is a boss minigame. In this game you have to pump up the pump to decrease the air son Burnulf can't breath. The one with the bounce's wins.
Gamepad: Left Joystic: Move. A:Jump. B:Ground Pound. Controller: D-pad:Move. 2:Jump 1: Ground Pound.
The Three Serpentiers The Three Serpentiers Agua Aqua Aquarium Snake Stumped
Snake Stumped is a boss minigame. In this game you need to jump on the trampolines to get to the snake's head. When the health bar from the snakes is down your done. But it will count how many times you steped on the snakes head. The one with the most points wins!
Gamepad: Left Joystick: Move. A:Jump. Controller: D-pad:To move. 2:Jump.
Gahira Boss Gahira Boss Gahira's Mine Xploder Controller
Xploder Controller is a boss minigame.In this game you need to shoot bombs at the Gahira boss to win.If your Gahira Boss Explodes first you win and so on.If your 1st Player then your Gahira will be Blue. If your Second Player then your Gahira will be Red.If your 3d player your Gahira will be green.And last player's Gahira will be yellow.
Gamepad: Tilt gamepad:To move A:Shoot Controller:Tilt controller to move. 2:to shoot
Rollermoster Rollermoster Buja & Buka's Amusement Park Roller Jump
Roller Jump is a boss minigame.In this game Rollermoster will throw shockwaves on the ground.If you don't jump then you will get shocked by the shockwave and get out.The last one standing wins!
Gamepad: Left Joystick:Move. A:Jump

  • Controller: D-pad:Move. 2:Jump.
Zucreepy Zucreepy Cumber's Zen Garden Quiz Rush
Quiz Rush is a boss minigame.In this minigame Zucreepy ask's you trivia questions and if you get right you get to pick what vegetable you get to throw at him. But if you get wrong then he'll throw vegetables at you.The one with the most points wins.But to end it you need to get Zucreepy's health bar down.
Gamepad: Tap: to select fruit and answer.

Controller: Point at screen: To select fruit and answer.

Knifblade Knifblade Chefa's Kitchen Chopper Chops
Chopper Chops is a boss Minigame.In this minigame you have to chop the vegetables as fast as you can and put them in the soup.The first one to finish wins!
Gamepad:Tap:To chop the vegetables. Drag with finger:To put the vegetables in soup

Controller: Shake controller:To chop. Click and drag on screen:To put the vegetables in soup.

Chomcarp Chomcarp Akiki's Grocery Shop Shop Rush
Shop Rush is a boss minigame. In this minigame you have to find the correct food shown at the top of the screen.The first one with all the food wins!
Gamepad:Left Joystick:To move A:Select item.

Controller: D-pad:To move. 2:Select item.