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Billmore Hawkins
Sm1 billmore hawkins
Full Name Billy Jan "Billmore" Hawkins
Current Age 25
Date of Birth January 22, 2000
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Investigative Force
Family and Relations
Unknown parents
Main Weapon(s) Gun
Ability/ies Gaining powers with implants.
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity Caucasian
Mr. Jane, Billmore, Bill, Bill Hawkins, Billy, Billy Hawkins
First Appearance Space Monsters
Latest Appearance Unknown
Billmore Hawkins is one of the main protagonists in Space Monsters.


Born early in Manhattan, the city of New York state. Billmore Hawkins was once a peaceful child who spends time with his respectful parents during his training program, particularly in his respective school since the days of obligation came, but he does only himself always if he wants. Also he has many inspirational hobbies like acrobatics, gymnastics, martial arts and good military practice. Then in his adolescent times with his major course, he will be having his target practice, improving his melee combat skills and other military performances for grown-ups and better adulthood until he graduated in combat school during his college life.

After performing his time in schooling life, Billmore wanted to experience his own job when he joined U.S. military as a member and train in preparation to become a better soldier for a long time, including the awareness of terrorism. Then he and the other U.S. troops enter the War on Terror to resist aggressors around the Middle East from spreading global terrorism, but his military skills need more improvement from the history of himself being dishonorably discharged until he retires his first-time military forces due to some difficulties if problems persist.

Long time before the events of Space Monsters in 2025 alongside Josh and Sam, Billmore assigns General Baxter to join his heroic military organization called the Investigative Force, which is led by him for other investigations about what happens if the life is getting down with other incidents like alien invasion. In case of that, he immediately received an information for investigating it after doing his own training by himself as in the game.


Like a soldier from U.S. forces, Billmore was inspired from some World War II survivors, including those of modern times. He wore a green military helmet on his head, black gloves in his both hands, black shoes, military belt with golden part at the middle and a dodger blue military uniform with the pistol holster on the right leg. Canonically, his hair color would be brown but not seen as in the game and some media. He will be seen as a mugshot and the entire in-game third-person view while he's going on to perform every missions or goals he accomplishes importantly.

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